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What you need to know

  • Microsoft recently broke down all of the new features for Teams for phones that rolled out in March.
  • New features include the option to dock meeting controls and a simplified sign-in experience.
  • Microsoft also made it much easier for IT admins to set up devices this month.

Microsoft regularly adds new features to Microsoft Teams on all major platforms. Each month, it posts a roundup of the features that arrived that month. The latest post from Microsoft breaks down what's new for Teams on phones, such as those from Yealink, in March 2021. The list includes a simplified user sign-in experience, multi-cloud sign-in support, and the option to dock call controls.

First up is remote provisioning and sign-in from the Teams admin center. This is a highly requested feature that lets IT admins deploy a device without having to be physically in a room with it.

A simplified user sign-in experience also makes it easier to get people started. The new experience shows a code when a device is turned on that can be used through a browser, PC, or smartphone.

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Microsoft also made it possible to sign in with multiple accounts. Microsoft explains this feature further in the post:

If you are using a specialized cloud, for example the government cloud, we are now able to support sign-in options available to that tenant. Please go to settings within the sign in page to see what is available in the cloud which hosts you.

Starting this month, Teams has an option to keep the meeting stage and call controls docked during a meeting. This makes it easier to quickly change a setting or perform an action. You can also do this with reactions within Teams.

Teams now has the option to drop into a work voicemail without having to ring someone. You can just send a voicemail directly to someone's inbox.

March also brought several other improvements, including click to dial phone numbers in meetings and the option to opt out of call queues. Microsoft breaks down everything fully in its Tech Community post.

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