Word jumble meets crosswords with Equal Words for Windows 10

Available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile, this free game challenges you to solve clues by identifying words that are hidden in a grid of letters. The trick is that the letters can only be shuffled around vertically, correctly spelling the target word at the bottom of the grid.

The free version of Equal Words includes 100-word challenges and free weekend puzzles to solve. Additional puzzles are available through in-app purchase for $0.99 per puzzle pack. Equal Words offers the challenge of a crosswords puzzle with a unique style of gameplay. It's a fun Windows Phone game to spend a little downtime, and you may learn a few new words along the way.

Equal Words offers a challenging and fun word game in a simple, user-friendly design. The primary menu offers options to jump into gameplay, visit the weekend puzzles and to access the help screen. Settings are limited to a mute button which is also available from the main menu.

The gameplay for Equal Words includes 100 puzzles with the free version and are spread out across four themes. Weekend puzzles are added to the mix on Saturday and Sunday, with the previous three weekend's worth of puzzles available when you start.

The goal of Equal Words is to identify a series of words from a grid of letters. You are given a clue for each word and to solve each clue, you must shuffle the letters vertically until the correct word is spelled out at the bottom. As you build the correct word, those letters are removed from the grid.

The gaming screen displays your clues at the top of the screen and your letter grid at the bottom. Puzzle levels include six to eight clues, each of equal length. Four buttons line the right edge of the gaming screen and include reset, hint, shuffle and check answer buttons.

To build a word, tap and drag letters vertically to the bottom of the grid (which is shaded in green). If you are at a loss, the shuffle button mixes up the letters providing you with a fresh look at things. If you are still at a loss for finding a word, hints are available to reveal three of the letters or reveal all of the letters. Hints are limited and can be resupplied through in-app purchase.

Once you have the completed word at the bottom of the grid, tap the check answer button. If all is correct, the letters are removed, and the clue is marked as solved. The casual approach allows you to concentrate on the puzzle without worrying about the additional pressures of a game timer or attempt limits.

A casual approach to word gaming

Equal Words

While not an overly taxing game to play, Equal Words is relatively fun for passing time. The user-friendly design allows you to focus on the puzzles and gameplay is interesting enough to keep the game from growing stale too quickly.

The mechanics place an interesting twist on solving clues, but makes the levels become easier as you identify words. I would have liked to have seen additional letters added to the grid to maintain a level of difficulty from start to finish. I don't think this spoils the game, but rather helps it be a good choice of word games for all ages.

All in all, if you like word games that approach things more casually, Equal Words should be right up your alley. The 100 free puzzles are more than enough to keep you busy, and the extra puzzle packs shouldn't break the bank. If you have given Equal Words a try, let us know what you think of things in the comments.

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