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Fast & Furious 6 takes on the streets of London with new heists for Windows Phone

Fast & Furious 6 brings you the excitement with new heist modes where you earn cash and respect as you race, drift, and drag through the streets of London taking on opponents. Released for Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 8.1, the game allows you to customize and choose from among a variety of licensed cars with stunning graphics.

You can even earn gold and coins through thrilling heists through the game.

Are you ready to take it to the streets of London? Let us know what you think of the game.

Note: The game is also supposed to be available for Windows 8.1, although we have yet to find the link for the Store.

QR: Fast & Furious 6

Thanks to Kyle for the tip.

Chuong Nguyen
Chuong Nguyen

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  • Downloaded this few hrs. Ago its about as easy to play as nfsu
  • Should we get nfsmw :\
  • I'd love playing NFSMW on WP!
  • It's got some awesome graphics, that's for sure.
  • Love that Plymouth Super Bird on the picture...426 HEMI bitch! That's the motor.
  • Better late than never.
  • That's the mentality we, WP users, need!
  • ...
  • :D
  • Finalllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Now I can play tribute for Paul Walker on my WP. R.I.P
  • Rip :(
  • _/\_
  • Rip
  • Pir
  • Where is that 512mb ram support or not logo?
  • At the bottom of the article.
  • ^^^
  • Trying to download the app but something is wrong with the link, it's giving me a error
  • It requires 1gb ram
  • Open the link in the
  • Its nice to have a Nokia Lumia 630!
  • Why are you so pessimistic? The game doesn't support 512 ram
  • Lol
  • No worky.
  • Hmm. Getting a parsing error.
  • Go to store and check, some people are lazy
  • Are you serious? Tell the editor to stop giving links then. By the way already gone through the browser link & downloaded it.
  • Furious 7 trailer is out
  • Yup ;)
  • want more games from kabam come in kabam bring all your games to windows phone.
  • Y not 512mb support.. A 1gb game asphalt 8 supports 512mb and run smoothly and 217mb game cannot?
  • It probably takes a lot of effort to optimize for 512mb devices. And developers probably figure that people with budget phones don't have much money to spend on IAP's anyways.
  • not very good game :/ give us most wanted
  • One reason I hate WP. Some apps and games not supporting 512mb phones. I find it silly
  • Y did they forget 512mb grp??
  • Link to Windows Store:  There you are!
  • Just downloaded this... What a waste, rubbish
  • 512mb sucks!! Happy with 1gb. 920... It does take a lot of efforts to optimize a game for 512mb devices.. Kabam!! U rock!!
  • Its a waste though
  • Not good. Laggy and uninteresting shift press game
  • Horrible to say the least....
  • Frowning on 'no 512 support'... love the race games... Update.... found it on the Surface RT Store...downloading
  • Believe me its better to uninstall this piece of shit
  • I like this game on the Surface RT, runs pretty smooth. Took a little while to get the hang of it, will be playing a lot more... controller support would be great.