Far Cry Primal is part of this week's Deals with Gold

Microsoft's Larry Hryb has revealed what titles are to be included in this week's Deals with Gold. Far Cry Primal is part of the open-world adventure series by Ubisoft, the company's most valued franchises and will be available at a discounted price. Should you sport an active Xbox Live Gold subscription, you'll be able to take full advantage of these weekly promotions.

As well as the Deals with Gold listings, this week's compilation also includes a spotlight sale. You can find all the Xbox titles below and this week's Deals with Gold will last until October 10.

Xbox One

Xbox 360

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  • Tempted by some of the Ubisoft titles, but still a little expensive for Far Cry Primal in my opinion. However - I really recommend Rainbow Six Siege if you're yet to try it!
  • Hey Windows Central guys! You should put the price alongside the percent off also. Just an idea. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Nah, they used to but it was annoying for people like myself in another region, better to put the percentage.
  • Nice deals. When a game I have considered getting goes under £20 digital it's pretty much a no-brainer for me at that price. May as well add it to my collection!
  • I wish the splinter cells were backwards compatible. 
  • How us primal? I almost feel like FC has been going down more and more since the first one. I know it has more to do and better graphics each time, but they still end up feeling like something is missing.
  • I haven't played any of the previous Far Cry games. Don't love FPS. But Primal was quite fun. Only downside is maybe not enough boss battles as they were super fun :)
  • I had never played any Far Cry games prior to 4. I really enjoyed it a lot. However, it did get a bit grindy with crafting and annoying with constant side battles to distract you. FC4 was a MAJOR time sink and I've stayed clear of Primal because of that and the caveman survival thing isn't for me. I've heard FC3 is better than FC4 and may pick it up on discount.
  • Far Cry 4 was my favorite Far Cry. Primal gives me no interest. Give me modern weapons and plenty of vehicles to ride not animals to hunt kill and ride while using sticks and stones.