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Eras of Alchemy is a Windows Phone puzzle game where you play geneticist to create creatures and re-populate the Earth after it has been destroyed by an asteroid.

You combine the simplest of life forms to created more complex organisms. The interface is simple, game play can be challenging at times and if you've been on the fence about picking up Eras of Alchemy, today is your lucky day.

The Windows Phone game normally runs $1.99. However, through the myAppFree promotion over the next 24 hours you can pick up Eras of Alchemy free.

Again, the Earth has been obliterated by an asteroid strike and it is your job to use a computer assistant named H.E.R.A. to resurrect Earth's creatures. H.E.R.A. is short for Holographic Earth Revival Alchemist and you will use her alchemy pods to combine species to create additional creatures.

Eras of Alchemy

The gaming screen has H.E.R.A. positioned on a barren field with a water source. Buried beneath the ground are various fossils that can be unlocked and used to spawn life forms. You can also buy hints as to a species ancestor, traits and habitat to help point you towards the correct genetic combination to re-create the fossilized creature.

When you first start playing Eras of Alchemy, a tutorial will launch that walks you through creating the first few creatures. Game coins are earned as you re-create a species, which in turn can be used to buy hints. As you revive all the fossils, the game will move to another era of creation where you discover additional fossils.

In just playing Eras of Alchemy for a short time this morning, the game comes across as a decent time waster. It can be challenging to identify the correct genetic combination to re-create a fossilized species, but it can also be a bit frustrating. Still, I can see the appeal this game can have with some gamers.

Normally priced at $1.99, you can pick up Eras of Alchemy free over the next 24 hours through the myAppFree promotion. The gaming title is rated at 4.5 Stars in the Windows Phone Store and if you give Eras of Alchemy a try, let us know what you think of the game in the comments below.

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