Everspace is set to receive a hefty update for Xbox One and Windows 10

Everspace is an arcade single-player space shooter with roguelike elements. Death is inevitable in Everspace, as the procedurally generated (and incredibly gorgeous) space sectors become increasingly difficult. However, you retain perks and unlocks after each run, giving the game a strong progression layer with a rewarding slant.

The latest update will arrive in the next few days, and it will add an all-new heavy-class ship, new planet types, points of interest, and more. It also brings stability improvements for the Windows 10 UWP version of the game, available in the Store.

The new Colonial Gunship comes packed with all sorts of toys and capabilities. It has a large hull for storing items found in the field, a fusion blaster and flak cannon as primary weapons, accompanied by heavy missiles, mines, probes, drones, and a defensive turret that can be upgraded. The Gunship doesn't pack a shield generator, and moves slower than other ships available in the game, meaning that it relies on nanobots and other defensive abilities to survive.

The new update also splits perks between Pilot perks and Ship perks, giving you even more ways to progress. The new perk system allows Rockfish Games to differentiate the ships available further, by offering bonuses exclusive to each. This new patch should also improve the game's performance across the board.

New planet type!

Rockfish Games noted that there are some issues with regards to free Game Preview trials in the Windows 10 Store, so it has been disabled for the time being. But you can still try out the game for free on Xbox One.

Everspace is an Xbox Play Anywhere title, meaning that if you buy it once, you can play it across Windows 10 and Xbox One and maintain your saves, achievements and general progression across both via the cloud. Everspace is one of the best space games on Xbox One and the Windows 10 Store, even in preview. So I highly recommend you give it a try!

Download Everspace from the Windows 10 Store

Jez Corden
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