Extreme Exorcism: Achievement Guide for Xbox One, Steam, and more

Extreme Exorcism from Golden Ruby Games and Ripstone is an action-platformer with a twist. Whenever the player defeats a ghost, a new ghost will spawn that mimics the player's previous actions. This ghost-hunting game offers local 4-player campaign co-op and deathmatch modes, but it can still be enjoyed solo. That's how you make a proper party game!

The Xbox One and Steam versions of Extreme Exorcism possess thirteen spooky Achievements. At first glance, these Achievements might seem difficult or impossible to unlock. Our detailed Achievement Guide tells you exactly how to get each one with a minimum of fuss – check it out!


I've divided Extreme Exorcism's Achievements up into categories based on the optimum order that you should pursue them. The total completion time should be about 6-8 hours. Only the primary player can earn Achievements, not co-op partners (boo!).

Extreme Exorcism Cellar Gameplay

Here's a brief roadmap:

  • Complete Arcade Mode
  • Head to the Altar for kill- and final boss-related Achievements
  • Complete Challenge Mode
  • Grind for the final Achievement, 'Necromancer'

Also, note that this guide applies to Xbox One, Steam, and PlayStation 3 and 4. The Wii U version doesn't offer Achievements.

Arcade mode

Grand Tour (50): Unlock all rooms.

Extreme Exorcism Arcade Mode

Extreme Exorcism's Arcade mode takes place in a massive haunted house. The house contains 10 locations, most of which have 5 levels each, for a total of 42 levels to complete:

  • Intro: 1 Level
  • Graveyard: 5 Levels
  • Foyer: 5 Levels
  • Library: 5 Levels
  • Conservatory: 5 Levels
  • Bedroom: 5 Levels
  • Kitchen: 5 Levels
  • Attic: 5 Levels
  • Cellar: 5 Levels
  • Altar: 1 Level

To unlock new locations, you must generally unlock every level within an existing location and reach an overall kill count for that location. You can view this overall kill count by highlighting the location you wish to unlock on the map screen.

To unlock individual levels within a location, you'll have to reach target kill counts within that location's levels. Note that kill count progress is not shared between solo and co-op play, but levels unlocked in solo or co-op remain unlocked in both modes.

Full Arsenal (50): Unlock all weapons.

Extreme Exorcism Fat Gun

Extreme Exorcism has a total of 20 weapons, not counting the Exorcism weapon. As you progress through Arcade mode, you'll unlock new weapons upon reaching certain kill counts. The final weapon, the Fat Gun, unlocks at 900 kills. Just play normally and you'll get this one fairly early on.

Ghostblaster (200): Kill 1000 ghosts!

Extreme Exorcism Game Over

This will unlock through normal progression, 100 kills after you unlock the Fat Gun. You can see your total kill count on the Game Over screen.

Dead Eye (50): Finish five rounds without missing a shot.

Extreme Exorcism The Foyer

You could potentially earn this one before everything else, as early as reaching the Graveyard. To complete a round during Arcade mode, simply kill the ghost with a crown on its head. What 'Dead Eye' doesn't tell you is that killing any other ghosts that round counts as missing a shot.

Pick an easy level with no hazards or moving platforms, such as Foyer 1. Only pick up weapons that are easy to aim and fire directly ahead, such as the Pistol, Shotgun, or Fat Gun.

If you don't like the selection of weapons that have spawned, simply wait a while for new weapons to spawn. Just grab one weapon at a time for simplicity and safety. Take your time, aim carefully, and don't miss – you should get it within a few tries.

Take that, Physics! (10): Jump on five bullets in one round.

Extreme Exorcism Fat Gun Bullets

The Fat Gun fires bullets that can be jumped on, not unlike the Banzai Bill enemies in the Super Mario series. The gun itself looks like a large Magnum pistol, not to be confused with the smaller standard Pistol.

This Achievement description is misleading. You actually need to jump on five Fat Gun bullets without touching the ground. After jumping on a bullet, you gain another double jump, allowing you to stay in the air longer.

After unlocking the Fat Gun, choose an easy level with no hazards or moving platforms, such as Foyer 1. Wait around for the Fat Gun to spawn, which can sometimes take a while. Once it does, go to one end of the screen and fire several rounds continuously. Don't kill the crown-wearing ghost until you've fired off at least 10 rounds – that should give you some breathing room.

During the following round, start hopping on the ghost's bullets. Don't allow yourself to land until you hit five and the Achievement unlocks.

Alternately, set up a Deathmatch game with Custom rules. Turn off all weapons but the Fat Gun. Have the second player fire shots repeatedly while the first player jumps on them for the Achievement.

Head to the Altar

Extreme Exorcism The Altar

Exorcist (100): Complete Arcade mode.

Extreme Exorcism Selfie Ending

See 'Extreme Exorcist' below.

Extreme Exorcist (200): Defeat the final boss without losing a life!

The Altar is the final location of Arcade mode. It consists of a single battle against the only boss in the game, a large flying ghost. Pay attention to the strategy for beating the boss, as we'll use much of it to get the game's remaining weapon kill-based Achievements.

