Far Cry New Dawn's story trailer witnesses the return of 'The Prophet'

The following article contains spoilers about Far Cry 5. If you haven't reached the end, all you need to know is that Ubisoft is releasing a post-apocalyptic sequel called Far Cry New Dawn soon. You shouldn't watch the trailer if you want to avoid spoilers.

If you've finished Far Cry 5, you know that it ends in disaster. If you choose to arrest "The Prophet," then a string of nuclear explosions occur around the world and the planet is plunged into chaos. Recently, Ubisoft revealed another Far Cry game at The Game Awards 2018. The teaser seemed to indicate that it was a direct sequel to Far Cry 5, but we weren't entirely sure because none of the old characters made an appearance.

However, that changed today. Ubisoft just released a new trailer for Far Cry New Dawn. The trailer depicts the desperation of the people who survived the nuclear apocalypse, and the uneasy alliances they have to make in order to counter a new threat. Oddly enough, The Prophet is back and he looks remarkably similar to when we last saw him. It's unclear if your character is also the same. How many years has it been since the bombs fell? Far Cry New Dawn should answer all of those questions. The video below should help, too.

Considering that Fallout 76 has been criticized for being broken and visually-dated at launch, Far Cry New Dawn seems like it might hit the high notes. However, with Rage 2 around the corner, it seems like the post-apocalyptic space is going to be overcrowded in the near future, especially because both game look so similar when it comes to their visuals and personalities.

Hopefully Far Cry New Dawn won't end on a cliffhanger like Far Cry 5. This story needs to be wrapped up in a conclusive way so that we can all look forward to Far Cry 6. Lastly, I wonder if Hurk will make an appearance.

Asher Madan

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