Final Fantasy

The next Final Fantasy is well on its way to both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and now we have a release date. Be sure to pencil September 30 as you'll need to take some time off work or school to power through the upcoming late-night sessions. As an added bonus for die-hard Final Fantasy fans, Square Enix will offer a limited number of "ultra-premium" edition copies, which will include an art book, Play Arts figure, bonus in-game content, steelbook and more.

Square Enix has also released a new demo for the title on both consoles, but this isn't restricted content from the game itself. The company is offering a standalone experience that will showcase how the game will look and play. Also, should you play through both this demo and the full game, you'll be able to unlock some bonuses.

You can also pre-order Final Fantasy XV while you wait:

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