In mid-2013, Nokia and EA Sports released the highly anticipated exclusive – FIFA 13. It was a delight for footy fans since the only soccer title available at the time was Gameloft’s Real Soccer/Real Football 2013, and its previous edition.

The impressive and fully featured game has now shed the exclusive tag and available broadly for all Windows Phone 8 devices.

FIFA 13 is an Xbox game, and is available for Windows Phone 8 devices with 1 GB of RAM. At 951 MB, it’s a heavy one, but the cinematic presentation and visuals make it an immersive, almost console-like experience.

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The game costs $4.99, but there’s a free trial available as well. Download it from the Windows Phone Store here. I know it is 2014 now, and most comments here would be clamoring for FIFA 14, but if you haven’t tried this game yet, you might want to check out our complete review of FIFA 13.