Forcing the Windows Phone 7.8 update: Camera button not required but patience is

If you've checked your Windows Phone 7.5 device for the 7.8 update with no success, you may want to try to force the process, just as we did with other Windows Phone updates like Mango.

This is a little different than downloading and installing Windows Phone 7.8 manually, which we reported on earlier. With this method you're basically tricking the Microsoft servers to recognize your Windows Phone and initiating the update early. Think of it as cutting in line (and Microsoft is okay with this, no worries).

The other benefit with this method (versus the CAB one) is it means you are getting the official carrier/OEM update that usually includes the firmware too. If using just CABs you are updating the OS but not any device specific software. That's not a bad thing but it's really not ideal. 


How to

Forcing requires patience and the ability to disconnect your computer from the internet. Make sure you have the Wifi and your data connection turned off on your Windows Phone and connect to Zune.  Go to settings and check for an update and as soon as you click the "Update" link in the settings you'll need to disconnect from the internet.

Let Zune come back and tell you that it can't check for an update right now, reconnect to the internet and you should see that an update is now available. Timing seems to be key and it may take you a few tries to get things just right (took me six tries).  From there you follow along with the update wizard and your Windows Phone is updated.

If this trick doesn't work, it likely means that the update files for your device aren't out there on the servers yet to be installed.  We were successful in forcing the update on the AT&T Nokia Lumia 900 but couldn't get the HTC HD7S to update.  When all was said and done, the Windows Phone version ended up being 7.10.8858.136.

Interesting note on the 7.8 update is that it provides support for devices without a camera button. More than likely this is for future low-end devices like the Alcatel One Touch where the lack of a camera button will keep production costs down.  You may see this in a smaller update that installs before the 7.8 update goes through.


Step by step instructions to force the Windows Phone 7.8 update

  1. Connect your Windows Phone to a PC and launch the Zune software
  2. Click on Phone > Settings > Update. Allow the software to tell you whether an update is available. If so, skip this guide. If not continue to the next step.
  3. Time to force the update. Click another button (any of the options above or below the word Update). Then click the Update button again, and this time disconnect your computer from the internet after 1-2 seconds. Do this by pulling out the Ethernet cable, disabling Wi-Fi, etc. If it says your phone is already up to date, you didn't disconnect quickly enough and need to try this step again.
  4. Wait 30 seconds or so and Zune should display a notification that an update is available.
  5. Now reconnect to the internet and continue with the update process through the Zune software.
  6. Depending on what OS build you are starting with, you may be prompted for several OS updates
  7. Let the phone update and wait. The final OS build is 8858. If you are getting just 8779, you'll want to repeat 1-4 above
  8. You may also be prompted to install a firmware update at the very end, follow through with this
  9. Celebrate! The whole process, including backup could take up to 60 minutes. Check that you are on build 8858 to see if you are done.


What if this method just doesn't work?

This won't work for every Windows Phone out there, only those that are officially designated for the 7.8 update, so your experience will vary.

If you don't get the update, it can mean one of two things.

  1. Your software update is literally not on Microsoft's servers for your phone/carrier. Try again in a few days.
  2. Your update may never come.

On the second point, we're not too confident generation one devices or Sprint's Arrive will ever "officially" get this update, which is why try as they might this method will never work. For you folks, you'll have to do the more tricky manual CAB method.That will do the job but obviously it won't include any firmware. C'est la vie.

Let us know in the comments if you've had success with the forcing trick to get the update.