When fighting the boss, enemies spawn in continuously as long as the final boss remains. The boss can only be hurt with the Exorcism weapon, which looks like a pair of angel wings. Every few smaller ghosts you kill will cause an Exorcism to spawn. The boss becomes enraged after three Exorcism hits, and the fourth hit will defeat him.

The trick to defeating the boss without dying is preventing the regular enemies from attacking and making sure you have enough enemies to kill in order to quickly spawn an Exorcism when the boss becomes enraged.

Extreme Exorcism The Altar Final Boss

When the battle starts, immediately hop to the right side of the Altar. As long as you don't fire any shots, neither will the enemies. They won't be able to hurt you at all unless they crush you against a wall, which rarely happens if you're careful.

Jump around between the steps and ground on the right side of the altar, keeping the enemies as close to the steps as possible. While you're doing this, watch for a safe weapon that can kill multiple enemies at once to spawn: the Rocket Launcher, the Harpoon Gun, or the Fat Gun. Grab one (and no other weapons) and continue hopping until plenty of enemies have built up on every right-side step.

When you're ready to start attacking, stay close to the altar and fire a single shot at one of the steps. This should kill enough enemies to spawn the Exorcism weapon. Grab it, head to the left side of the altar, and hit the boss with it. Immediately head back to the right, kill another batch of enemies, and repeat.

Once you've hit the boss twice, prepare for him to become enraged when you hit him the third time. After he becomes enraged, move quickly to kill another batch of enemies so you can get another Exorcism. Now grab it and hit the boss to win!

It's a Party! (30): Manage to amass thirty ghosts on-screen!

The strategy here is much the same as the one I described for 'Extreme Exorcist.' In fact, you can build up 30 enemies while you're waiting to launch your first attack as you try to beat the boss without dying. Just let the enemies continue to build up while you avoid firing, and the Achievement will unlock once 30 have spawned.

Bull's Eye (10): Kill five ghosts with one harpoon.

Extreme Exorcism Harpoon Gun

The Harpoon Gun looks like a black and orange rifle with a spear sticking out of it. It fires harpoons that stick into walls and can then be used as platforms.

Wait for a harpoon gun to spawn while allowing small ghosts to build up along the right side of the altar. Once you have the gun and 10-20 enemies built up in the same spot, fire a harpoon and let them have it.

Demolition Man (50): Kill ten ghosts with one explosion.

Extreme Exorcism Rocket Launcher

The rocket launcher looks like a green rifle. It shoots rockets that explode on impact with enemies or walls. Anything caught in the explosion will be killed by splash damage.

Wait for a rocket launcher to spawn while allowing small ghosts to build up along the right side of the altar. Once you have the launcher and 20 or so enemies built up in the same spot, fire a rocket at the altar. With any luck, you'll hit ten and the Achievement will pop.

This House is Clean! (50): Exorcise ten ghosts at once.

Extreme Exorcism The Altar Final Boss

Remember, the Exorcism weapon looks like a pair of angel wings. Every few smaller ghosts you kill will cause an Exorcism to spawn.

Build up 25-30 ghosts along the right side of the altar. Using any weapon you like, kill enough of them to make an Exorcism appear. Then just grab it, head into the crowd, and unleash the power. You can float around a little while using the Exorcism, so try to steer into more enemies after the first batch of them gets hit.

Challenge Mode

Unchallenged (100): Complete all challenges.

Extreme Exorcism Challenge Mode

Challenge Mode is a single-player mode available from the main menu. It contains five tiers of increasingly difficult challenges. To unlock the next tier, simply complete enough challenges in the tier before it.

It will take a few hours to knock out all 50 challenges, depending on your skill and luck. Remember to kill enemies in locations that will minimize the danger to you when they respawn, and avoid weapons like the knife and shurikens that can hit you unexpectedly. Keep at the challenges and eventually you should be able to complete them.

Grind for deaths

Necromancer (100): Die 1000 times!

Extreme Exorcism Conservatory 5 Necromancer

After completing every other Achievement (including Challenge Mode), I had died about 500 times. You can track your death count using the Xbox One's built-in Achievement app. Double-tap the Home/Guide button, press right on the d-pad to Snap an app, and snap the Achievement app. Leave it snapped while you grind for this final Achievement so that you can track your progress.

Unfortunately, Extreme Exorcism doesn't have a mode with unlimited lives. No matter what you play (other than a few specific Challenges), you'll only have three lives before you have to exit and reselect the level. Isn't the lack of a Continue option annoying? Yes it is. Also, Deathmatch mode definitely doesn't contribute towards the death count. I don't think co-op partners' deaths count either, but I'm not completely sure.

The best level for quick deaths is Conservatory-5 because of the large spiked pit in its center. Simply fall directly into it every time you spawn. When you run out of lives, press the B button to exit, then select the level again and repeat the process. It takes about 20 seconds to use up your lives and continue using this process. That's 9 deaths per minute, which amounts to 540 deaths per hour. Keep your mind occupied by listening to videos or music and you'll hit 1,000 deaths before you know it.

After putting in your grinding dues, you'll at last have the final Achievement (or Trophy)!

Extreme Exorcism Necromancer Achievement

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  • Extreme Exorcism – Xbox One – 380 MB – $12.99 – Xbox Link
  • Extreme Exorcism – Windows PC and Mac – $12.99 – Steam Link
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