Fluent Icon Pack makes a perfect companion to Microsoft Launcher for Android

Fluent Icon Pack for Android Hero
Fluent Icon Pack for Android Hero (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Fluent Icon Pack is a set of Android icons that take after Microsoft's Fluent Design System.
  • The pack has more than 1,600 icons, and it pairs perfectly with Microsoft Launcher.
  • Fluent Icon Pack is available at Google Play for $1.50.

So, you have Microsoft Launcher set as your default launcher on your Android phone, but you still want to add a little more Microsoft flavor. With Fluent Design becoming all the rage with Microsoft's own apps and services, particularly when it comes to icons, that might be a good place to start. Luckily, there's a third-party icon pack that does just that.

Fluent Icon Pack is a set of icons for Android that bring exactly what the name implies. The developer behind the project has built up icons based on Microsoft's Fluent Design guidelines, and they're quite the eye candy. Even better, there are more than 1,600 icons currently in the pack, which means most, if not all, of the apps installed on your phone should be covered.

Here's a quick look at its features:

  • Over 1640+ vibrant icons.
  • 10 Fluent Design inspired wallpapers from WallpaperHub by Michael Gillett.
  • Dynamic Calendar icons (for Launchers that support this feature) for the following Calendars:
    • aCalendar
    • Google Calendar
    • Today Calendar
    • Default System Calendar
  • Inbuilt feature to send icon requests.
  • New Material Design dashboard.
  • Cloud based Full HD Wallpapers.

Fluent Icon Pack Examples

Source: Mihul Singh (Image credit: Source: Mihul Singh)

Fluent Icon Pack works with a ton of different launchers, but it really shines with Microsoft Launcher. Windows Central executive editor Daniel Rubino and I have been using Fluent Icon Pack for a week or so, and we both think the icons are done really well. When paired with Microsoft launcher, it's like getting a dash of Windows 10 on your phone.

Fluent Icon Pack is available to pick up at the Google Play store for $1.50. Once installed, you can apply the icon pack through the theming options of whatever launcher you're using.

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