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • worked for my lg optimus 7.
    enjoying windows phone 7.8 runs very smooth and looks good.
    but besides the new home screen and bing walpapers its pretty much the same thing.
  • Are you getting any delay after hitting a start screen tile before the animation kicks in? This was a problem with earlier 7.8 builds.
  • I noticed this, yes, on my LG Quantum. I find it a tad frustrating. It's a guessing game whether it's a mistap or lag.
  • I have noticed this on just my mail and messaging icons. oth apps start jsut fine without the delay.
  • Worked for my two LG Optimus 7 E900.  Happy all the naysayers were wrong about LG not pushing out the update.
  • LG didn't push, LG already said they wouldnt support. HTC is saying 'not right now'. Samsung isnt saying anything at all.
    Microsoft seems to be the one pushing the update. All unbranded devices can get it (incl. LG's and Dell's that we never expected to see it on) using the trick mentioned above. For carriers it depends on the carrier.
    That also includes first gen devices, very happy with 7.8 on my Mozart. Thansk Microsoft!
  • Yes indeed! I honestly was quite worried I'd never see 7.8 on my Mozart. But this worked a treat!
    Sooo... there might be a firmware update if I try the force update a forth time??? Anyone tried??
  • I hard a hard time getting update turning of wifi after 2 sec but when i counted to 5 secs bing. got it easy !!!!!!!!!!!
  • I'm upding my LG Optimus 7 as well as I type.  I'm on TELUS.  I had to do two other updates first, so I had to do this disconnect trick three times to get all of the updates.
    I was worried we would not be getting it with the crap coming out of LG HQ.
  • I too have the LG Optimus 7 on Telus.  How did you do this.  I have been trying the update trick but my computer connection is so fast.  I have to disconnect before 2 seconds or I get the message saying my phone is up to date.  If I disconnect by 2 seconds I get the message stating that it can't check for the update.  Do I need to turn the wifi off on my phone?  My computer is plugged into the router.  Should I be using a laptop and wireless connection to slow down the update check?  Thanks for any help.
  • You have to put the phone in Airplaine mode.
    My manager at work has the same phone and updated this morning.  It took several tries but if you get the timing right it will work.
    Also just FYI there are actually three updates so you'll have to do this three times.
  • Thank you so much.  Nothing worked until I put the phone in airplane mode.  I had even tried turning off wireless and data but that didn't work.  More than anything I wanted the new start screen because I thought it was crazy for them to use up so much space to put an arrow on the start screen when all you had to do was swipe to the left.  Thanks again.
  • Nothing happend for me until i put the phone in airplane mode.
  • Airplane mode works! Didn't work untill I turned airplane mode on.
  • Count to 5 after you click update and then turn off Wifi-Ethernet, always worked for me.
  • I found what worked best for me was to check for updates and the first time, don't disable WiFi. Let it come back and say no updates found. After that check for updates again, and after 2 seconds disable your internet on the computer and you'd get the update.
    That seemed to be the common denominator for me anyway. Hope it helps someone!
  • This worked for me! Thank you so much!
  • Monotheist, thank you so so so so so so so so much!!!
    After following your advice, I could load the WP 7.8 on my HTC HD7 (carrier free).
    I am in Mozambique and on Twitter / all over the web I saw guys from Italy getting genuine updates, guys from Brazil using "CABs" to load the WP7.8; I gave my trial on this method with no success until I scrolled down to your comment. Thanks
    With love from Mozambique
  • Amen brother. the 2 secs trick was painful i only got it once out of 12 trys but counting up to 5 seconds i got it spot on twice in a row !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I saw this list over at the AT&T forums (user posted), have you guys been able to confirm what devices are targeted?
    HTC: Titan Radar Mozart Trophy LG: E900 Nokia Lumia 610 & Lumia 610 NFC Lumia 710 Lumia 800 Lumia 900 Samsung: Omnia W Omnia 7
  • Your forgetting about the foci.
  • Going to try my gf's old Surround right now.
  • I've tried to get it on my Surround a few times, but with no luck.  Zune tells me rather quickly (about two seconds after clicking Update) that my phone is up to date.  So either there's no update available, or my timing is off.
  • I've had the same experience
  • if zune tells you way to fast before you have a chance to disconect then you have to unplug your phone and replug it back in. Best of Luck.
  • i'm with telus and i have htc surround.
    trying to force update wp7.8
    several times plug, unplug
    nothing at all.
  • i wrote to htc and was told that i wont be able to get that update on my phone, since it was an android phone. last time i checked the surround was a windows phone. dumb people who work at HTC do not even knwo their own products. let alone how to update them. att told me that my phone can not handle the update, and that it cant really handle the mango update as well. strange mango runs on my phone.
