First pics of a Lenovo S2 Windows Phone appear. Headed for China?

Wait...wait...did we just write first pics of a Lenovo Windows Phone? Lenovo, last we checked, isn't on board with Windows Phone. But guess what? Here are shots of such a device. Actually, it was rumored back in December 2010 that Microsoft was in talks with Lenovo to join the Windows Phone crowd for China.

So we guess that worked out.

The images you see are of the "S2", one of reportedly two Windows Phones Lenovo are supposedly working on. No details on specs, but it looks very Samsung Focus-ish, which we suppose is a good thing. This will probably be sporting lower-end specs, like a 1GHz CPU and possibly 4GB of storage to keep costs down. But then again, it is clearly sporting a front facing camera, so perhaps not.

We should also note that the Windows keys are barely visible, if at all, which cause us to have a little caution on these shots. Then again, this could be an early prototype and not yet complete. We'll try to find out more...

Source:; Thanks, talan1314, for the tip!

Daniel Rubino

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  • Even this one clearly targeted to the pay-as-you-go market has a FFC and Nokia 800 doesn't...But it seems to be a great addition to the WP7 lineup
  • Because the rest of the specs are lower end they can afford to add a FFC while still keeping the costs low.
  • And... the 800 specs are higher, so they couldn't afford to keep the FFC while still keeping the costs at a premium?lol
  • @ymala1...Nokia is a premium brand and they use premium materials :) Besides, where did you expect Nokia to put the ffc in the amount of time that they had without doing an overhaul on the internal design of the phone? Capacitive buttons or keep the ffc where it was?Doesn't matter anyway because Lumia 800 will sell very well. the Lenovo, hopefully, will springboard WP to the paygo demographic.
  • Just exactly how is 710 more premium than Samsung Focus or Htc HD7s?
  • Epic. This will clash with Nokia's, ZTE's, and HTC's interest in China. Lenovo will most likely clash with ZTE and Nokia with HTC.If Nokia can be as usual and bring good design, it will mop away the competition. In Asia, it's highly likely Lenovo will focus on China, its home market. Nokia focuses on South East Asia and India. HTC will be spread thin in many markets unless it changes direction. ZTE will try to hold into its clutch in China while trying to conquer new market withs its low tier phone before upping the ante.What is interesting is what Samsung will do. It has already invested heavily on Android and promoting its own market and hiring many in many Asian countries where it has strong to very strong presence. Its flagship device model has not changed much WP7 or Android wise.It has further dilemma. Its Bada OS has strong foothold. To succeed abroad, it needs strong domestic support to have sizable user base so that there will be apps unique to them. However, in doing so they will reduce Bada OS influence and put it under sizable risk should the Nokia-MS alliance make Nokia too powerful in high end smart phone market where Samsung has been gaining momentum everywhere.Samsung and HTC has been playing double side. Let's see when Apollo arrives, they may choose side.
  • I think the major problem regarding Samsung+WP7 is the mandatory Qualcomm SoC.Samsung has their own SoCs, so I understand their "negligence" with WP7, and to be honest I think they are doing too much considering this fact.I wish MS allowed anothers SoCs to be used on WP7 as they told at the beginning.
  • Sweet Phone design.
  • @Winterfang...I like the look of this phone as well - it's different.
  • How is this phone different?!?!? It looks just like the Samsung Focus, minus the chrome wrap on the sides.