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First wave of Windows 10 preview for phone likely to include HTC One, Lumia 1020, Lumia 1520

Microsoft is increasingly fine-tuning its plans for the Technical Preview of Windows 10 for phones. Due sometime this month, the early release software is testing internally at Microsoft, having gone beyond the tightly lipped Operating Systems Group (OSG) recently.

Microsoft's Joe Belfiore tweeted yesterday on some aspects of the initial tech preview including that there is a limited batch of phone models eligible for the update, support for 512 MB devices (including the Lumia 520) and plans still for a February release. Now, some internal data has confirmed at least some of the phones that Windows 10 for mobile is currently working on.

Presently, the HTC One (M8) for Windows, Lumia 1020, and Lumia 1520 are all being used internally by Microsoft to test Windows 10. Of course, this is not the full list of phones. The list is just a partial one of users who have identified their phones using the feedback system built into Windows 10 preview. As expected, the initial batch of phones eligible for the Windows 10 preview are likely to be newer and high-end e.g. Lumia 830, Lumia 930, etc.

This is the good news.

The bad news is more the obvious part: this is an early release, with plenty of bugs. Windows 10 preview for phones is not like the Preview for Developers Program with finalized builds for OEMs and carriers. Instead, this is beta software. Some of the bugs identified by users with the phone edition and using the Feedback app include:

  • WP10 seems to drain battery very fast, and it gets the device hot with simple things like phone calls 
  • Animations are not smooth  
  • HTC One M8 you cannot hide the on-screen buttons and they are above app bars and the keyboard 
  • Glance screen does not work on WP10 (for HTC One, at least)
  • Quiet Hours turns alarms off 

The point of Microsoft testing this release internally is to identify and fix these bugs as soon as possible, based on a priority system. As such, when Windows 10 for phones goes out to the public, some of these things may have been already fixed. Seeing how the sausage is made is not always pretty.

These (and other) bugs do raise the question though if you should install Windows 10 on your primary phone. At this time, the answer is looking a lot like the one for Windows 10 on PC meaning it is probably not a good idea, at least not the first round. Although the core of the OS is there, many bugs may make Windows 10's initial preview for phone a non-starter for some users.

Thanks, Jesse Leskinen, for the info!