  • im updating my surround to 7.8 as of now, without the forced update, plugged it in to get all updates before i try the forced method, but it picked up on it, so the surround is capable of handling it, im with telus in canada
  • i wrote to htc and was told that i wont be able to get that update on my phone, since it was an android phone. last time i checked the surround was a windows phone. dumb people who work at HTC do not even knwo their own products. let alone how to update them. att told me that my phone can not handle the update, and that it cant really handle the mango update as well. strange mango runs on my phone.
  • i wrote to htc and was told that i wont be able to get that update on my phone, since it was an android phone. last time i checked the surround was a windows phone. dumb people who work at HTC do not even knwo their own products. let alone how to update them. att told me that my phone can not handle the update, and that it cant really handle the mango update as well. strange mango runs on my phone.
  • You have forgotten Dell's Venue Pro.
    I've just installed the updates to 7.8.
  • Yes! Now if I find a way to postpone my meeting at the state capital so I can go home and get my update..
  • on tmobile? or unlocked? having a bit of trouble with process though i was successful with mango
  • As am I
  • DVP on Tmo. No luck so far.
  • No luck in Canada with an unlocked TMO DVP either yet.
  • Mine is TMO DVP it perfectly updated with this method
  • Just use the update tool from  No patience required.
  • My Nokia Lumia 900 updated so easily. Can't get my Dell Venue Pro to take. The upgrade screen goes to "your phone is up to date" in about 3 seconds. Any ideas?
  • how to
  • Hi,
    How did you update your Dell venue pro. I tried a lot of times through force update using Zune, but still there is no success.
    Kindly suggest. My phone is AT&T branded, unlocked phone.
  • Can confirm this is available on my Omnia 7. You have to do the trick 3 times thought to get all of the updates for my phone.
  • Also done, in CZ. Quite quick update, when you get the right tempo
  • I've tried this 5 times on my Omnia 7 but still no update :( 
  • I had the same problem turn your phone to airplane mode and then check for updates let it say your update to date click on another link then click back on update and count to four then unplug your ethernet or disconnect wireless but make sure if using ethernet wireless is disabled.
  • No luck with my Quantum after about 10 tries, following the steps from step 1 every time.  Has anyone else with a Quantum been successful?  I realize it was a hugely popular device, but I still love it.
  • ATT LG Quantum successfully updated to 8779 from 8773. I had to unbrand it first and then do the Zune trick. I haven't proceeded to 8858 because Zune made a backup so I will wait a few days to make sure the phone is stable first.
  • I just did the unbrand and unplug combo on my old AT&T Quantum also, but all the way to 8858. I started getting positive results when I installed the valid SIM from the Lumia 920 that replaced it--could just be that I hit the timing right after that.
    Whatever the case there, it looks like it's working fine, but mine only connects to EDGE and not 3G. I'll probably just revert to my backup for now and wait to see if the update just shows up. It does look pretty sweet, though. :)
  • Strange. I can connect to 3G using 8779. It should be noted that I rebrand it back to ATT-US after the update has installed, but I'm not sure if that matters.
  • Perhaps it has something to do with the LTE micro-SIM in the 3G phone and not the update. I don't know.
  • I have no luck with my Quantum too, os v7.10.7720.68
  • I'm not having any luck with mine :/ but I did use the CAB files to upgrade to 7740 from was a learning experience. I'm going to try to use the cab files to go all the way up through Tango to 7.8, but I'm not sure how to really.
  • Weird, I was able to update my Quantum just fine today. Took a number of tries to get the timing, but got all three updates. (Was already running 8773)
  • HD7 (Bell) SIM unlocked. Using on Rogers
  • Omnia W confirmed. Atleast to me in Finland. No need to force update.
  • +1000000000000000000000000000000000.............................. thank u..... finally atleast some one says this......
  • Confirmed on unlocked Brazilian Omnia W too. Had to force through 8779, 8783 and finally 8858. Installing now! The "Mississippi" comment somewhere below this one is *really* helpful!
  • Unbranded Samsung Omnia W bought from India updated to 8858 successfully using the cable trick. Had to do it 3 times. 8773 to 8779 to 8783 to 8858.
    I roughly counted to 8 seconds and disconnected the cable for each update.
  • Bro me too having Samsung Omnia w in India i tried to force update many times but luck didn't favour me
  • i tried the same several times but no luch...
  • Things to remember
    1. All data connections from the phone should be disabled.
    2. Better to use a lan cable.
    3. If on turning off the phone's data connection makes zune give cannot contact server even though PC is connected to internet, you need to reinstall zune or use a diff pc.
  • works on lumia 800
