Following its rivals, Verizon brings more data to More Everything plans

Following the lead of AT&T and Sprint, Verizon Wireless will now be giving subscribers of its More Everything plans even more data, though you'll have to sign up this month to qualify. More data begins with the 12 GB plan, which will now net you a 15 GB data bucket each month, and goes all the way up to the 50 GB data plan, which through the promotion will double your data to a whopping 100 GB to consume. That's a lot of Netflix streaming to consume each month!

Verizon says that the promotion starts tomorrow, October 2, and customers have through the end of the month to sign up for the promotional plans.

Verizon brings more data, up to double, on More Everything

Are you on a More Everything plan with at least 12 GB of data per month right now? Will you be looking to add more data to your bucket at no extra charge courtesy of Verizon's new promotion?

Source: Verizon (opens in new tab)

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  • I can't imagine how I could use 100gb a month. I stream Netflix and music ALL THE TIME and use about 8.
  • +1 to capitalism
  • +1 to competition (thanks to capitalism)!!  :)
  • Yes! Let the free market reign!
  • Why dont you follow your rivals Verizon and release cyan already!!!!
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  • We need to bug the crap out of Verizon on twitter.
  • That's a good idea, im on my way
  • I just tweeted them again. Last time was about 30 days ago
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  • Please dont put the icon in any of you postings makes me sad.
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  • I just wish more everything included windows cyan update, some how Verizon all about it.
  • Not enough to save my $200 per month account when the contracts expire. I'm outskees
  • Why is this news relevant here? Are you also going to list rate plans from all Indian, German, Brazilian, Dutch and Russian providers, just to name a few? Or is wpcentral intended for usa wp users only?
  • I'm sure their readership is largely US based. You shouldn't be surprised that they report on US news more.
  • Or it could be that the United States as a whole is fairly important in terms of WP. Making up around 1/3 of the WP handsets sold this article is relevant to a 1/3 of the WP population making it fairly important. Also another fact of importance is that the US carriers are famous for charging outrageous rates compared to other countries so the fact that the carriers in the US are changing at all is noteworthy and will affect a great variety of people. Finally, if you haven't been able to tell, quite a few of the writers from WPCentral are in fact from America making it a relevant article to them and something they themselves might be interested in. As a result they are more likely to write about it. It isn't anywhere near as newsworthy that a carrier in any of the countries you listed adjusted their plans as it is in the US. Feel fine to give me hate saying I'm just an ignorant American, whatever. Just know this, there is a reason that lots of news around the world revolves around America and it's not just because we have a big head and like our ego.    #Lets start a flame war
  • 'lots of news around the world revolves around America' ... Ha ha, in case you haven't kept in touch with the world news...... The USA has lost its role as dominant world player in the world to China and Russia and of course our radical Islam friends. Poetin is still laughing his head off about what he got away with in Ukraine. The tiny Chinese guy is already laughing his head off about what he is going to get away with in Hong Kong. The US simply lacks the power to keep all these evil empires in check. Prepare for the day that the Chinese and Russians will tell the Americans what to do.
  • And that's the stereotypical non-American mindset right there. We are trying to help as much as possible throughout the world to help other countries in a way that we see as advantageous for them and for us. Despite this, when we fail we are the greatest failures ever but then no one else is doing what America is doing so we have no one with whom we can compare ourselves to.
    Despite that whole paragraph I wrote I still am not that big into American pride and just think it is foolish to not see the power that America . Even if economically China is more powerful there is still literally no one that comes close to our military might as that is what we put a lot of our funding into. #WayOfTopic
  • That was an amazing post. *clap clap clap*
  • I was pretty proud of it
  • Windows phone central writers post about phones and plans from all around the world.
  • Its news related to windows phone stop whining.
  • So they aren't upgrading the 6gb about cyan update!
  • Dont feel too bad, AT&T isn't doubling the 10GB plan, which is what I bet majority of the people have...its a scam to get people to up their data and still used under 10GB
  • Sounds good...a better deal than what I pay now with them!
  • Im honest when I say if doing this means they recoup cost by laying ppl off then I don't want it
  • Upgrade to cyan? Anyone have a clue when?
  • right after hell freezes over
  • Hmm, data upgrade, that's nice. Now, how about Cyan update?
