Even more God of War and Uncharted developers join Microsoft's The Initiative studio

The Initiative E3 2018
The Initiative E3 2018 (Image credit: Microsoft)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft formed The Initiative to develop "AAA" games.
  • The team has hired numerous acclaimed developers since.
  • Recently, more veterans who worked on God of War and Days Gone have joined the team.
  • The Initiative is currently working on its first title.

Many months ago, Studio Head of The Initiative Darrell Gallagher announced that acclaimed developers like Brian Westergaard, Annie Lohr, Blake Fischer, Christian Cantamessa, and Lindsey McQueeney were now a part of the team. However, the team has expanded since then. According to a report by VGC, many other God of War developers have joined The Initiative. The outlet said the following.

God of War level designers Ian Miller, Kai Zheng, Chris O'Neill, and Ray Yeomans have all joined The Initiative from Sony's neighboring Santa Monica Studio in the past few months, according to LinkedIn, as well as former... Naughty Dog Senior Designer Robert Ryan.

Microsoft founded The Initiative last year so that it could build quality Microsoft exclusives like Uncharted. It seems like the company has the developers to do just that because these individuals have worked on such games before. According to Twitter user "Klobrille," Ryan Trowbridge who previously worked on Days Gone and Uncharted 4, is now the Technical Art Director.

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It's great to see that the team is expanding at such a breakneck pace. It's definitely acquiring strong talent because all of these individuals are masters of their craft. Hopefully, this will translate to stellar "AAA" games down the line.

Shoutout to "@XcloudTimdog" and "@klobrille" for the tips.

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  • Title should be "God of War and Days Gone developers..." They haven't added more Uncharted developers to the mix.
  • The other person worked on Uncharted too, and many of the God of War developers also played a part in Uncharted. It’s just one person who worked on Days Gone.
  • Ah, my bad, I must have missed that part in the article, I thought it only said Days Gone. My mistake.
  • The list if devs at this studio could be the best list of devs in 1 place we have ever seen. Can't wait to see their first IP
  • Can't wait to see what magical experiences they create!
  • What I find surprising is how there are people who are so much "fans" of MS/XB that they actually check and scrutinise loads of profiles to see who enters a company.
    I mean cool, people move from company to company everyday...
    It's actually good that they are building a team. What I'm really looking forward to is the games now.