  • Worked on my HTC Trophy in the UK, Vodafone!
  • Have updated my carrier unlocked Titan.
    I did have to force each update individually for some reason.
  • Cool so I can skip the CAB update method then?
  • Looks like it, yes. I am so glad I didn't have to go down that route.
  • Cool, I will try this tonight when I get off. Thanks for confirming. Can't wait to set up and configure things.
  • That is wonderful news. Have an unlocked Titan in Japan. I did receive email today telling me that there is an update for the AU Fujita/Toshiba phone here in Japan., so I figured most were getting the love today.
    Can't wait to get home tonight and confuse my WiFi on my PC.
    Has anyone downloaded the new W8 Desktop software for the WP7.x? I am using Zune, and of course that is a love/hate relationship, but want to know if it is worth checking our the new.
  • On my L900, Bluetooth Share and Ringtone maker are still saying they are incompatible with my device. Any thoughts there?
  • Same here...
  • ringtone maker missing from here..
  • I had to search it in the WPCentral app, then go to store with that link. Didn't work though.
  • Ringtone maker didn't, but awesome bluetooth share did
  • Are you in the USA?
  • Downloaded bluetooth share app after 7.8 update.  Appears to be working on my 900.  Not Ringtone Maker though.
  • Where is this app
  • Same here Ringtone makers doesnt work, BT share downloaded but wont open. 
    Any idea? 
  • Bluetooth Share was on my phone from earlier, didn't work after the update. So I uninstalled thinking that might solve the issue, but the Store won't let me redownload this or Ringtone Maker. I'm in USA on ATT.
  • Anyone get the focus updated using this method? No luck here. Will try a few more times
  • I just tried about 10 times with no luck for my Focus... Guess we'll have to wait a bit more...
  • Nothing for my Focus S (2nd gen)
  • No luck with our 2 Focii yet. Got my 900 done though ...
  • I got it to work on my Focus, but I did have to change the operator to ROG-CA. The timing is really tricky too.
  • posted twice, sorry...
  • I just tried again and this time my Focus got the 8779 update (in progress as I write), hopefully I'll get 7.8 after it's done. BTW, my Focus is an AT&T model that I reflashed long ago to the Rogers retail WP ROM since theirs is a clean version without stupid customizations like the AT&T one. I highly recommend flashing your Focus to Rogers retail ROM, it's not illegal or anything, it'll just make your i917 think it's a Canadian i917R :D You get the original Rogers ROM and you can do all updates normally since it's not a homebrew!
  • Right now getting update 8783! Had to do the disconnect thing again though.
  • Yay! Getting 8858.136 as I write this!
  • Great news ... gotta switch from ATT-US to ROG-CA and force the update on our two Focii tonight.
  • Yup! I'm on the last update on one of our two Focii. Switched from ATT-US to ROG-CA and the updates rolled out without having to even try to force it.
    At the end I got an error code c101007b but success on the phone and everything works.
    Focus 2: After switching to ROG-CA needed to airplane mode and force update
    7.10.8779.8 Zune did not find the next update, needed to force again
    7.10.8783.13 Zune did not find next update, needed to force again
    Completed successfully on phone and in Zune.
  • Could you please explain to me how to switch from ATT-US to ROG-CA, or give me a link to some place that shows how to do it?
    This link explains it. I have a question, however. I'm assuming that if I flash to ROG-CA, I'll lose all my memory and apps and photos and music and such. Is this correct?
  • Wish I had your luck I have been trying for a couple of days for the update and even the forcing trick won't happen :(
  • I tried it several times with an HTC Trophy with no luck...wonder if the phone is getting the update at all.
  • Thanks for your effort and info
  • No such luck either...
  • Trophy says YES
  • Does that mean you got yours to work? jesus be specific! We are all dying here
  • Seriously!! Cause I have no luck with my Trophy
  • Hey I just wanna tell you guys that the Sever-Eight hacker tool does work for the HTC Trophy. It's been confirmed by other owners. Check it out, mine is currently downloading the update. WP Central published the article about this tool
    Edit: Just finished installing my update and it works fine. Took 3 updates but it was automated so just had to anxiously sit and wait
  • I had no luck forcing the update on my Trophy after trying for several hours.  I used CAB Sender and it worked like a charm.
  • A message just popped up on my HD7 (Bell Canada) that an update is available. Don't have time now but wanted to let other HD7 owners know.
  • Great thanks for this info, hope we all get it aS I'm very sad about HTC dropping HD7. Waiting to see it it will pop on mine.
  • WOOT!!!!! I will keep trying to force this bastard then!
  • Been trying my HD7 since 4 pm EST (tmo USA). Nothing.
  • Just updated my HD7 on the Bell network, I can confirm 7.8 is out for it.
  • Yup, finally did mine last night. No performance degradation at all, HTC and their BS about maintaining a great customer experience by not upgrading. Bye bye HTC, hello Nokia.
