Facebook Messenger for Windows 10 PC gets small update

Facebook Messenger for Windows 10 on the PC has received a small update. The new version reportedly has a couple of minor interface changes.

While there's no updated change log for this new version, MSPU reports that the People icon in Facebook Messenger has been changed from a silhouette to a hamburger icon. If you notice this and any other changes in the app, let us know in the comments.

Facebook is working on a native Windows 10 Mobile version of Messenger which will hopefully be released in the near future.

  • Still waiting on the mobile version....funny how the pc version of a mobile app is on pc first....
  • Still waiting on the mobile version....funny how the pc version of a mobile app is on pc first....
  • Even though I'm not waiting for the mobile app, I really love this comment!
  • Facebook has the biggest community as a social network.Microsoft and windows OS has the biggest amount of users at PC.Its makes more sense to make the app for the 15% of the windows 10 and after for the phone.Im curious if they port their apps to Xbox,HoloLens too.
    The funny thing is the new Instagram app is at the phone and not at the PC. ...
  • Yes but their app started on phones period. Pc has a full web browser. There was no need to put it on pc first. It would've made more since to put it on the phone first then pc.
  • I use this Messenger app for Facebook chat - exclusively. Now, the Facebook app itself needs a bit of work - I find myself going to the web page every now and then.
  • many people are using windows 2 in 1 tabs. and as a tab user, this messenger on PC is really helpful for a smoother tab experience. but they could have release for phones aswell ~DheeraJ~
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  • Using instagram on a computer isn't very practical. It is much more used, and nicer on a phone
  • I think you are right,you want to upload as fast as you can with Instagram,so it's easiest from the phone but it will be nice to see Instagram for PC.
  • The Instagram for PC is so crucial to Photographer. Photos to be uploaded from Dslr would need DSLR to Phone sync for fast transfer. If it is directly can be uploaded using c then it would be great
  • The funny thing...? What a curious comment. Instagram is a mobile app, the other two apps made by a team at facebook are not. I doubt very much instagram will go to desktop, since it being a mobile site with a majority mobile images is the only USP the app has. I mean, vine is on desktop too now, or so they tell me, but that's USP is the 6 second thing. A disclaimer, I have two instagram accounts, one personal with 99% taken on my phone, and one for my business, mainly taken with pro equipment, before anyone points out my "mainly mobile photos" comment as unrepresentative. :)
  • look at my response.You are too late my friend :(
  • Didn't realise the person who posted that reply and the OP (you) were one in the same. My bad. Comment is now redirected at the multitude of other people who hold that opinion of instagram, some of whom have commented here. :)
  • NOpe man.Have a good night (or day)
  • I know right. I would to see a PC app too! Too many third party apps to choose from. And mostly they suck! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • To be fair - it's better they get the easy bugs out before they replace our current working app with this one.
  • I can agree with that maybe they will fine tune the calling before they added it to mobile
  • But there is a mobile messenger app...
  • There's a incredibly outdated messenger yea....
  • It works the same as the desktop one to me. I can chat and use stickers. Why are people so bothered by them updating the desktop app first?
  • Because these apps started out for phones. There's no immediate need for it in pc when there's access to a full web browser while mobile continues to play the waiting game
  • I would say that as the desktop didn't have an app and phones did, the desktop app was where I would focus my resources too. I really love having an app on pc. It has allowed me to rely more on fb lately. The phone update will come and change... Something. Add in a couple of options? Change a colour somewhere? It really isn't the end of the world
  • True.
  • How does the Facebook website suck? It does everything
  • Agreed... What's outdated?
  • No video calling, no gif support, no backgrounds, no payments.... to name a few
  • The desktop one doesn't have these things does it?
  • You guys are right... those are important features.  I would love to be able to specify a different background for different groups, as I have sent messages in the wrong one by mistake.  And someone did send a gif once that I couldn't animate.  Voice calling would be a good feature to have too I suppose.
  • Try sending a GIF for example, or worse, receiving one and only seeing a static image. You might not use it but others do, and it's just one of the things. Yes, the current app is functional, but if you put it next to the iOS version or Android version you will immediately see it is outdated. If we receive a direct port of the iOS app it would be a great step forwards despite it not being exactly W10M design language compliant.
  • You are right, I have been there. Looking forward to the gif update
