Explore the world of Terraria, today's Xbox One Countdown to 2015 deal

Terraria is today's Xbox One Countdown to 2015 deal, which invites console owners to a magical world of exploration, adventure and awesome houses. Terraria is currently on sale for both Xbox One and Xbox 360, enabling folk who have yet to immerse themselves into the block-filled world to pick up the title.

Both versions have 40% off the asking price for today only:

As well as today's Xbox deals counting down to 2015, Lego is going on sale for all Xbox owners. Here are this week's offers for Gold Subscribers, available now through 5 January 2015:

Xbox One

Xbox 360

Source: Major Nelson

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  • The X1 discounts are mixed up. Check with the actual price cut.
  • I almost bought Terraria for $30 in store yesterday. Good game, and I love having my physical discs, but for 12 bucks you can't go wrong!
  • Terraria is almost every week on sale on at least one PC outlet, for as low as $2,50. In which parallel dimension do they expect XBone users to pay 20 bucks for it?
  • The ignorant one.
  • If you can provide steps on how to install the PC version on an XBox One, I'm all ears.  Otherwise the PC price doesn't mean much to a ton of people.
  • Who is "they"?
  • It is very overpriced in my opinion. Even with this sale. PC or bust.
  • Is there more content on the Xbox one version versus the xbox360?
  • At the moment no, both are version 1.2. But according to Terraria Wiki some advances will be Next Gen only. As of right now transferring of saves from old consoles to new is only available on playstation format, but Xbox will follow once they figure it out
  • I watched it on twitch last night. I didn't look like my style of game. I decided not to purchase it.