Bethesda possibly teases Rage 2 ahead of reveal [updated]

Rage might be getting a sequel. A few days ago, Walmart Canada allegedly leaked a series of games like "Forza Horizons 5" among others. While the majority of them — like Forza Horizons 5 — appear to be nonsensical, other games like "Rage 2" also made an appearance.

Updated May 14, 2018: A teaser trailer for Rage 2 leaked online ahead of the game's reveal.

Since then, Bethesda has been posting images which can be attributed to a sequel. Instead of the bleak world of the first game, it seems like Rage 2 might adopt a neon aesthetic filled with bright splotches of color in dusty environments. This would be a great way to separate the franchise from the company's own Fallout series.

Just like any such teaser, treat it with a grain of salt until we have official confirmation. For all we know, Bethesda might be pulling off an elaborate prank just to get back at Walmart Canada's bizarre listing. We've reached out to the publisher for comment and shall update you as soon as we get a response.

Rage is a first-person shooter which takes place in a post-apocalyptic future. Following a catastrophic asteroid impact, Earth is in ruin and numerous individuals are put into underground hibernation. Unfortunately, events don't go according to plan and the surface is overrun by mutants and an oppressive organization known as "The Authority". Luckily, you're stronger and faster than everyone else so it falls upon you to set things straight.

Rage is backward compatible on Xbox One so be sure to give it a go. It's a thrilling experience and the visuals hold up well.

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