Fallout 4 achieves native 4K resolution on Xbox One X

The description just said "4K" support with "dynamic resolution". Many gamers assumed this was a checkerboarded or upscaled solution like the 1440p 30 FPS target on PlayStation 4 Pro. However, that's not the case and the game manages to achieve native 4K almost all the time on Xbox One X. Even when it dynamically scales down the resolution to maintain 30 FPS, it only does so on the horizontal axis so the game looks crisp even during these drops.

Digital Foundry conducted a detailed analysis on Fallout 4 for Xbox One X today where they discovered that even during taxing moments the game only dropped down to 3264 by 2160 pixels. In comparison, native 4K is 3840 by 2160 pixels. This is orders of magnitude better than the target resolution of 1440p (2560 by 1440 pixels) on Sony's machine. This means that the Xbox One X version should look crisper on a 4K display. There are other enhancements like better lighting and god rays but they're similar across the Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro.

It's great to see developers take advantage of the 1.8 teraflops difference between the two machines to push higher resolutions on Microsoft's device. Hopefully even more game makers will do this in the future as they become even more familiar with the console.

In Fallout 4, as the sole survivor of Vault 111, you enter a world destroyed by nuclear war. Every second is a fight for survival, and every choice is yours. Only you can rebuild and determine the fate of the Wasteland. Be sure to check out the game if you like open world shooters and role-playing titles.

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Asher Madan

Asher Madan handles gaming news for Windows Central. Before joining Windows Central in 2017, Asher worked for a number of different gaming outlets. He has a background in medical science and is passionate about all forms of entertainment, cooking, and antiquing.

  • The next generation consoles form MS and Sony will bring a drastic leap in performance. The CPU is still the bottleneck on PS4 Pro and OneX (Assassin's Creed, Just Cause 3, GTA..). Actually the Jaguar CPU is not that much better than on last gen. The only big difference is the GPU. Especially for PS4 Pro and the 6tp monster OneX. And for the next generation AMD has Ryzen. This paired with a powerful GPU will bring us games like never before. Richer and bigger worlds, more NPCs, more physics and 60fps. A much bigger leap than between 360 and XboxOne which was basically just better visuals. Can't wait for that. Until then I'll stay with my DayOne XboxOne.
  • You stick with the old box that has games it can hardly run at times with a controller that begins to cut out after 10 feet when the battery is even halfway low. I will enjoy my better performing games (such as quicker load times), controllers that don't disconnect, and super crisp visuals on my 4k set. When this new groundbreaking generation comes, I will upgrade to that and enjoy it too.
  • If it only was a true 4k.4096 pixels.not 3840.but hey,somebody has to buy it 😊
  • ZOMG there 200 less pixels on my screen!!! What am I ever going to do!?!
  • ~500,000 pixels actually. Just saying. 4K delivers over 8,000,000 pixels.
  • So what, we were talking in significant digits? Oh well, a videophile I am not anyway.
  • but TVs doesn't have real 4K too.
  • That's not entirely true. The industry standard definition for UHD 4K is in fact 3840x2160 or just 2160p. 4096x2160 is for ultra wide 4K but the vast majority of displays out there be it monitors, TV's, or movie theater screens are in a 16:9 aspect ratio which is exactly 3840x2160 whereas your resolution is for 1.9:1 aspect ratios and therefore not suitable for 16:9 aspect ratios which is the industry standard right now. So for all intents and purposes, the Xbox One X does output true native 4K when games run at 3840x2160.
  • Actually cinema tends to be 4096x2160,because that is the resolution of 4K video camera's. But otherwise you are correct.
  • It renders the same number of pixels as the "4k" television it is connected to has. Don't blame Microsoft for the fact that "4k" TVs are only 3840 pixels wide.
  • Really glad devs are taking advantage of the improved visuals and performance. May have to pick this up now that I have a One X.
  • I would love to play Nier Automata on the One X.
  • But in some areas of the game the frame rate now dips LOWER than it did on regular Xbox One, especially with mods enabled. I really wish Microsoft and developers would wake up and realize 99% of us care far more about frame rate than pixels. They should put a 'Performance or Visuals' option in every one of these 'Enhanced' games like they did with Gears 4. As it is I now have to play Fallout 4 with a less stable and generally lower frame rate than I did BEFORE I downloaded the Xbox One X patch.
  • @Sardelich - Oh dear, someone doesn't understand resolutions.
  • Another game where sony suffer/xbox better (choose what u prefer more)...its already classic;)