Elite Dangerous: Horizons hits Xbox One on June 3, The Engineers expansion for PC on May 26

Frontier Developments has announced that Elite Dangerous: Horizons will hit Xbox One on June 3. Not only that, but the company also revealed that The Engineers expansion will arrive on PC come May 26. As a bonus to those who have yet to pick up this expansive space title, Elite Dangeorus: Horizons is now £19.99 across all platforms, or £39.99 with the main game and a bunch of DLC.

The Xbox One release of Horizons will contain both the Planetary Landings and Engineers expansions. With the second expansion installed, players on Xbox One and PC will be able to explore crafting opportunities and haul new loot. May 26 will also see Frontier roll out a substantial free update for all Elite Dangerous fans, which will bring a new mission system, collectable loot and "hundreds of gameplay additions and tweaks."

For more details on upcoming expansions to the Horizon season, see the press release below and official Elite Dangerous website.

Press Release

ELITE DANGEROUS: HORIZONS Launches for Xbox One on June 3

THE ENGINEERS expansion comes to PC May 26 alongside a massive free update for all players.

Cambridge, UK. 20 May 2016. Frontier Developments plc (AIM: FDEV) today announced plans to: •Launch the Elite Dangerous: Horizons season of expansions for Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft, on June 3.

  • Launch The Engineers expansion for PC on May 26 for all Elite Dangerous: Horizons season pass owners.
  • Launch the biggest ever free update for all Elite Dangerous players on May 26.
  • Offer Elite Dangerous: Horizons at a permanent new price of £19.99.

Elite Dangerous: Horizons is your pass to a full season of gameplay expansions for the award-winning space epic Elite Dangerous. On June 3, Elite Dangerous: Horizons comes to Xbox One featuring the first two Horizons expansions: Planetary Landings and The Engineers. Together, they unlock a vast range of new features including 1:1 scale planets to explore, surface bases to raid, new mission opportunities, new loot and crafting opportunities, and the high-speed SRV Surface Recon Vehicle.

New to PC on May 26, The Engineers opens up a world of customization options that change the way you fly, trade, explore and fight in the Elite Dangerous galaxy. Hidden on planet surfaces across the populated galaxy, each Engineer has a unique personality and history, and they just might choose to help you with their unique weapons and specialized modules… for the right price.

On May 26 Frontier will also launch its biggest ever free update for Elite Dangerous players on all platforms, featuring a new mission system, collectable loot and hundreds of gameplay additions and tweaks. Xbox One players will further benefit from the addition of Private Group play and fully customizable controls.

Elite Dangerous: Horizons players on PC and Xbox One will receive further expansions as the season continues. Future gameplay updates will debut for PC and Xbox One simultaneously, enriching the Elite Dangerous experience with new activities and new ways to play on both platforms, including:

  • Multicrew, allowing teams of players to assume roles aboard the same ship.
  • Commander Creation, giving a unique appearance to players' in-game avatars.
  • Ship-Launched Fighters, allowing larger spacecraft to carry their own short-range fighter craft for attack and defense.

For details on the upcoming season of expansions, visit: EliteDangerous.com/seasons

From today, Elite Dangerous: Horizons for PC is available as an upgrade to Elite Dangerous for the new lower price of £19.99 ($29.99, €24.99, 1,489 RUB), and packaged with Elite Dangerous as part of the Commander Deluxe edition for £39.99 ($59.99, €49.99, 2,999 RUB) with eighteen unique paint jobs.

Elite Dangerous: Horizons for Xbox One will soon be available as an upgrade to Elite Dangerous for £19.99 ($29.99, €24.99, 1,489 RUB), and packaged with Elite Dangerous as part of the Xbox One Commander Deluxe edition for £39.99 ($59.99, €49.99, 2,999 RUB).

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  • Still mile wide inch deep.
  • Cant wait for planetary exploration!
  • Awesome!!
  • Just another of my many reasons why I'm a PC-only gamer. The experience is better...and NOT STUPID CONTROLLER!  However, with that said, I'm fairly new to Elite Dangerous: Horizons and the one thing that angers me about the game is getting interdicted and destroyed for no reason.  I'm an explorer.  That's all I do.  I spend countless hours and days out in deep space, gathering system data and visitin planets (some of the terrain and views are truly spectacular).  Then, when I finally get back to inhabited space to sell my cartographic data, an NPC or real player decides to destroy my ship.  There's not even a way in-game to track down the player who did in case I want to give them a piece of my mind or straight up exact revenge.
  • And yet again, the world revolves around you and your style of play. Suck it up butter cup or sell your stuff.
  • The trick is that if you try to evade and are going to lose, just submit, throttle to zero. You will drop out, but your frameshift drive will be on its normal cooldown, just boost away, and you can escape. If you don't submit you are forced down to normal space, but the cooldown is much much longer. ​The other thing is do not fly in a straight line to the destination station.  You need to roll and pitch around the target lock, corkscrew/spiral in a helix so that it is much harder for a ship to get behind you and interdict you (you sometimes see this when you are following npc ships that the dot of light rotates around the axis as it flies to the destination). You also need to keep an eye on the scanner and watch for other nearby ships which might try to get behind you.
  • Elite Dangerous is just £15 now
  • So I'm guessing, specifically for Xbox, you have to buy the Elite Dangerous Standard Edition, then the Horizons is a DLC Expansion Pack for the extra $20 or $25 or whatever? I'm still debating if I want to take advantage of this Xbox store sale.
  • Dur dur dur. Just saw that last paragraph in the article. My bad. Haha.
  • Dur dur dur. Just read the last paragraph. My bad. Haha.