  • Guess I'll just wait. I'm in rural BC, so I'm pretty sure i'm at the bottom of Bell's totem pole. Maybe slightly higher than SK. *sigh*
  • So much for the HTC tweet! Clueless bastards! Thanks for letting us know :)
  • I've tried 20 times, still nothing. I'll try again later. It's good to know it will work though. Thanks !
  • Finally made it work !
  • New Zealand nokia updating as I type
  • What phone? I'm trying on my unlocked 800 with no luck.
  • I just updated my Telecom NZ 800. Took a few goes to get the update showing but managed in the end. Had to do it 3 times to get all updates
  •   <blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p>Keep an eye out for 7.8 update on your <a href="">#WindowsPhone</a> if you're on 7.5. Its like a whole new phone!</p>&mdash; Microsoft NZ (@MicrosoftNZ) <a href="">January 31, 2013</a></blockquote> <script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script>
  • At&t l900 here, few hours till midnight, still no update. And trick isn't working. Worked np with mango.
  • ATT L900 here too and same issues.  No update, no notification for update, and cannot force update after trying for about the past hour.  Typical ATT honestly.  
  • This is called a workaround. It's not "typical" AT&T. They are making updates available, not EVERYONE is going to get theirs RIGHT NOW. Surely you can survive a while longer without immediate access to the update, like the rest of us?
  • No its typical ATT.  No mention of the update for months upon months after the initial mention then when its supposed to get here they are silent about how its going to happen.  Why should I have to wait up to 3 more weeks to get my update?   Its not so much an issue of not having the update for me as its just bad business practice to put your customers in a que. 
  • Can you only get windows phone 7.8 through Zune or can I use the mac connector?
  • I updated my Lumia 800 /3Sweden through Mac connector, but if you have a Windows computer use it, anyway It works with Mac :)
  • Im curious for US based non-Lumia users for this....
  • anyone with a radar?? cable trick isnt working
  • Just updated my HTC Radar which I bought outright. I didn't have to do this trick to get the update. After connecting my handset to Zune, it went straight to the update page. =)
  • Zune says my phone is up to date. Its a radar btw. So how did kh_boy do it? :/
  • whose your carrier? I am on T Mobile and my Radar doesn't show update
  • What network do you have your Radar on?
  • Couldnt get the Tmobile Radar to work, ended up doing it manually. Took 5 updates as Tmo Radar never got tango. If anyone wants to manually update, I can tell you exactly what files to use and in which order. Just reply here.
  • Could you detail how to do the manual update? Thanks!
  • If you have a Tmobile HTC Radar 4G, currently on mango (8107) with 5 language files (Deutsch, English, Espanol, Francais, and Italiano) under Settings->region+language->Display language. The following file will completely walk you through updating to WP7.8, everything included. I have done this on my own phone.
  • If you get a COM error when launching WP7 Update Cab Sender,
    X86 install this -
    X64 install this -
  • Thanks Yamagushi, it worked great!!!
  • 40 mb file that is huge is it a program or what not sure I want to download this
  • I just started the first folder update and so far so good.
    I will say thanks now, but I hope its not premature.  Giggity lol!
  • Thanks for this, it worked great. My phone is functioning properly as far as I can tell. I have 1 question, Does it include the firmware update?
  • Hi Yamagushi,
    I can't get this to work. When I run cab sender and press B, it says 'system cannot find specified file' and does nothing. And later it would say 'no update file found' (in red). My phone is htc radar 4g tmo with 5 languages. Any tips? 
  • Thanks!
  • will this work on HD7???
  • Does the cable trick with Mac and Windows Phone 7 Connector?
  • Can't get this to work with either Lumia 900 or Focus. My Internet connection is simply too fast. It is impossible to shut off the wifi adapter before it checks the servers. Even reversing the order and shutting off the wifi adapter before I click update in that split second it takes to shut off the adapter after pressing the button it is able to connect.
    The Zune software takes less than a second to tell me if an update is available, so I don't have the 2 second window you need in order to pull off this trick.
  • How about unplug your internet directly from your rooter? Like the main cable?
  • If you're on wireless internet, how bout tether your phone's internet to the computer.  Phone internet isn't that fast.  xD
  • Does the cable trick works with Mac and Windows Phoe 7 Connector?
  • I have a Lumia 900 on ATT in SF, CA but I haven't been able to get the update! Do you think it's because I'm on a Mac? 
  • Well... i had to try several times but i got all 3 updates with this method ;)
  • Which phone?
  • Damnit, managed to get the update notification but forgot to activate internet again before starting the update, error. Now I can't get it back. Aaargh
