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Enpass gains Microsoft Edge extension in latest beta update

Enpass, the popular password manager, has added support for an Edge extension in its latest beta release. This extension will make accessing your passwords even easier when you need them, which is always a good thing. Version 5.2.2 includes a number of different fixes and improvements, like better auto-fill, password length indicators on edit page and much more.

The new features in this beta include:

  • Added Enpass extension support for Microsoft Edge (Beta) and Vivaldi browser. If you are already using Vivaldi browser with browser verification disabled, please enable the verification.
  • Added import from Intel True key password manager.

In addition, a number of issues have been resolved and other features have been improved. Some of those are:

  • Added support to manually define scaling factor for high DPI monitors. (Windows only)
  • Added password length indicator on Edit page.
  • Improvements in importing data from Roboform and Keepass.
  • Improved Tray icon handler: Single click on tray icon will open Extension windows, while double click will open the main Enpass app.
  • Optimized memory usage of Enpass, where some users reported that it was consuming high memory comparatively.
  • Fixed an issue where 'update' button in browser extension was getting disabled, while changing a password on website.

To get started, you will need to make sure you have Enpass for Windows installed on your machine, and then download the new Edge extension.

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  • I love Enpass; I use it across my desktop & mobile devices, Microsoft & Apple, alike!
  • Awesome!  Love Enpass!
  • I was almost happy, but at this moment we don't have extension support in UWP app. Looks like only Win32 for now :(
  • It seems silly that I need the crappy desktop app for this to work.
  • You can't get everything immediately. I suppose they picked Win32 client because they already worked on fixes/features for it and it was ready before UWP app. Also desktop app is more solid ground to start work on new extension, than starting on new UWP app.
    I've added question in forum thread about their plans on UWP + Extension.
  • Seems like the perfect candidate for this; feedback-hub:?contextid=379&feedbackid=ce72c4ad-bc5c-4e0b-bf46-2fa39a5d6f71&form=1&src=2 ​Distributing a UWA and edge (or other browsers) extension in one package / store item.
  • It seems silly that I need the crappy desktop app for this to work.
    Things are silly when you don't understand them. Enpass does not sync your data to their servers, but instead downloads and stores locally via their desktop app. The extension merely connects the two. Something like LastPass can all out to their website and pull data, but some consider that weaker for security. The solution, long term, is to have their UWP app server as the access point. However, those APIs do not yet exist for developers AFAIK, so this is literally the only way to get it to happen. Otherwise, they would need to turn this extension into a mini-server to pull your local data file.
  • Looks like that supposed API should be available (if I understand this post correctly): (TCP echo server)
    But I bet it was easier to get it work and continue to evaluate on more stable Win32 app
  • I think having the extension do the work is the better way. The command line tool they get you run to enable this extension is bypssing one of UWPs security features, specifically allowing Edge to call out of its otherwise isolated process to a local server. That's useful for a limited time, like using a dev tool for debugging, but NOT something I want enabled all the time and particularly for a browser which is constantly running unknown, 3rd party code.
  • Extension not working in build 14388
  • How did you tried to get it work? It doesn't work with UWP app at this moment and there is long post how to install/enable extension.
  • Yep and those instructions don't work. Edge doesn't recognize the necessary goes to install it.
  • I'm running this on 14388 and that's where those screenshots came from. Did you read the readme file and follow the directions? I have it working on multiple computers with no issues. It's even better now then when I announced this feature weeks ago.
  • Yep. Followed the instructions in the read me. It's not recognizing the unzipped file.
  • Btw, your review is what made me give it a second chance. I had tried it once before and written it off.
  • Working here just fine on 14388.