  • Verizon has little or no respect for its WP customers. They can't even provide us with an update as we approach the 2.5 month anniversary of the cyan release by WP.
  • They need to come up off of Cyan!!!
  • I just don't understand why phone plans have to be so complicated.
  • who cares. cyan, cyan , cyan......  
  • $375 per month, seriously??
  • Im about sick of Verizon to be honest. There service has not improved while other carriers has. As soon as my contract ends ill probably be looking for another carrier.
  • Your move Rogers. Time to bring the competitive spirit to Canada... Not likely though. We get screwed with 3 year contracts and hella huge contract prices :(
  • Recently learned about how crappy Verizon's pricing can be. With AT&T (not to say I'm pleased with them), I get the Next-related discount of $25 becuase it includes "bring your own device," which was counted by having my 920 when we switched. At Verizon, they do not offer the Edge discount fro "bring your ownn device" customers, so if my sister switchers the plan, she gets no discount unless she goes to Edge right away, same for my dad and stepmom.
  • You might want to check that again.  Verizon gives a "bring your own device" discount.  They just call it the month to month deal.  It gives the same discount as edge, $10 if below 8GB and $25 if 10GB or more.
  • They've offered that discount option since March ;) remember the $160 plan? That's for those on Edge or month-to-month. :)
  • Don't switch to EDGE. I repeat, do not switch to Edge. It's monthly, but you still have to pay full price for the device in order to trade it in and edge up. It's also NOT a monthly plan, for me at least. When I upgraded it renewed my 2-year contract. I honestly don't know how to get out of my contract. Not to mention needing a replacement phone. I pay insurance but idk if I can trade in a replacement when I want to edge up. I think I'm stuck with Verizon for the rest of my life now.
    And I'm now paying more monthly (obviously). You pay more to upgrade sooner, that's all it is. A $10 discount on the $40/monthly access fee isn't worth it.
  • The exclusivity agreement is rather short, as AT&T will be getting it soon as well. Patience, young grasshopper ;)
  • What Verizon needs to do is to follow the lead of AT&T and the networks and release the cyan update...Damn you Verizon.
  • Your frustration is shared amongst us all. My phone DIRELY needs to be reset, and I can't until this gets updated. (sings) you're not alone - ATB
  • WP isn't a priority for Verizon and that is a fact. I asked endlessly about their lack of WP devices and knowledge about it in general. Even asked why they wouldn't do more to gain more customers. I was told Verizon has no interest in WP or WP users. Stay away from EDGE. I'm 6 months into EDGE which renewed my 2-year contract automatically and I'm f-in trapped now.
  • Edge you can upgrade anytime you want by trading in the phone and paying 60% of the device. If you have a contract on Edge, it's null because you don't sign one on Edge. Edge is your agreement, similar to a car lease.
  • I noticed that Edge has changed to 60% with a higher monthly fee. But I signed up early so I'm still on those terms. Also, I'm on a family plan that ends in November (but only I am on Edge) so I'm confused about that. Also about getting a replacement device while on Edge...
  • This is ISANE! In my country it is a miracle if any providers offers higher data plan than 2 gb! I think that more has not reached 3GB. I can't think of a way to spend 100gb xD. 20gb For me would be practically unlimited lol
  • Omgosh.......I want this. Right meow. 15GB?! Yay!! I could get rid of my Wi-Fi now!
  • Nope. I'm running 4 GB shared between my wife and I like a chump. I'm paying as much for that plan as their "promotional" 4-line 16GB per line plan. It's BS. Two line couples are getting screwed by ALL THE CARRIERS. I'm not going to start paying 200-300 a month to get some extra data.
  •     The carriers are going to fight until the bloody to squeeze every dime out of the customers but they're only delaying the inevitable. It’s only a matter of time before all four carriers switch back to unlimited plans. That's why they need T-Mobile to go away. T-Mobile is forcing them to lower prices, increase data and change policies that have been in place for years and have helped fatten investor's pocketbooks.
  • Is this the total cost or just for data?
  • Just the plan itself. Any device lines are additional. Smartphones are $40 additional to add for 2-year customers, or $15 for Edge and/or month-to-month with these ones.
  • Outrageous pricing!
  • Hahaha US carriers ARE insane with their complicated plans. I'm on a 3-line, 2-year more everything family plan with Verizon, with a 15% monthly discount, 1 line on Edge with $10 off monthly access, and 1GB of shared data (at the moment, you can change it at any time). Line access is 40/40/30, plan 60, data 20?, edge 22, plus taxes and fees. We pay about $200 monthly. Shit gets complicated. And with the basic fees already high, I don't want to pay for data so I use wifi for videos, etc.
  • And I'm pretty sure Verizon increased the early termination fee when t-mobile began paying those off. I could be wrong but I think it was $250/line and last I checked it was $350.