Exclusive: GameHouse announces five new Xbox Live titles

WPCentral recently interviewed Ken Murphy of GameHouse, who filled us in on the company’s existing Xbox Live portfolio as well as their philosophy on the casual games market. He also gave us first news of five upcoming GameHouse titles. That's a lot! All five games will be Xbox Live titles.

  • Collapse!: GameHouse’s very first PC game comes to Windows Phone. It’s a match-three puzzler in which a stack of blocks rises from the bottom of the screen. Players frantically tap groups of three of more colored blocks in order to eliminate them. Customizable characters, multiple gameplay modes, and bosses make for a full-featured package.
  • Delicious!: Like GameHouse’s Sally’s Salon Luxury Edition, Delicious! is a time management game. Players control Emily as she serves customers at a variety of food venues. Each location features unique minigames, keeping the gameplay fresh and tasty.
  • TextTwist 2: A word jumble game in which gamers receive a selection of letters and try to find all possible words that those letters can spell.
  • Cake Mania Main Street: A time management game with four totally distinct locations: a bakery, a flower shop, a fast food joint, and a sushi house. Wacky problem customers like vampires and pirates keep the pressure on.
  • NCIS: The Game from the TV show: Help the cast of the popular crime drama solve several different cases by completing various minigames. This looks a bit like Women’s Murder Club, but with a stronger focus on story and more gameplay variety.

These games don’t have prices or release dates yet, but WPCentral will be sure to keep you updated as they come closer to release.

Image: Clockwise, from top: Collapse!, Delicious!, TextTwist 2, NCIS: The Game, Cake Mania Main Street.

Paul Acevedo

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