Exclusivity deal ends: Three show off Nokia Lumia 920

Considered by many to be the Windows Phone 8 device to get, the Lumia 920 has unfortunately been locked to a single network here in the UK. That’s all about to end and to celebrate the guys at Three UK have released their first video to introduce the device to their customers.

Since the launch of Windows Phone 8, Three has been carrying only the HTC 8X. To expand that range Three is going to add not only the 920 but the eagerly awaited Lumia 620 too. 

If you love something - set it Three!

During the video Brendan is quick to point out the Lumia 920 has already clocked up  twelve awards to its name and runs us through some of its standout features. Some of those include the built in wireless charging capability, screen display and high capacity battery. The Lumia 920 has an amazing camera and it’s good to see that Three are keen to show that off to in the first look video.

There are many folks who have been incredibly frustrated by the exclusivity deal on the Lumia 920 here in the UK. Whilst folks in the US are used to this kind of deal it has proved disconcerting for many who value our competitive mobile market. By adding the Lumia 920 to their current line up thy will have the two best devices available running Windows Phone 8.

The UK network has built a solid reputation for providing rapid data speeds and good value for money. They will also be adding the budget friendly Lumia 620 to their range which should help bring Windows Phone 8 to lower cost price plans and even pay as you go. With sales of Lumia devices so strong over the festive period we wonder how many more Nokia would have shifted with Three on-board from the get go? 

The devices are said to be coming to stores in February but in the meantime you can register your interest on the Coming Soon page (opens in new tab)