Daniel Rubino
Executive Editor

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • I thought it was released xD
  • Well this should be expected since since its in early builds .!! Best part is even after 2years my 720 will still be getting the update ...;)
  • How can you be so sure? Even I am worried that will my 620 will get the final update our not. As both the devices comes in low memory category.
  • Well microsoft is surely trying on the fact to get there all devices update to w10 .!! Plus majority of WP phones are low memory to have a good customer base and promote the w10 it is imp. To update since WP aint a completely established platform . Its is on stages to be so m sure ;)
  • Perhaps its the statement by Microsoft confirming that "all windows phones currently running windows 8 or later will get the update" but that's just a guess :)
  • Didn't we here this type of lies with denim? Remember the phones like the 1520, icon, and 930 were to be updated first since they would benefit the most.
  • Point taken tbh. But I doubt that'll be the case over here as prioritizing is an entirely different scenario where as dropping the update support for a phone is entirely different. I guess owning a 720 along side my 730 and 930 I'll be happy to eventually get some of the extracts suitable for my device be it timed later onward than to not receive them at all. But that's just my opinion. :)
  • just unleash the os  ms.. You are taking way to long again..Btw where is my denim?
  • Your opinion is appreciated, carry on.
  • Isn't Denim A firmware release?  My understanding is that the phone has to have specific hardware to take advantage of the improvements Denim brings.  It would therefore be pointless to put it on my 920 since it doesn't have the specific hardware it's looking for.  Denim is like the BIOS or EFI on your computer, you don't have to have the most recent version flashed to load and use the newest Windows.
  • There is also the fact the mayhap its the hardware restrictions for some of the features, but other than that there is also the stability improvements, also might be limited to a certain devices but I did see alot of those stability and performance enhancements with the Lumia 720 on denim. :)
  • Yes, denim is firmware, only enhances some phones, 1520, etc, but denim may help with 10 regarding background stuff, just guessing at this part.
  • every lumia phone will get it, the first preview will be supporting a limited batch of devices, including a few 512mb models
  • Most of Windows phones have low memory. If they want to release W10 I'm sure all low-end devices get updated ;)
  • Personally, I'm sticking with WP8 until I can confirm that W10 on PC and tablet is a goer. Currently, it is not looking good as it forces my desktop to use loads of legacy elements when I want to work in a Metro world unless I choose to launch the legacy desktop. I certainly don't want to end up with 10 on my phone and 8 on everything else, so 10 on phones is entirely dependent on 10 everywhere else for me. So, no preview needed on the phone until 10 is proven to be a sequel to 8 rather than a reboot.
  • I am getting for my 520 :D
  • +520 :)
  • +520 FTW!
  • +520
  • You're still getting updates cause MS has a contract to all Wp8-8.1 2 years of 100% support, this is te last year:)
  • Man, as long as they don't brick my phone....
  • Hue.
  • Racism....
  • Those are sure some crazy bugs
    .. Hmm. I think ill take the risk.
  • The sooner we jump on it the sooner the official release will come out with features we will approve and like.
  • Happy that my L520 will get it. Otherwise I had to install it on my 730. Not going to take risks though!
  • That's a good point. Being an early adopter and being some of the first people outside of MS providing feedback is very important. But man, my M8 is my daily driver. I don't know if I can go without being able to hide the on-screen buttons.
  • My 1020 iz waitinG ;-)
  • Make it for Lumia 1320 too.... It is also a good phone.
  • It will be there, but not at the moment. :)
  • It was the second fastest phone when 1520 released (october 2013) with its 1,72 ghz dual core s4 and dual channel 1gb ram. If it had the 6,7 mp zeiss cam which in 720 it would be the most awesomenest midrange phablet
  • Looking at the bugs I don't think I'll be installing it on my device as soon as it is released...will definitely wait for the response of other users...I don't want to screw my only windows phone :|
  • How others do the same. There is enough complaining as it is today.
  • Fortunately, I have both the 1520 and HTC One M8. I plan to drop it on my 1520. My hope is that it doesn't damage the main functionality which is to make phone calls. I don't expect it will but S happens.
  • I'm not accepting email invite I like my phone to much lol
  • I dnt wana install it on my 1320 rather wait for something better i updated to cyan my battery drains very fast how much more with a buugy software
  • There was an update for the battery drain with cyan through the PFD.
  • I did update but still if i want my batter to last for a day i have to put it on batter saver the last option that says always( limits funtionality) i duno what happened
  • To me it sounds like an app check your apps, if you go into battery saver & swipe right you can check majority of app usage,it might help
  • Whatsaap has the most usage bt wen i was using dev preview my battery used to last fo such a long time even if m using whatsapp then updated Cyan n ma battery drains like nothing even on battersaver
  • disable background tasks you don't need. some drain battery while not opened and you might not even use them. also you can disable options like feedback and such that will send data, and other options you might not need at the moment. Also battery saver might not be the best to keep your phone with good battery, sometimes I get better battery life without it than with it. there are many ways to avoid battery draining so fast. I would check battery usage and see what's using most of your battery.   but that's me. good luck with that
  • Thanks il try that
  • Same feelings bro..its one of the best mid range phablet...proud and happy to own it!! :) And WP10 is coming for it too!    
