FlyNet, building a better fly trap on your Windows Phone

FlyNet is a speed oriented puzzle game for you Windows Phone. It is a game where you build webs to capture flying bugs then spin your web around them and gobble them up.

Sound simple, right? Except you only have so many bugs you can let escape your grasp. Your webs will weaken after each capture and some bugs will simply bust outta the web. Either way it's a constant battle to keep your webs built up and not let the bugs escape.

FlyNet has sixteen levels that progressively get more challenging with more webs to maintain and more bugs to coral.  It's a buggy of a game for your Windows Phone and a nice time waster.

FlyNet Levels

The game screen has a series of hexagons that stretch across the screen. You tap on a hex to have your spider build a web on it. As the bugs fly across the screen they get caught in the web.  When caught, you tap on the bug to get your spider to wrap them up and poison them for dining. Once your bug is ready for consumption, tap the bug again to eat it. After each meal your web will weaken and if you wait too long the bug will break free, destroying your web. Either way you'll need to send your spider to rebuild things.

FlyNet Game Screen

In the upper right corner is the counter on how many bugs you can let escape (typically 3-5 depending on the level). If too many escape, the game's over. Each level has a set number of bugs to deal with but there's no way to see how far you're progressing (how many bugs are left) in the level of play.

As you consume your bugs, you'll earn spider energy that will eventually unlock bonuses that will increase your spider's speed, build super webs, slow the flies down and more.

FlyNet bonus items

Additionally, as you advance through the levels your spider will enhance speed, poison and web creation skills.

Overall, FlyNet has nice graphics and challenging game play. The pace of the game will keep you on your toes to make sure you capture all your bugs and advance to the next level. It would be nice to have a way of determining how far you have to go to complete a level but that kinda adds to the challenge. You never know which bug is the last.

There is a free trial version available for FlyNet with the full version running $.99. It is compatible with Windows Phone 8 and 7.x devices and you can find FlyNet here in the Windows Phone Store.

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