You can read more about if from their blog post here

Robert Brand
  • That Video does absolutely no Justice to the phone.
  • I know for a fact they would have shifted more because I know some people who wanted the Lumia 920 but didn't want to switch from so ended up getting other phones instead.
  • Good things come to those who wait.
  • Better things come to companies who don't shaft their prospective customers.
  • Doesn't seem like anybody got shafted here.
  • What people need to remember to factor in is the subsidies provided by AT&T... this would NOT have been a $100 phone with free charge plate at launch if it was not exclusive. So did Att sell enough additional units because of the price to make up for lost sales at other carriers? Nokia probably has a good handle on that and they keep giving the exclusives so...
  • Just think if that devices was not locked on one carrier in the UK and One in the states how many more people would have bought them and be using WP8 right now? I would think a lot more than the total numbers of sales for the L920 currently.
  • Don't forget Canada... Rogers is a joke outside of Toronto. Not to mention it's still only in black.
  • Apparently due to lower manufacturing volumes the devices were mostly sold out, so it's not as simple as saying sales would have increased significantly with more carriers onboard, as there would still only be X number of devices to sell
  • ^This.
  • What do you mean ^this?
    Nokia should get their production ramped up. FFS. No excsuses I am afraid for me.
    If the UK carriers don't get official stock, and in the colours we want - it will be MWC and new phones will be announced.
    What about a cheaper iPhone? New phones we don't know about. Blackberry 10 might be excellent.
    I might get  BB10 in that case, but I _WOULD_ have been locked into Nokia / Windows Phone for another 18 months had they had a 920 available.
    So no, _NOT THIS_ screw ^ this and Nokia should darn well get these devices in people hands. Or they will fail to their competitors and I won't have sympathy for them - as this is just getting production right and they announced this darn device LAST SEPTEMBER!!!!
  •   I’m really glad to see the exclusive deal ending. Three offer far better value than EE and think that the cope for sales could have been even higher had all operators had a launch. Still it is now coming out of that phase and people will now have more choice. All good. 
  • >and think that the cope for sales could have been even higher had all operators had a launch.
    ABsoutely - that's not even a "think" that is a "guaranteed" as I Would have had a Lumia in November.
    3 months on, and I still can't get a White 920 on my preferred carrier.
    Idiots. Total idiots. Its not like they have a broad range either. They need to speed up. Elop needs to kick some more buttsky.
  • What the hell.
    I was so excited to see this article, but then saw it was for UK and not Australia. :(
    Oh well, I might wait a little longer, otherwise I'll probably buy a 920 outright.
  • As one of our colonies you should be allowed them to.
  • Hahaha yep.
  • Anyone know when 920 will be available through Vodafone?
  • End of the month.
  • No.
    I rang today, they told me end or maybe middle of Feb.
    I also suspcet they will only have Red or Black. So frustrating.
    (Bloke even had the cheek to tell me to sit on my hands till then!)
  • Sounds a lot like the exclusivity ends at the end of January, not now.  Somewhat misleading until the final paragraph.
  • the folks in store at carphone warehouse said they heard a whisper that they were getting the 920 at the very end of the month at the 'change over'... whatever that means... couldnt get them to say any more... BUT if CW get it then it should be a totally unlocked phone.  Here's hoping anyway!
  • Though I haven't tested mine as I've only got the one micro SIM, I'm pretty sure the one I got from Phones4U (on Orange) is unlocked.
  • no it isnt believe me, i nearly bought a sim free 920 from phones4u till i tested it
  • Id change from t-mobile for a Cyan one, have tweeted Nokia to see if they are coming to the UK but not had an answer
  • I just bought a wireless charging shell from t-mo here in charlotte, NC. If you get the cyan wireless shell you will have the cyan phone. Changes the whole color. Only the screen shows.
  • How competitive are the 3 data plans going to be I wonder...?? I'm currently with EE on the 920.
  • I pay £25 a month with them. One month rolling SIM only contract. 2000 any network minutes, 5000 3-2-3 minutes, 5000 texts, and truly unlimited data (my mate used 83gb in a month on this plan with no extra charges or throttling) with tethering included. It's called The One Plan.
  • Have specific plans for this handset been announced though? I'm aware they've always been top for data plans etc, just curious in a 'like for like' comparison between EE and 3 for this phone. I'm prepared to find out that im likely to be ripped off, i made my choice in Oct 12 knowingly and I've been happy with EE.
  • I want to know when I can buy it unlocked from Carphone Warehouse or Phones4U. Believe me I'm glad it's ending but I always buy unlocked. Don't want to be tied in to one carrier.
  • So we need to see Nokia solve production problems so the shops are flooded with handsets of all colours.
  • I bought a UK Nokia Lumia 920 on eBay that said 4g ready but only had 2 and 3g options. Some folks thought this may have been tied to the exclusively of ee. Now this is over will there be an ota patch to unlock the 4g?
  • Don't u need a 4g sim card?
  • That is not the issue.
  • Same story here, but I got the Norwegian version that only have below LTE here in Sweden. The reps told me they will release a patch in February to unlock the LTE sub-Norwegian carriers though :)
  • I also got a "4g ready" device. Unlocked it myself. There is a thread here somewhere on how to unlock 4g on your 920. Worked for me. Nokia told me a patch is coming to enable my device proper.
  • Thanks. Hopefully comes soon.
  • Thi is great news for British customers. 3 has a very goo network and the only offering a All You Can Eat (!) data plan. Yes, truly unlimited, no caps. 3 will upgrade to LTE 4G very soon. I'm using already an unlocked version of Lumia 920  and on HSPDA+ can offer 5 to 7 Mbit where broadband offers maximum 5! 
  • Not sure if it would be more 920's out there since every dealer seems to be out of stock... ;)
    Do have a yellow, my son a red one and waiting for a black for my daughter. Not available until end of January on Norway's largest carrier... (sold out)
    Anyway, good to see end of exclusivity :)
  • Can't wait for the rumored 6-month exclusivity to end in the U.S.. That will coincide with my contract ending.
  • Not living in the UK, I kept asking myself "Three what?" Three companies, three hobo's, three fish?
  • We have an even more stupid company name called Everything Everywhere.. So stupid theyve switched to the EE acronym.
  • I like to call them NN, I'm sure you can figure out what it means :P
  • Nice Nipples?
  • Every time I see reference to EE, I think of the movie Knowing...
  • Great rundown of the features. Good elevator speech for the 920.
  • Three don't have 4G
  • No, because then they would have to change their name to Four.
  • Being in the US...
    The problem is not only the missed opportunity in being exclusive to AT&T, but by the time the exclusivity ends, people will be talking about the HTC (?), the Samsung (?) and the new Nokia (?). Also the lost sales overseas because they did not make enough...
    Due to how fast tech is introduced, I would have purchased an alternative phone after the 2nd or 3rd sold out from the stores.
  • They need to take notes from Apple & Samsung. iPhone and Galaxy S line available on most carriers at once. I'm on Verizon and want that camera...but by the time the exclusivity is up here, VZW won't want a 6 month old phone.
  • The problem with Nokia was they underestimated the demand for Lumia 920 and ordered fewer components. Then they were not able to cope up with demand. They will know better next time! Not a bad problem to have :)
  • I currently carry the 900 as my personal (waiting for a surface phone or the rumored aluminum body unit Nokia is working on) to replace it with. But on another note, I have a Verizon 822 for work and it has a global setting under cellular. This does this mean it is a world phone? Or would I still have to purchase an unlocked SIM?
  • I'm curious to know if the 822 on VZ is unlocked and if it works on Tmob USA 3G. Too lazy to go research this in the forums.
  • Good for them in the UK sucks for us in the US .