  • Hurry up! MS!
  • Ummmmmm, this isn't something they should rush.....
  • Agreed 100 percent. We did a hurry up before and got Vista.
  • Vista=cringe-worthy. Windows 10 for phones will be a measured process... As it should be
  • They didn't even notice alarms not working during quiet hours until they released it outside of OSG. This implies their testing process is complete rubbish. Hell, I wonder what time Microsoft employees bother to wander in to work, considering also the Band sleep mode also blocks alarms from buzzing you awake. Is anyone there in the development of these things actively using their own stuff? To have some SQL Server guy need to give them feedback to fix their alarms is disturbing. Can't wait for the bricked devices due to bitlocker bug or other random stuff. Get the popcorn guys.
  • Lol!... Woooooah Nelly❗❗❗❗ Now, as much as I like being hard in MS I will give them this... They do release products that do work quite nice....
    In most cases.
  • Rather wait... Then a buggy OS (even though this is a preview)
    If they rush instead of having some glitches it will be buggy as hell
  • But what if after waiting also we get a buggy OS?
  • But if you wait then you can get a more useful os rather than have a phone that has more crippling bugs. Remember they are releasing this to the public to use if they want to try it and help them figure out what some issues are. This is not a consumer ready release so there will still be bugs just like the current Windows10 to.
  • Then don't install it yet.... Lol.
  • Hope 520 is in first batch as I don't want to install it on 1520.
  • 730 is in? :S
  • I too want I for my Lumia 730 as fast as possible
  • With 1020 on the list, can we assume that most devices with s4 will be in the first wave?
  • Hope that's the case the 820 920 and 1020 are pretty close to being identical
  • 1020 has 2GB of ram, processor is the same than L920.
  • I think the issue is more RAM thank cpu. But i do expect 1GB and above devices to receive this.
  • That would be great news for my 925
  • The 2GB RAM will play into it, but the S4 phones at 1GB should be fine. It has spread been stated that the 512MB phones will have a downgraded experience
  • The 2GB RAM will play into it, but the S4 phones at 1GB should be fine. It has already been stated that the 512MB phones will have a downgraded experience
  • Hooooray ^__^
  • That's how I felt. I was getting a little worried they forgot about the 41 mp beast
  • That is good news. My 1020 is sitting on the shelf waiting for the preview while my 920 continues to be my daily driver. Looking forward to testing it out!
  • Shouldn't it be the other way around???
  • Nope. The last major update causes the 1020 to lock up multiple times per day. There was a story not too long ago that it was a known issue and would be fixed in a future update but I've yet to see a fix for it. sits unused while my trusty 920 continues to work like a champ.
  • I have a 1020, I'm using my 1020 right now as my daily phone. No problems over here.
  • I too see this problem as well. Phone is very sluggish at the moment. Do not get me started with the camera speed.
  • Same here, cheers! :-D
  • 1020 working superb here. Retail 8.1 Cyan. 920 in the drawer, working nicely too.
  • Interesting, my 1020 I'd running cry well. No lock UPS here
  • Weird, wife has a 1020 and been 920 has a 3g LTE handoff issue that eats the battery when I drive from work to home, only quits unless I reboot phone or force 3g all the time.
  • Sounds like a carrier or firmware (carrier) issue.
  • Yeah, I know...disable 3g, works fine, or if I have LTE on and stay in area with only LTE (which is about 95% of where I go, except work), then no still under warranty, sent to Nokia about 7 times and they still don't fix it :( Not sure what to do now, just annoying.
  • Guess lockup issue is hit or miss. My 1020 is working like a dream and will receive the preview. Holding by 920 as backup.
  • My 1020 is working, but since 8.1 I see the Resuming... screen way too often and for too long. With 2GB RAM, I should think there wouldn't be this kind of issue. I've waited upt o two minutes (I counted) for the resuming screen to finally resume an already open app. It's crazy. Everything was so snappy quick on 8.0. I just hope 10 fixes the speed, because I just cannot give up this amazing camera.
  • OMG! I thought it was happening on my 1020 only! Have you experienced that when taking a picture with Lumia Camera, sometimes pictures won't be saved and you get stuck on "Saving..."?
  • You should check a few things (I own a 1020, daily use). This is not a way to request answers, it is a quiet checklist for yourself: Disk space. How much free space do you have? Are there loads of pictures stored on the phone? Perhaps it takes time to load from a huge camera library. Are you on battery saver mode? It usually takes longer to resume if you activate that. Did you ever install the 8.1 preview version? Perhaps there are old "beta" settings on your phone, buried deep down in the system, causing problems. If you use a preview version of 8.1 you might want to factory reset your phone, but ONLY AFTER a full backup of all settings, SMS, pictures, documents, etc. Always make a proper backup to be able to restore the phone, because anything could go wrong.
  • This sucks, I thought it'll be available for everyone to download by the time they release it, just like the preview for developers
  • **its nothing like preview for developers.**
  • Nothing!
  • Nothing.. -Echoes-
  • The developer previews weren't alpha/beta software like Technical Preview will be.
  • palauksim :) svarbiausia, kad isleistu :)
  • Lumia 920 should definitely be on the list
  • I hope so but remember, it's the first one. THE Windows Phone 8. It's very old now a days.
  • It's old..... The best phones go first, as usual.....
    The 1520 is the overall best WP device ever. Followed by the Icon/930...
  • What does that have to do with anything?
  • Use your imagination...
  • I agree. For 1GB phones the 920 still has a good percentage of market share.
  • +920
