Survival-based Fade to Silence forces you to endure an endless winter on consoles and PC

In Fade to Silence, players survive as Ash, a natural leader who must battle monsters and extreme elements in a post-apocalyptic environment blanketed in an endless winter. The game's Early Access launch will introduce players to the concept of how a simple mission is more like a proper expedition.

The gameplay revolves around collecting materials, upgrading equipment, building your camp, and defending yourself against supernatural creatures. However, the environment is your biggest enemy because players will constantly struggle to traverse the dynamic snow which alters the landscape. Not only do you risk the chance of getting lost, but you may also not be able to see where you're going if there's a blizzard!

In a statement issued to the press, Reinhard Pollice, the Business and Product Development Director at THQ Nordic, said the following about Fade to Silence's harsh gameplay.

We have long sought to expand the THQ Nordic portfolio with a survival game that truly elevates the genre. Fade to Silence recreates the many dynamics of a harsh winter climate, delivering a new level of intensity to the survival experience. During the Early Access phase, the intense story of Fade to Silence will unfold, finally revealing what is behind the corruption the hero is fighting.

Fade to Silence is currently in development for PC and current-generation consoles at Black Forest Games. According to the publisher, the game is launching on Steam Early Access on December 14, 2017 for $29.99. We don't have confirmation on when it's going to launch on current-generation consoles as of now.

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Asher Madan

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