Elegoo announces preorders for three new 3D printers

Elegoo New Products
Elegoo New Products (Image credit: Elegoo)

What you need to know

  • Elegoo has announced preorders for three new machines.
  • The Elegoo Mars 3 is the latest update to their biggest hit.
  • The Neptune X is an all-new filament 3D printer.
  • Stock is limited

Elegoo, one of the leading brands in resin 3D printing, has announced a new lineup launching June 10, 2021. Elegoo is launching an update to its popular Mars resin 3D printer, a wash and cure system, and a brand new FDM printer, the Neptune X.

We have a few details of each machine before they launch, but the most important thing is stock is limited for this preorder, so you will want to be ready when it goes live at 2 pm UTC.

The Mars 3 Ultra 4k

The Mars 3 Ultra 4K is a long name for the update to Elegoo's most popular 3D printer. The Mars series has been a fan favorite for a while now due to its low-cost, excellent print quality. The Mars 3 update includes a new LCD for even more detail and some quality of life improvements like putting the USB port and power button on the front of the machine where they are safe and convenient.

The Mars 3 has also undergone a redesign that adds a striking curve to what has traditionally been a rather angular machine. The new design helps to enclose a slightly larger build volume than previous models, and the monochrome LCD allows for rapid curing times, making this the biggest and fastest Mars yet.

The Mars 3 will be limited to 5000 units and will cost $300 at pre-sale. If you are fortunate and you are one of the first 100 people, you could get that price down to $245 and free shipping.

The Neptune X

Source: Elegoo (Image credit: Source: Elegoo)

Since the release of the Elegoo Neptune 2, the 3D community has been pleasantly surprised at how good the Elegoo FDM printers are. The Neptune X capitalizes on that goodwill with a larger machine with a solid cubed structure. The X has some advanced features like a filament runout sensor, power failure save mode, and even crash detection to stop your print from being wasted if an accident occurs.

The Neptune X also has adaptability baked in with the option to add functions at a later date; functions like laser engraving, auto-levelling, and even dual-color printing. Having a 3D printer that can be upgraded is a boon in the 3D printing community and something many people will really enjoy.

The Neptune X is limited to just 500 units for preorder and will cost just $236, which is likely why the presale is limiting the number of units. From the Neptune 2 stock issues, we know that Elegoo's FDM printers can be hard to come by.

Mercury wash and cure bundle

Lastly is the Elegoo Mercury, and wash and cure solution for your resin 3D printing. In our must have accessories for resin printing, we highlight the need for a good curing system when using resin, and the Mercury seems like it could be a great choice. Unlike most all-in-one systems, the Mercury has the washtub and cure lights on two separate bases sharing one power supply. This means you can clean one print while curing another, making your workflow that much faster.

The Mercury is going on pre-sale for the low price of $150, and there will be 3000 units available on the day.

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