  • When I turn off both the wifi and the data on my phone, it just gives me an error that it can't connect and try again later, eventhough my computer still has internet. I think I might be confused on which interent to disconnect and what. Could someone please help a fellow brotha out? I want those little tiles like no other :P thanks in advance!!! P.S. sorry if I'm a noob ;P
    EDIT: Just figured it out, and now I'm getting the first update :D!!!! Now I'm just hoping i can get the other ones as well. Its a Lumia 900 on AT&T and I'm near Dallas, TX
    EDIT: As of right now, i have 7.8!! :D Good luck to everyone else out there
    hey man, how did you do it? I get the exact same message. I turn off my wifi, and turn on airplane mode. Then go to the update, and quicky hit the disconnect button for wifi and the msg that pops up is 
    "Can't check for updates right now. Please try again later. We couldn't connect to the update service. Disconnect and reconnect your phone, make sure your copmuter has Internet connection, then try installing the update again."
    Then I waited about 2 mins, reconnected internet because no update came up...
  • ahh, nvm. Don't turn on the airplane mode. Just wifi off in phone + disable the wifi adapter.
  • miitshaah, it's tricky.  Basically if you get the Can't check for updates right now message, you pulled it too soon, if you get the phohe is up to date message you waited too long.  Here's what I had to do:  count 1 Mississippi and pull it to see which message I got.  (got can't update)  Then 2 Mississippi and pull and so on until I got the phone is up to date message (at 4 Mississippi or 4 seconds).  At this point I knew the sweet spot was between 3 and 4 seconds.  I went through and pulled it when I got to 4 Miss and it worked.  It did one update on my Lumia 900.  I had to use the same method for the second update but the pull time was about one second on the second update.  Hope this helps.
    LOL nevermind, I didn't read your second post.
  • BEST. COMMENT. ON. HERE!! Worked perfectly!
    You sir are a legend. Now updating my Euro Unlocked/Unbranded HTC Titan =D
  • This is such clear direction, thanks SO much.
    AT&T, Lumia 900, Seattle, WA - took almost an hour (!!!) but finally I got it.  Ethernet unplugged, toggling the wifi on and off while on the "searching for updates" screen.  It was approximately 2 mississippi for me, and that was after about 20 tries.
    I hope this helps
  • Worked wonders. Found the number of seconds it takes to say "Unable to connect to update server..." and the number of seconds it takes to say "No updates found". The correct interval to disconnect the pc from internet would be the second between these two values (like you mentioned).
  • This method worked perfectly for me too.  Nokia Lumia 900 on Optus in Australia.  Good stuff.  Thanks
  • blushrts717...thanks for that! Using a Lumai 710 and I got my first update to 8783 and second uodate to 8858 right at exactly when 5 mississippi was said. Great stuff.
    Edit...after the last update was done (8858), and phone restart it automatically went into update mode for a Nokia update.
  • Excellent!
    Now on 7.8 on Telenor Norway!
    Thanks for the very clear and helpful comment.
  • For my Lumia 510 it worked on Mississippi13!!! 
    I guess it depends on the speed of the internet connection as well(mine is pretty slow!).
    So keep trying! ;-)
  • trying to find perfect place in first page to post this one :)
    this is how i got the update :
    at first, i tried that time counting and sequence timing, but it (almost i think) didn't work. So i decided to find another trick for you all with unstable internet connections (mostly WiFi, because i used it)
    1. Do as instructed in article till #2
    2. Click other menu in Setting (i.e Sync)
    3. Prepare any application in you computer that monitor connections like a graph (i.e Network section in Task Manager, for me i have Rainmeter skin placed in my desktop) I recommend those who seek after both upload & download
    4. Try to open Update again
    5. Watch the network graph, when the upload graph start rising, then prepare yourself to disconnect from internet 
    6. Look after download graph, you'll see that the graph start rising too. Wait it till the graph start falling
    7. When it starting to fall (download graph), quickly disconnect from internet
    8. Not so long after, the updates notification will appear. 
    9. CONGRATULATION, now you can update your WP peacefully. Dont forget to do it twice more (since there three of them)
    Hope this helping
  • Hi guys! I just installed 7.8 on my Lumia 800. Instead of disconnecting internet I just let it update and after 2 updates it got to 7.8 automatically. My phone is unlocked and I'm from India just so that you guys know.
  • I'm having another problem altogether. Zune says it can't connect to the update servers even though the Internet is still connected. I'm using an unlocked unbranded Lumia 710 in India and...well, no luck so far. Currently on my sixth try :\
  • This is an issue with zune. If you disconnect the data connections on your phone and try to update, it says can't connect even though pc internet is connected. Lucklily I had another system on which I installed zune fresh and the trick worked.
  • I am able to get first update. You need to check how much time it takes on your internet data connection. You need to find optimal time between "cant find internet" and "already uptodate" messages. You can try below method.
