Rage 2 for Xbox One: Everything we know so far

The studio Bethesda is bringing back Rage for a sequel. The unique first-person shooter (FPS) first debuted in 2011. Rage 2 is more chaotic and edgier than ever, fully embracing its post-apocalyptic setting filled with crazed survivors and outlandish action. Expected to further define the series's character, it could be a promising revival after its predecessor's mixed reception. While details on the game are limited, we rounded up what to expect from Bethesda's fresh direction for Rage 2.

Rage 2 story

Rage 2 is primarily developed by id Software, the same team behind the original Rage. Avalanche Studios is also supporting the project, known for its work on Just Cause and most notably, 2015's Mad Max video game. With Rage 2's wacky wasteland similar to the world of Mad Max, the studios behind the project are a fitting duo.

The early stages of Rage 2's reveal kicked off in May when a teaser trailer followed a premature Walmart Canada listing. Embracing a quirky persona of neon colors and bizarre post-apocalyptic figures, early footage marks a significant departure from the original's dark, uninspired tones.

Little is known about Rage 2's narrative. However, it builds off the same initial premise of the first game. After an asteroid hits Earth and leaves the population dwindling, survivors and tribes fight for their place in the hostile ruins. As Walker, the last Ranger of the wasteland and a threat to their power, you'll need to fight to restore sanity to the world.

Rage 2 gameplay

Rage 2 has also received a brief gameplay trailer, providing a better insight of what to expect from the final game. Its adrenaline-fuelled montage of combat, towering mutants, and vehicular mayhem undeniably looks like Rage, sharing themes with existing lore.

First-person shooter gameplay was the original Rage's main focus, though the game also featured deep vehicle-based combat, racing, and customization. Vehicles play a prominent role in the Rage 2's early footage, too, with improvements upon these systems expected. However, don't expect its vehicle-focused multiplayer to make a return – at least not without some major overhauls.

Rage 2 release date and pricing

Bethesda isn't committing to a release date for Rage 2, beyond an expected release window of 2019. As the year progresses, expect the publisher to commit to a tighter timeframe.

Preorders for the game are live across select retailers, including Amazon and GameStop, priced at $59.99. Early adopters who preorder will gain access to an exclusive "Cult of the Death God" mission, the Settler's Pistol, Nicolas Raine Armor, and a monster truck. As more retailers post listings, we'll update this post.

What's next for Rage 2?

Following a brief reveal and gameplay teaser, Bethesda is gearing up for its presence at E3 2018 in Los Angeles in June. The publisher has scheduled its press conference for 9:30 PM ET (6:30 PM PT) on June 11, where a deeper dive will be broadcast.

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