Far Cry 5 gets 'New Game +' and 'Infamous' modes

Far Cry 5
Far Cry 5 (Image credit: Ubisoft)

Far Cry 5 is an open-world shooter which tasks you with taking down a cult. The game takes place in the United States and features one of the most bizarre stories in any title to date. However, many gamers have stated in the past that the game just wasn't challenging enough. Luckily, Ubisoft heard those complaints and today introduced an "Infamous" difficulty setting alongside a "New Game +" option.

Infamous difficulty is the ultimate challenge because enemies have more health, hit harder, and react quickly to your presence. Completing the game on Infamous will get you the "Rook" outfit which is quite stylish. However, get ready for a world of hurt before you reach the end because you can't resist a barrage of bullets anymore.

Just like other games, New Game + allows you to carry over all of your weapons and progress towards a new game. Starting with advanced weapons and abilities, you can relieve the adventure, but do so by effectively being "Rambo". It's quite a lot of fun because you feel like the one-man army.

New Game + and Infamous difficulty are now available in Far Cry 5 on Xbox One and other platforms. The download rolled out to users a day ago so you may already have it.

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