The Eye Tribe Tracker

Today at CES, we stumbled into The Eye Tribe ( Their solution enables eye control on mobile devices. It sounds very cool, but it's a lot better to see it in action. They had a couple of Windows tablets rigged with The Eye Tribe Tracker, so we asked them to give us a demo in front of the camera. Go watch the video!

The Eye Tribe Tracker is not a consumer product. It is intended for developers. For $99, you get the eye tracker and a software developer kit. It supports Windows, OS X and Android. If you have a Surface Pro 1, Surface Pro 2, or Surface Pro 3, they also have a mount that fits directly into the tablets.

At CES, The Eye Tribe shows us a demo of Fruit Ninja with eye control and an example of web browsing. Is eye control a feature you'd want to see in your next mobile devices? Sound off in the comments!