First pics of a Lenovo S2 Windows Phone appear. Headed for China?

Wait...wait...did we just write first pics of a Lenovo Windows Phone? Lenovo, last we checked, isn't on board with Windows Phone. But guess what? Here are shots of such a device. Actually, it was rumored back in December 2010 that Microsoft was in talks with Lenovo to join the Windows Phone crowd for China.

So we guess that worked out.

The images you see are of the "S2", one of reportedly two Windows Phones Lenovo are supposedly working on. No details on specs, but it looks very Samsung Focus-ish, which we suppose is a good thing. This will probably be sporting lower-end specs, like a 1GHz CPU and possibly 4GB of storage to keep costs down. But then again, it is clearly sporting a front facing camera, so perhaps not.

We should also note that the Windows keys are barely visible, if at all, which cause us to have a little caution on these shots. Then again, this could be an early prototype and not yet complete. We'll try to find out more...

Source:; Thanks, talan1314, for the tip!

Daniel Rubino

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