First Look: Making phone calls using Your Phone on Windows 10 (video)

Your Phone companion
Your Phone companion (Image credit: Windows Central)

Microsoft's Your Phone app can already relay text messages, sync notifications, and share images between your phone and your PC, but soon it will gain the ability to make phone calls. Microsoft confirmed that the feature is on the way during Galaxy Unpacked 2019. The feature will roll out in the future, but we managed to get a first-look and to go hands-on with the new feature.

With the Your Phone app you can dial a number or search your contacts to make a call. In our hands-on, we couldn't show off viewing call history, but that feature will be available in the future.

The feature was first spotted on Twitter by Ajith.

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Your Phone treats your PC as a Bluetooth peripheral to make calls. The UI on the PC has a number pad and a button that allows you to transfer your call from your PC to your Android phone.

Thanks to @thebookisclosed for helping us get the feature working!

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  • This seems to have the functionality of Skype with its ability to do texting and calls. No video yet. I'm wondering if I should just not mess with Skype now except for video.
  • Skype is over Wi-Fi, your phone is most likely over a cellular network. Thus there is still a use for Skype. But it would be nice if you could use Google Duo from your phone on your PC.
  • This is pretty cool, I wonder if it will work with calls from Whatsapp or Messenger.
  • I'm glad to see this feature finally being worked on and rolled out soon. Once this feature is available. I would like to see a compare and contrast video with Dell's Phone connect app and Your Phone app, once the phone call feature is rolled out.
  • I guess all the interesting features are Android only, huh?
  • I think this is because iPhone is heavily locked down, until Apple loosen those control a bit, developers can only do as much as they are allowed.
  • Which makes the lack of a windows based mobile device even more galling imo.
  • Cool but cannot really see me using it. A bit pointless.
  • It has it's uses because of cellular network availability from the phone and Apps abundance, the least is probably ease of use when actually working on a PC where you do not need to grab your phone to respond to events, all which you can do same time on the PC while the phone is left in your pocket, bag or table (Must be nearby or proximity of the BT range)
  • Will someone share the steps to enable the non-final version that was demo shown in this video?
  • How are they going to shun the Google Pixel (all versions) ? Can't wait to get these features :)
  • Folks it's now time for Microsoft to make a full Android smartphone. It wont sell as well as
    others but Microsoft needs to have a Business Phone for it's "Enterprise" & Institutional
    Customers.It should even have "Tiles" but only Tiles that have data "THAT UPDATES
    WITHIN THE TILE" other wise the user would see regular Android icons on their Microsoft
    Android smart phone.
    this would go great for a lot of people
  • Fair point, but no. It simply unravels everything Microsoft has done to unify the shell, the core, the kernel, the codebase, the store - pretty much everything. They might have just throw everything out the window and sell up shop to Google at that point.
  • *Yawn* Years later, they are still only saying they will have useful features on this app. I tried it a while back and it was essentially useless.
  • That's because you can only do so much when you are constantly shuffled around and have restricted resources to work with. We've seen that play out countless times with other teams i.e. Cortana.
  • It would have been funny if Dan just hanged up the phone on Zac LOL.
  • Sounds like what I've been using for a decade , it's called Google Voice
  • another usefull feature!