  • I want the 920 on the list, too. I'd rather risk having that out of commission than my 1020. Of course, I'll put it on my 1020 if that's the only option but I'll miss the best ever, imaging mobile device, if I end up with down time.
  • +920
  • And to all those questioning if the One M8 would get Windows 10.  Now you know.
  • Windows 10 FTW!!
  • FTW Windows 10!!
  • I always expected it, I think it's the lumia crowd that thought it rather than M8 owners. However I'm not using it if you can't hide the navigation buttons, most apps don't resize for them and need to be hidden.
  • huh ! you use titles stop my heart ! 
  • Why wht hapand to glance screen? Its very use full
  • P-r-e-v-i-e-w release. It's alpha/beta software! Not the final release.
  • Because it is not intended as a daily OS, it is for testing and feedback.
  • It's simply due to less RAM on other WPs..!! Let em take time..I'll wait....
    "Early Builds..Early Builds" :P:P
  • Yeah...I'm waiting til there's a more-stable version. I have only one Windows Phone, so I'd rather have it work properly.
  • Yep, the battery drain issue, laginess and other major glitches are a no go for me too. I'll gladly wait a few weeks for a more stable release.
  • They will fix the bugs and then release the app.. So its pretty safe
  • The earlier we jump on it the easier it is to find bugs and fix issues. I'm going to be there on day one
  • Thank you for your sacrifice
  • My pleasure
  • If battery drain is as bad as my having to charge every 8 hours. I'm in.
  • Got to agree. Glad it's getting closer, but I'll wait until the second or third update to be safe.
  • First flagship of WP 8 is 920, I hope preference order will be in my favor.
  • That's expected, I still am looking forward to being a beta tester. As a supporter of Windows Phone from the beginning with the htc HD7 on 1020 is ready. As well as my 8X.
  • +1020 x8
  • +520 x3
  • Headline joke hue hue
  • I don't suppose the Lumia Icon would get this either? Probably because of the particular shade of black that was used to coat the phone isn't compatible with Windows 10? or some bullshit.. I'm sure.
  • +929. We can only hope. That or if we receive denim soon.
  • No glance and hot temp issue is critical for me...
  • I would assume the battery drain and hot temp kinds of issues will be fixed by the time they release a public beta. Glance... Maybe not.
  • Battery drain is crytical
  • I suppose the upside to not being in Wave 1 is that it'll be more refined when it hits my 920 or backup 635!
  • what happened to we build our OS from low end to high end... it seems like it build from high end to low end :x
  • Maybe they are, but those low ends are taking more time to get them working in an acceptable manner.
  • It seems like the storage requirements get bigger & bigger
  • Best news of the day! I was worried about my 1020! :) 
  • Wouldn't it be best to release the technical preview to older devices so people could install it on their spare phones?
  • I hope they're also testing on the Lumia 1030!...
  • Lool Really hope so!
  • Blah blah blah what about the 920.
  • Yeah!!!!
    What about 920!!!!
  • I hope 920 makes it....
    I don't care if my phone self combusts, I want that preview now!!!!
  • Haha this made me laugh. Plus I'm feeling the same way.
  • Battery drains fast.. Bit like 8.1 ;) Still not convinced 920 will get. Will be "has to have denim" to get :)
  • It is not a firmware update -_-
  • I think kinaton is saying that the Win10 (software update) might require denim (firmware version) to run.
  • I'm sitting this one out.
  • Sexxy unibody Lumia1520 is waiting :D
  • That is 1 buggy preview. No Glance :( hope they bring back Glance.
  • till time Windows 10 phones arrives i will get a new phone for myself.
  • "WP10 seems to drain battery very fast, and it gets the device hot with simple things like phone calls"   Well, in that case I'm not even installing it on the 930. The phone already has a miserable battery and resembles a frying pan with WP8.1/Denim...
  • Yes, battery drain is awful on the 930. Try disabling location and motion core, it might help.
    But see it this way: With W10, battery life can't get any worse than it is right now ;)
  • Just turn of whatsapp in background. Your battery performance will be doubled
  • I don't have motion core turned on, nor WhatsApp...nor anything apart from 6tag actually. I only use the phone to occasionally play Xbox games and the battery still sucks. 2400mAh for a 5" 1080p screen is nowhere near enough to sustain the phone.
  • Why did you buy it then? Just saying.
  • Because it was Nokia's last phone for the time being and because I wanted a new phone to use while I waited for Sony to release the Z3C.   But thanks to the plethora of problems that the 930 has, it ended in the Care Centre for over a month and I ended up not using it for over a week as a daily driver before I replaced it with the Z3C.
  • Ok cool
  • Disabling motion core and location got me 18 instead of 10 hours, at least according to battery saver. I'll try that WhatsApp trick, thanks guys!
  • Seeing that 930 and 830 had an almost similar battery was the main reason I chose 830 shunting away SD800/Hey Cortana. What's the use of it if you need to carry the charger all along?
  • "HTC One M8 you cannot hide the on-screen buttons and they are above app bars and the keyboard" This made me giggle. I love bugs that occur during software dev that are just ridiculous (or look ridiculous) - I'm curious what kind of changes were made to get the on-screen buttons to move like that haha Part of me hopes this isn't fixed just to see how odd it looks
  • Aww man, I was ready to take the plunge and put it on my M8, but not being able to hide the on screen buttons is a no go. This is great info though. Thanks for digging this up Malatesta.
  • These are the bugs found during internal testing and will be fixed before it's released.
  • So it's a core OS function? Being that the Lumias that have on-screen keys don't have the ability to hide them, I thought it was HTC specific.
  • I have lumia 620 and I am ready to install windows 10 no matter how buggy it is. :-( Please release it for me
  • +620
  • Since the L1020 is getting the preview and its internals are similar near enough the same as the L