Firmware update brings bug fixes to Xiaomi Mi 4 running Windows 10 Mobile

If you happen to be running the Windows 10 Mobile ROM that was released for the Xiaomi Mi 4 in December, a new firmware update with slew of bug fixes should be on its way to your device soon.

The update was first reported by Chinese blog ITHome, which says the new build contains improvements and fixes for a number of bugs that users encountered with the initial build. Such improvements include new settings for the vibration switch button, improved battery performance, and better camera performance when taking pictures at close range. Users should notice fixes for screen freezing and alarm clock issues, along with syncing problems with Outlook Mail as well.

We should note that we haven't yet seen the update hit our Mi 4, but it should be rolling out now. Let us know in the comments below if you've had any luck with Windows 10 Mobile on the Xiaomi Mi 4, and also be sure to check out our hands-on with Microsoft's Mobile OS running on the handset.

Source:; Via: Nokia Power User

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  • It's about time we had a few more firmware / bug updates for 930's etc. Good to see another device in the mix though. Yay. First time
  • Hoping the Mi 5 is release with Win10M as a native option. Feb 24th is the announcement. Windows Central going?
  • I agree. I wouldn't know how to install a custom rom. Really hoping they have a W10 variant and it wont be a bloody unicorn announced but never found anywhere.
  • Usually OEMS make their own firmware, so if Xiaomi did the job for this one it's very likely that they will do for the new one also!
  • I hear you. I wish they'd still make improvements to the 1520.
  • WM10 on my a charm
  • Me too.... would like some more tweaks to battery usage still get two days though.
  • Mine too
  • My 930 hasn't received any firmware updates. I really want one to fix the damn heating issues! It burns like hell ever since I bought it and it got worse after Windows 10!!
  • I'm on 8.1 and couldn't care less about w10m..
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  • We need fixes...and new features for lumia 950 and xl hope the new os 75 comes to non insider also
  • So Xiaomi releases a firmware update for their phone before AT&T OK's a month old firmware for the 950? :( yes, i know 1 has NOTHING to do with the other....
  • Xiaomi is an OEM and not a Carrier...
  • I want to test this phone.
  • Buy one
  • And gift another to me
  • You are so selfish... Get one for me as well ;)
  • And me also!
  • eBay is your friend. That or a number of Asian stores.
  • or handtec in the UK
  • Honorbuy seems legit
  • Make the firmware for the redmi note 3 and I'm all over it
  • Yeah, that darn most affordable ones with serious hardware. I'm on it on the next upgrade besides of Lumia 950.
  • What about the Mi4W? The non-LTE version? No win10mo for that yet I assume.. 
  • I bought a used one on eBay for $150US. There's much to like about it. There's also some major drawbacks like no 4G in the US, and I cant get any pay streaming video services to work (Netflix, Flixster, Movies & TV app) The camera is pretty bad compared to a 1520 or 1020, especially when the auto focus is constantly hunting. That said, the build quality is great, and the SD 801 w/3Gb ram makes the phone feel snappy. I've yet to get any firmware update.
  • HTC One M8 for Windows needs a firmware update.
  • That's true Ticomfreak, we need it! However I think will be difficult, HTC don't even think about upgrading the 8x..
  • If i didn't see that "mi" in the corner would have sworn it was the 950
  • why the **** you cant manufacture a phone alone with win 10 in it instead flashing rom such a pathetic condition.
  • If you want the firmware update, you can find it on the MIUI forum.  Its very easy to reflash.  Unfortunately it didn't solve my problem with DRM videos, but the camera focuses better, and the alarm is louder.  For me, if I can't watch videos even over wifi, its a NO-GO.  I'll be reflashing back to MIUI by the end of the day.
  • Nice OS but untill sound is very weak and quality too and NEARBY NUMBERS app wil not remove from rom i'm not install it again. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android