    1) Firstly 2-3 times just keep internet connection on and see after how many seconds on an average does "your phone is already uptodate" message comes. For me it was around average 17-19 seconds on my aircel internet during 5-6 times i tried. Depends differently on different data connection speeds.
    2)After this I just disconnected my wifi hotspot 1 or 2 seconds short of above time interval. Tried doing this 2-3 times and phone got updated.
    3) Then reactivate internet and proceed.
    PS : I switched off data connection and wifi connection of my phone during this period.
  • Hi Devesh,
    I am from New Delhi and too have Lumia 800 but zune is not detecting any update.
    Please suggest if you have any work around.
  • Hi Devesh, I have an unlocked Lumia 800 too in India but I just am not able to get the update. Not sure if its the timing but after disconnecting about a trillion times at different intervals the only notification I get from Zune is "Cant check for updates right now. Please try again later". How exactly did you update the phone? If you dont mind elucidating that would be great..!! Thanks
  • Didn't work on my Lumia 900 LTE (Rogers- unlocked) still trying...
  • I got it working on my unlocked 900 from Rogers. It is on another carrier though (SaskTel). I used the manual method for three updates and so far, no issues. My mom loves the new tile sizes and Bing lock screen :)
  • try taking the SIM card out before connecting the device to the PC (Zune), also don't have the screen passlocked... worth a try; that is how I updated my lumia 900
  • Thanks. I'll try it, and keep you posted
  • Help, please. Need to get something clear.
    Pressed update, turned internet off on PC, got the message "can't check for updates right now. Please try again later."
    Now what do I do?
    If I start the internet on the PC, the message just stays there, naturally, unless I press the "ok" or "cancel".
    Please tell me specifically what you did.
  • Worked great for my Lumia 900.
  • Has anyone with a 710 on T-Mobile US gotten this yet, whether it's via the regular or the trick method? So far, it sounds like only AT&T phones are getting the update.
  • The trick will work on the 710, but it seemed to be a lot harder to trick than my younger lads mozart, the 710 was on Orange UK btw
  • I received the update as soon as I plugged in my L710 on T-Mobile US. 
    Seems like AT&T users are in the spotlight now for the update.
  • I tried that method 10 times and I couldn't get it to work on my 710 TMobile did you do it?
  • Same here. Tried about 20 times and I can't get it to work on my 710 Tmobile US Lumia. Maybe I will wait until later because it is annoying now lol
  • How did you get it on NOKIA LUMIA 710? I've tried and nothing happened. Also, I contacted tmobile support team online and they don't know anything about this update. 
  • Hi, I have Lumia 710 but in Czech republic. It works, but I had to switch off the 3g internet connection in mobile phone. When I was trying to switch off connection on my PC, it did'n work...
  • Can you please share details? I'm also user of Lumia 710 (in CZ as well ;) ), but I'm not sure what exactly you've done to win the update battle.
    Let me ask few questions to reproduce your approach:
    1) Were you trying to update from Zune with phone connected by wire?
    2) Have you switched off wifi on phone?
    3) Have you disconnected computer from internet?
    4) Have you clicked "Update" and then disabled 3g data on phone?
    Thank you
  • Do I get missing apps like ringtone maker and bluetooth share later? I mean they are missing so do I have to wait or what? 7.8 is awesome..
  • I also have the HTC HD7S and have tried a numerous amount of time, Tell me for the CAB file trick do i have to be on the latest update TANGO before trying 7.8?
  • YES! The trick worked with my lumia 900 at&t !
  • NEVER MIND. It just redownloaded 7.5... fml
  • Cheer up
  • Lmao
  • do it again, it installs all the updates. 
    at that big ass update screen it says "because updates are cumulative, when you install the laest update, you'll also get all the presious updates ..etcetc"
  • YES THANKS after i read this i gave it another try and i finally have it! <3
  • Haha
  • Must not be there for Focus S. Tried several times. Done this before successfully, but all I get is can't connect message. Wait a bit and no 7.8. Well at least I can still talk and surf simultaneously
  • I can't get it to work on my Focus S(at&t) either. Damn I was all excited too, after hearing all Windows Phones were receiving the update, not just the Nokias. Hopefully it comes within the next couple of days though.
  • Same here. Nothing on the Focus S.
  • Me either  I'm dying to get it!
  • No go on Titan 2, but HTC has always been slow on the updates.... SMH
  • Titan 1 is updating now for me, I had to retry a few times. Give it a few more shots.
  • Ok. I've had 8779, now getting 8783.
    Hopefully 8858 is next.
  • And it was, first time around
  • Any luck with a Verizon HTC Trophy?
  • nope i tried it. didn't work
  • Nothing yet for me. Maybe i'll try later tonight.
  • Trophy says YES
  • What the hell are you talking about? I've seen this comment twice...
  • Not yet.  :(  Hopefully soon.
