Flight Control Rocket Alien with a Magnet Avirall Windows Phone Red Stripe Deals

With the appearance of Asphalt 8 as a non-Xbox title, some Windows Phone Xbox fans remain in shock. What better way to cure your ills than with an Xbox game that’s never gone on sale before? That’s exactly what we get with this week’s Xbox Red Stripe Deal: Flight Control Rocket from Electronic Arts. Not bad!

The non-Xbox Red Stripe Deals include indie game An Alien with a Magnet from Rejected Games and stopwatch/productivity app Avirall Time Suite from Pilcrow App Dev. Both cost 99 cents this week. Head past the break for descriptions and Store links!

Flight Control Rocket (Windows Phone 7 and 8)

Regular price: $2.99 Sale price: $.99 Download size: 41 MB Store Link

You’ve probably played the original Flight Control, but maybe you missed its mostly superior sequel. This one switches things to a retro sci-fi setting in which players must help incoming rockets land on a space-faring mothership safely. You do this by drawing paths from each ship to the appropriate runway, all while trying to avoid collisions.

FC Rocket

Not only is FC Rocket way prettier than its forbear, it also offers a lot more gameplay. The three modes each mix the gameplay up in interesting ways, changing up the combo scoring system, bonus rounds, and even mixing in stranded astronauts to rescue. Players can also purchase and equip a variety of robot helpers to customize the gameplay a bit.

The only catch is that FC Rocket’s Achievements are horrendously grindy. The original iOS game allowed users to make IN-App Purchases that would speed them up, but there is no such option on Windows Phone. Still, as I say in our review, if you ignore Achievements this is the best line-drawing game in town.

QR: FC Rocket

An Alien with a Magnet (Windows Phone 8)

Regular price: $1.99 Sale price: $.99 Download size: 46 MB Store Link

Alien with a Magnet

Here’s a slick looking indie game for you. Play as a little alien who uses a magnet to move his ship from place to place, collecting stars and other items. It’s very colorful and features simple one touch controls. George Ponder liked it pretty well.


  • The single touch gameplay will get you started instantly! It’s easy to control but hard to master! Don’t let the cute looks of our Alien fool you!
  • The first exciting new genre, known as an action/arcade/puzzle/adventure/rotating-platformer! (a.k.a. AAPARP)
  • Help our alien to get back to his home planet using the only tool he got working on his spaceship: a magnet.
  • 45+ amazing handcrafted levels filled with an adventure you won’t forget.
  • Fast, Faster, Fastest! Prove your speed in Time Attack! Play the Adventure mode with another mindset!
  • Beautiful high resolution visuals and professional looking artwork throughout the game.
  • Music composed by Waterflame. Known for his work for the critically acclaimed indie title Castle Crashers

QR: An Alien with a Magnet

Avirall Time Suite (Windows Phone 7 and 8)

Regular price: $3.49 Sale price: $.99 Download size: 3 MB Store Link

Avirall Time Suite

There’s no shortage of stopwatch apps for Windows Phone, which can make choosing a single app to use a hassle. Still, if you care about quality, Avirall Time Suite is a great choice. Windows Phone Central’s own Daniel Rubino highly recommends it.


  • Tasks & profiles
  • Mail sharing
  • Multiple projects with multiple tasks, rates, earning, payments and summaries
  • Alarm and notifications for timers
  • Photo sharing
  • Pin TaskTimer to Start screen for instant access
  • Define millisecond precision for individual timekeepers
  • Running timekeepers adjust with current time zone of the device
  • Lots of settings to control app's behavior
  • Image attachments in every timekeeper

QR: Avirall Time Suite