The Eye Tribe Tracker lets you control your tablet with your eyes

Today at CES, we stumbled into The Eye Tribe ( Their solution enables eye control on mobile devices. It sounds very cool, but it's a lot better to see it in action. They had a couple of Windows tablets rigged with The Eye Tribe Tracker, so we asked them to give us a demo in front of the camera. Go watch the video!

The Eye Tribe Tracker is not a consumer product. It is intended for developers. For $99, you get the eye tracker and a software developer kit. It supports Windows, OS X and Android. If you have a Surface Pro 1, Surface Pro 2, or Surface Pro 3, they also have a mount that fits directly into the tablets.

At CES, The Eye Tribe shows us a demo of Fruit Ninja with eye control and an example of web browsing. Is eye control a feature you'd want to see in your next mobile devices? Sound off in the comments!

Mark Guim is Video Editor at Windows Central. He switched to Windows because the MacBook Pro isn't Pro enough. You can follow him on Twitter at @markguim.

  • Too stressful
  • There's already solutions available for paralysed people that use IR cameras and eye tracking. Is this the same?
    In fact you don't even need an IR camera. A program like nPointer is workable.
  • Maybe times have changed, but a few years ago eye gaze systems were extremely expensive. $99 for this product is a godsend! It has amazing applications for the disabled, as you mentioned, but doesn't cost thousands of dollars!
  • Seems cool
  • This year's CES is dominated by Windows products.....or is it coz I'm only here on WC??
  • No, not because your are here this news in every were in the internet
  • No, you can see some Windows 8.1 laptops and tablets. The majority of the products are android powered devices, in fact I was surprised that the new Walkman from Sony is powered by Android! ( I thought they gonna use the OS that you see on PS4 and Vita) and the new smart TVs use Google TV ( I also thought they gonna use some proprietary OS)
  • Walkman, really don't.... They're garbage!
  • My point still stand. That garbage is NOT using Windows.
  • Impressive
  • It nice. Microsoft is having a technology similar to this which was recently patented. That was related to the keyboard.
  • Yeah,I remember. It was for paralyzed people etc.
  • Yes they do. I've seen it in action on a motorized wheelchair and it's really impressive.
  • Really nice! Lots of nice things are being showed in CES 2015
  • Yes
  • Very useful to blind people......................sorry
  • I don't think that blind people use smartphones, tablets
  • Then why the hell do we have narrator in ease of access settings?
  • It's not comfortable. I've tried to use phone with closed eyes and narrator turned on
  • You're not blind. It's not meant for you. The people it's meant for probably have no issues with it because that's the only way they know how to use a smartphone. My mum thinks this swiping thing is quite tiresome and she's completely abled. My sister was blind and you couldn't tell she was blind unless someone told you. Disabled individuals adapt to their environments and aids such as narrator just make their lives easier but we find these aids completely unusable because we're accustomed to our own ways of doing things.
  • Okay man, chill out.
    Maybe I wasn't right
  • Relax. I wasn't attacking you. Lol
  • Actually I can't see the point of this, using my phone by my eyes is something weird I would like to see examples of useful things I can do with it.
  • Play fruit ninja)
  • Scroll through a recipe book while cooking without having to get your phone dirty.
  • Play fruit ninja, n then cook the fruit by book recipe
  • Lol.
  • The main advantage that I see for eye-tracking on mobile is the added ease for using a vertical touchscreen. Look at your target, and press a “tap-where-I’m-looking” button on an external keyboard. The dual-view HP Sprout uses a flat touch mat with a projection of the top screen in order to mirror the actions to the vertical screen. It's for graphic designers, but it's still $2000 to comfortably maintain a touch environment. Eye Tribe told Cnet that they could get turn a mobile (smartphone, tablet, laptop) built-in camera into an eye-tracker for $5. If you still need to break out the mouse for the vertical touch screen (target too small), some eye-tracking companies have a pointer teleport feature: you look at your target, and a movement of a mouse (after a brief period of time) will teleport the cursor close to the target so that can more quickly finish the selection.  
  • But why is it in a bottom of the tablet? Not top
  • it is a proof of concept kit. the implimentation will be up to those interested. it does not matter where it goes. its ir, its a wave of light. 
  • Wouldn't this hurt your eyes?
  • I think they'll get tired bit faster
  • Not really... You anyway move your eyes to read articles.
    I see huge potential going forward.
  • Yeah, but u don't focus your eyes. But u got to focus of u use this one
  • Fuck yeah!! :D
  • Great ! This tablet is not design for people who are blind!
  • What about Microsoft's finger gesture? Wasn't it rumored that their "McLaren" featured hand sensor/finger gesture technology? If this is going to be built in to devices soon, I wonder what would Microsoft do with the their finger gesture technology. I also wonder which would be better... Hand gesture or eye control
  • Hand gestures is currently available for recipes with the food app on the Surface. Really practical when cooking and no need to touch the screen. I would like to see this applied generally.
  • This is going to sound weird, but occasionally, when using my 1520, I don't touch my screen, but Brett really close and it scrolls like gestures. It happened a few times before including yesterday.
  • I get that on my Icon when sensitive touch is turned on
  • I get the that too on my Lumia 1020. Cool huh? A little sneak peak haha
  • Why make a choice? User Control is something Microsoft should be leading the Industry with but to cancel McLaren do not give us users the chance to help them advance the technology before Windows 10 come to market. This is what frustrates me a lot and I am sure others too. Most likely as usual Microsoft will put Windows 10 on the market with issues that you thought would have been address prelaunch but we will have to wait for the first service pack.Microsoft is notorious for holding up progress which is why Google and Apple have grown to be major corporations in not to long a time span. 
  • Lmao, google and apple are no different. Actually, Microsoft has been moving quite a bit quicker than competitors lately. No, their troubles in mobile stem from other issues.
  • I can't have this while browsing. If I get a pop up of some naked chick, I just KNOW those pop ups keep on coming! :P
  • Personaly I find it useless for me. But I think it's very usefull for disabled people and could realy make their lives easier. So we defnitly neet to see more of this.
  • The eyes will be stressed out with this technology.what are we going to use our hands for then.if our eyes does everything.
  • I think this is a feature, if you dont wanna use your eyes, you can use your hand..
  • We can already use our hands, without a device like this,I'm kind of thinking this will turn people into handicap.voice control feels more better.
  • Actually it will really help with disabilities at this price.
  • Choices maybe, gestures, voice, eyes, pen and touch. Use that which you prefer.
  • Didn't windows central post something about Microsoft filing a patent for controlling your PC with your eyes months ago???
  • This is sick, hope Microsoft gonna be the first one to implement into their devices
  • This is a kind of cool thing...
  • The best CES product so far.
  • Hold kæft hvor fedt, DK!
  • :[]
    Eye want now
  • Ready for the eyePhone?
  • This would be great for someone who is paralyzed or inflicted with a similar problem. I'm sure the rest of us would also benefit from this technology as well.