Fall Creators Update now covers 85 percent of Windows 10 PCs, AdDuplex says

AdDuplex has released its monthly report for February, giving us another look at how the Fall Creators Update rollout process is going. According to the report, the Fall Creators Update is now on a total of 85 percent of Windows 10 PCs. That pushes higher the healthy majority that the Fall Creators Update achieved when it hit just under 75 percent coverage in January.

It's not entirely surprising to see 85 percent coverage at this point, as Microsoft announced the Fall Creators Update had hit full availability in early January. Since its release, the Fall Creators Update has appeared to enjoy a sharper rate of adoption than its predecessors, but the 10 percent jump over the past month is slower than the 20 percent jump we saw between December and January. While a release date isn't available for it just yet, we are drawing closer to the public release of Windows 10's next big update, codenamed Redstone 4, so the rollout process will soon start all over again.

FCU Coverage

In terms of past releases, AdDuplex's numbers show that the Windows 10 Creators Update is now at 8.1 percent coverage, while the Anniversary Update and Windows 10 version 1511 are at 5.1 percent and one percent, respectively. Meanwhile, version 1507 is currently at half a percent, where it has remained for the past few months.

AdDuplex also highlights other interesting tidbits, such as the Fall Creators Update's coverage by country. "In some countries (Canada, Germany, The Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, etc.) FCU has over 90% market share," AdDuplex says. "In other countries (China, India, and others) it's still in the 60% range. But the majority is around the global 85% mark."

Surface Numbers

The report offers a peek at the distribution of various Surface devices as well. The most popular Surface continues to be the Surface Pro 4, which makes up a 34.6 percent share of Surface devices when measured by usage, according to the report. The Surface Pro 3 isn't far behind at 19.6 percent coverage, and the Surface Pro (2017) follows up in third with 13.3 percent coverage. Curiously, the Surface Laptop, which debuted in 2017, is stuck at two percent, AdDuplex says.

Keep in mind that AdDuplex's numbers are based on a sampling of 5,000 Windows Store apps that make use of its SDK. Actual figures likely differ, but these monthly reports are handy for tracking trends. The numbers for the February report were collected on February 20.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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