  • Most people are on iOS and Android so it's good to be able to see the gifs on PC now. Instead of just missing out on what it was. Usually people send them in reference to the conversation for comedy value and you miss out on your phone....sure not a big deal but I'm the only one on the main groups I chat in that doesn't see them
  • Folk seem to answer that question on every post about messenger. But, there always seems to be someone around to ask again.
  • The mobile version is on its way. Just wait a few more days!
  • How many more days
  • yeah im waiting for mobile aswell and what i found not working on pc version atm is the gif... it shows couple gifs but cant scroll or search other gifs
  • If you click and drag the scrollbar you can (and I think touch works too). Scrolling the mouse wheel doesn't work though you're right
  • im using pc, and i dont have a touch screen... i dont see any scrollbar when i click on the gif button... it just shows 5 gifs... and when im on fullscreen it shows 9 gifs... i cant even click and hold then move it up and down, acting like a finger
  • That's weird, I see a scrollbar when I hover the mouse over. Take a look at this screen clipping from my PC: https://onedrive.live.com/pagenotfounderror It works on all my devices (desktop, surface, tablet), if I click and drag that scrollbar I can look through the GIFs fine
  • for me it looks absolutely different the gifs are on the bottom https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=51E06558168A5FE2!483487&authkey=!A...
  • Messenger for Facebook as a service stopped being a mobile service a long time ago. It just maybe took the app devs a while to catch up. Plus, you need to remember the numbers difference between W10D and W10M. We oft criticise companies like Facebook for making "the other" a priority over W10M...but why should we? I mean, they are working on our apps now (apparently), but even if they weren't, they are a business. They owe us nothing. I'm sorry for essentially using your comment to say this, but I've seen so much of it on our community, and I've also seen our entitled rubbish putting devs off working on our apps.
  • Me too! New Messenger seriously needs ti be on mobile, despite that I don't dig this iOS UI and aesthetics on Windows environment. Though I hope they implement the Call feature first since that's became a popular feature now in Messenger on iOS and Android. I really hope that they will at least tweak the design to have Windows aesthetics and give it pivot control to swipe between people, recents, and groups like we already do. Similar to what Android version does. Sent from Turing Machine
  • It's funny that Instagram is only on mobile and Messenger and Facebook official is only on PC currently
  • Instagram is only making their app on phone because that is what they want to focus on. If they put it on computers, I suspect that people will start to upload more non-self taken pictures.
  • How long do we have to wait for the mobile app? :(
  • Facebook said later this year. Microsoft said soon.
    Who do you believe? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • MS
  • FB
  • Nobody.... They both lie ~Sent from Bikini bottom via my ShellPhone 735 W10M Slow Ring
  • 2018
  • Pretty sure they added a new animation when it loads conversations on the left when first booting up the app, although it might've been there before. Also if you go into settings -> notifications - the "Do Not Disturb" button now has an icon next to it which I don't believe was there previously.
  • Windowsblogitalia have a messenger preview for windows 10 mobile!
  • Link it please ~Sent from Bikini bottom via my ShellPhone 735 W10M Slow Ring
  • www.windowsblogitalia.com then find the article! I don't know why I cannot past the link
  • Wen will the mobile version be out, the old Facebook messenger sucks......
  • Do Windows phone 8.1 get latest Facebook messenger?
  • No.
  • So really all 512 ram models of phones are not worth much now! Paper weight.
  • Well, I hope it will allow me to down load it the app. Still keep getting an error.
  • Thats a really odd icon change
  • Windows 10 at this point is a strange platform with devs doing strange things. 1. Some refuse to develop for Win platform (this is what you get when Linux kids grow up and get to develop stuff) 2. MS has the crazy idea to have different dev teams that develop stuff on different platforms ( It`s logical to do so) but having more features on the competing OS. 3. Devs like Facebook that choose PC for their first iteration of apps instead of mobile, I get it that they went for the platform that has the most users but on PC with mouse it`s kinda redundant for using Facebook trough 2 apps instead of only 1 under browser. I do however use the Win central App on PC rather than the browser one.
  • Why did they think it is more useful for PC than mobile?
  • Now we need a new app for our phones because the old one is, well... old and outdated at the least.
  • Hope they'll add live tile showing the very recent message like live tiles in 8.1 on phones..
  • The current 8.1 version everyone is using is soo crappy
    ...its when I'm multitasking, it always shows Sync'ing '.... Sometimes it even fails to sync.... And it doesn't having a calling feature