Xbox One

Have you somehow managed to destroy your Xbox One power brick in the process of using it as a portable radiator? If so, Microsoft will now issue you with a replacement unit should you have your console registered under warranty and you pass through the Online Service Center. Since winter will soon be approaching, now's a good time to confirm all your heating sources are working properly, right?

Microsoft's Larry Hryb looked into the matter as to why consumers were unable to request a replacement through the Xbox support website. This has now been rectified, as Hryb noted on Reddit:

"Hey gang, I have an update on this. I have worked w/ the Support team and we've enabled the option to purchase additional Xbox One power supply units via I have not had a chance to check it out myself yet - but the team just emailed me to let me know they have added that option to the online tool."

You'll now be able to request a replacement if you're covered under warranty, or purchase additional bricks directly from Microsoft.

Source: Reddit, via: Neowin

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