Experiencing Razer's Project Ariana at CES 2017

We got some time to check out Project Ariana first-hand at CES 2017, and it was pretty amazing. The depth-sensing, whole-room projector concept was announced earlier today as a means of providing immersive gaming experiences that don't involve virtual reality.

Many will remember Microsoft's previous dalliance in this space, and Razer's approach is equally tenuous. It's still very much a concept, and showing it off is primarily to the end of gauging consumer interest. Developers are already showing some excitement, by way of partnerships with companies like Philips, who can have their internet-connected light bulbs flash appropriately with the rest of the action. This is a great way of expanding their existing ecosystem of Chroma-lit accessories.

My time in the demo room sold the concept wholeheartedly. Developer adoption and cost would still be significant bottlenecks to a real-world product, but the performance of Shadow Warrior 2 was totally smooth. Though I might get a bit distracted by my mouse and keyboard constantly flashing, the expanded view of the screen is great. I've already been able to enjoy a fuzzier version of this experience by way of peripherals like LightPack at home. Being able to crank up the fidelity and range of that experience would be a fantastic upgrade.

At the very least, Razer deserves credit for iterating on a great idea. Equally, Project Valerie reinforces their willingness to try out some truly insane products, even if they never see the light of day. Of course, that's not stopping me from hoping this thing gets made. How much would you be willing to pay for something like Project Ariana in your home?

Simon Sage