  • Hi @Gara10sama, We have found an issue in the beta version 5.2.3 of desktop for Windows where the Enpass is not connecting with the Microsoft Edge extension. This issue appeared after the recent update of Windows Insider ver 14385 in which Microsoft has changed the code signature of Edge browser due to which Enpass is blocking any connection request from Edge browser.   We will fix this issue in next beta release very soon after testing with latest Insider version 14388. Meanwhile you can make it work by disabling the browser verification from Enpass extension (though it is not recommended).  Please bear with us.
  • Thanks Vikram, I appreciate your help
  • Assuming you need insider on desktop? This might make me finally buy Enpass.
  • I've noticed extensions are running smoother and more efficient in the last two builds -- this is a very good sign of things to come.
  • Any word yet on when extensions will be supported on Edge Mobile?  
  • Forget when as Microsoft has not publicly committed to the feature for mobile period. There is no date until we hear if they are doing it for RS2 or not.
  • I'm trying to figure out how to use Enpass for logging into mobile apps (not using browser).  Currently, the only way I can do it is by "copying and pasting" the userid and password into the app, which is a long frustrating process. Is there a quicker method?  I'm using Windows 10 mobile by the way...
  • The enpass app has a built in browser that has an autofill option.  Extentions are not supported in Edge currently so copy paste is the only way.
  • Let me clarify.  I'm not trying to login to anything via a browser.  I'm just trying to login to an "app".  For example, the new Wells Fargo app (not the website).  Is there anyway to use Enpass for that aside from copying and pasting??
  • Nope only via browsers.
  • No. I'm not aware if any. Password manager that food what you are trying to do.
  • You have to use the built in browser... It's kinda a convoluted process. Open the card for the website you want. When it opens tap and hold the URL until "open link" appears, then tap that. It will open in the enpass browser with the login field populated.
  • See above reply to Stephen...
  • Seems developers are at least interested in building or porting extensions. Good news!
  • The browser extensions work great on both Opera & Vivaldi :D Gave up on LastPass  
  • Slightly off topic, but any word on an Edge browser for Android and iOS? I'd like to use Edge on my desktop after the anniversary update, but I don't want to give up bookmark syncing to my phone.
  • I dream of this also, but I've never heard not so much as a squeak about it.  Microsoft could gain a LOT of browser market share releasing Edge at least onto Android.  As it is, I'm forced to use Chrome a lot because I need some stuff to sync with my phone, but I'd rather use Edge exclusively.  Please no one tell me it's a WM feature to attract customers, with the 15 people on earth left with a WM device and MS penchant to port over every single program they have to other OS' I highly doubt that's the issue.  More likely that it's just something they can't handle at the moment with all the other stuff going on.  Although it seems worthwhile to me if it means gaining a percentage of those Android users.
  • My understanding is that there is no Windows Hello support for the win32 desktop program, correct? So you have to type in your long, annoying master password each time?
  • Yes that's correct, it would be comical if it wasn't so incredibly frustrating, especially on a 8" touch tablet with no keyboard!!  From what they have said on the forums it's because MS has not released the API's to tie in Windows Hello with a x86 program, so it's not their fault.  But there is NO PIN support whatsoever on the desktop program, which is their fault and should be fixed as soon as possible.  Sadly the only comment they have made on the forums is a vague one about it being on their roadmap.  The benefit of having a single, complicated master password to rule them all is very quickly lost on having to enter it in every....single....time I want to logon.
  • I was testing LastPass when Daniel wrote his detailed piece on Enpass' benefits. I was initially at odds with how syncing would work since it depends on a third-party (OneDrive in my case and Daniel's). When I decided to give Enpass a try, whoa, totally overestimated how difficult or involved it would be to use OneDrive as the sync location (you just log in to OneDrive to authenticate third-party access). The app experience is totally much more true to Windows (love Windows Hello sign-in on Mobile!!!), so I am excitedly looking forward to finally switching to Edge and using the Enpass extension when Anniversary Update is released. For anyone thinking of either going with LastPass or Enpass, I guarantee you will love Enpass.
  • Anyone having issues with Windows Hello and Enpass, it recognizes me and briefly says press ok to continue, then almost immediately starts scanning again and doesn't recognize me. Basically I can't login using Windows Hello. If anyone has any ideas what I'm doing wrong, it would be much appreciated. On L950 btw.