Exclusivity deal ends: Three show off Nokia Lumia 920

Considered by many to be the Windows Phone 8 device to get, the Lumia 920 has unfortunately been locked to a single network here in the UK. That’s all about to end and to celebrate the guys at Three UK have released their first video to introduce the device to their customers.

Since the launch of Windows Phone 8, Three has been carrying only the HTC 8X. To expand that range Three is going to add not only the 920 but the eagerly awaited Lumia 620 too. 

If you love something - set it Three!

During the video Brendan is quick to point out the Lumia 920 has already clocked up  twelve awards to its name and runs us through some of its standout features. Some of those include the built in wireless charging capability, screen display and high capacity battery. The Lumia 920 has an amazing camera and it’s good to see that Three are keen to show that off to in the first look video.

There are many folks who have been incredibly frustrated by the exclusivity deal on the Lumia 920 here in the UK. Whilst folks in the US are used to this kind of deal it has proved disconcerting for many who value our competitive mobile market. By adding the Lumia 920 to their current line up thy will have the two best devices available running Windows Phone 8.

The UK network has built a solid reputation for providing rapid data speeds and good value for money. They will also be adding the budget friendly Lumia 620 to their range which should help bring Windows Phone 8 to lower cost price plans and even pay as you go. With sales of Lumia devices so strong over the festive period we wonder how many more Nokia would have shifted with Three on-board from the get go? 

The devices are said to be coming to stores in February but in the meantime you can register your interest on the Coming Soon page

You can read more about if from their blog post here

Robert Brand