Fable Anniversary in the works for Xbox backward compatibility

Fable (Image credit: Microsoft)

Fable II and Fable III are already a part of the growing list of Xbox 360 titles that are backward compatible with Xbox One, but you'll soon get to return to the original as well. Xbox boss Phil Spencer has confirmed that Microsoft is currently working on bringing Fable Anniversary, a version of the Xbox original that was released for the 360, to backward compatibility.

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Fable Anniversary offered an updated take on the popular original. In addition to Fable's RPG gameplay in which every choice had an impact on your character, the Anniversary release completely overhauled the graphics for the Xbox 360 era. New textures and models, a new lighting system, and a new interface were a breath of fresh air for the game. More additions, like achievements, a new save system, and the inclusion of content form the Lost Chapters expansion rounded things out.

There's no word on when to expect Fable Anniversary to be added, but fans of the series will be pleased to know it is indeed being worked on. For now, you can grab the game digitally for $39.99 at Microsoft, or around $23 on Amazon for a physical copy.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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