  • Same with my unlocked Trophy, quiet on the front :(
  • Updating my unlocked HD7 from Switzerland...only had to try once! :D 
    Edit: just realised I didn't even turn off WiFi or cellular on my phone ^_^
  • Danish Lumia 800 owner here, updating as I type! I've been at it for two hours and I just finally got it right, so just be patient! I believe I counted around 1½ - 2 seconds in my head, from pressing update till I turned off Wi-Fi.
  • any luck with the HTC HD7 T-Mobile-US??
  • Nothing for me yet
  • Tried a couple hours ago and couldn't get it.
  • Did the cable trick on HTC Trophy. Got all updates. It works guys!
  • Which provider do you have?
  • I'm from Finland, so it's unlocked phone from finnish provider.
  • Work for the radar but give you only the last update for 7.5
  • how did you do it ? 
  • I does exactly the trick, but it gave me the update i already have , for 7.5( 8773 )but nothing for the 7.8
  • You may need to force each update separately before you get to 8858.136 as it does't always recognise that further updates are available.
  • Worked on HTC Trophy (carrier unlocked, european) and on Lumia 800. :)
  • Hmm... When I try to do that, I get
    "Can't check for updates right now. Please try again later. We couldn't connect to the update server. Disconnect and reconnect your phone, make sure your computer has an internet connection, then try instaling the update again. 80072EFF"
    Omnia 7
  • Same I have tried about 20 times now always getting the same message.
  • It's just a matter of timing. I find it works for me if i count off the seconds as "One-On thousand, Two one tho" PULL the plug. At least that's what works for me.
  • Tried another 10 times but stil no luck.
    By the way I have an unlocked 800 in New Zealand.
  • You either pulled the plug too early, or MS servers are too busy
  • I'm also stuck with my Omnia7 and always the same error on second update. As I see only we with Omnia7 have this problems :'(
  • Yep, stuck with same error. (Phone in airplane mode, click update, casually count to two, unplug.)
    Although I've only tried a few times.
    Will wait and try again later.
    Omnia 7 - Virgin Mobile UK
    UPDATE: After several attempts (generally waiting a long 2 seconds before disconnecting) I got it to update. It first updated to 8779. I then had to repeat the process (several attempts) to get it to update to another version and finally repeat the process again to get it to 8858! :)
  • Can't seem to get the disconnect trick for my Optimus 7 to work, pity.
  • Finally it worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did it like a millllion times, I forgot to turn off my Data Connection on my phone, worked on the first try!!!!!
  • Which phone?
  • Anyway, i asked HTC by mail if it was a chance that 7.8 update will be release if they see how much people are upset of that...the response was short and clear ,there will be NO upgrade of wp 7.8 HTC phone user. Maybe if everyone flood there mail box beggin for the update...
  • My HD7 is updating now... maybe you got a Android support person that just assumes devices neer get updated?
  • Sure its not the last 7.5 update you r getting?
  • My Titan is now running 7.8 so we can assume that the person you spoke to at HTC was mistaken :)
  • @great_smell_of_brut, how did you update it to 7.8? I tried both CabSender and SevenEighter tools to push the cab files, but neither of them worked for me. I tried Zune update approach too, but no luck. SevenEighter worked fine with my HTC Arrive after 4 or 5 attempts. Titan update is not going through. Please let me know.
  • I just plugged my Lumia 900 to my computer with Zune, and the update came up. No force required. I'm in Louisiana. I hope the Focus gets the update, I need it for that phone too.
  • I'm also in Louisiana with a Lumia 900 and I have not received a notification to update. Also, I tried the force update trick and it did not work. It seems like it is working for everyone except me. 
    Did the notification pop up on your phone or did you have to connect to your computer?
  • I plugged my phone up and Zune started. My Zune has an issue about syncing to the internet. But when I hit the update button, my phone popped up a message saying update available. I looked at Zune and the Update screen was up.
  • The best way of doing this is by turning of your Wi-Fi completely and using an Ethernet cable instead because that thing can be pulled out in a second. Next, I'd recommend gauging it.
    Plug your phone into the PC with Zune open (turn all connections off on the phone itself though) and then just normally check for the updates. If it says no updates then at least you know the connection is working and Zune has already checked for the update.
    Now, just click on the button below "Update" (it is Wireless syncing, I think) and then click on Update again but this time, count till 2 and remove the ethernet cable. Really a fool proof way of doing it.
    Basically, you have to time it right. If you pull too fast, Zune won't be able to check for an update properly and if you take too much time, you won't see the update. It'll work if you stick with this basic principle.
  • Para cuando la actualización en mexico
  • Updating my Bell HTC HD7 now!
  • Any news for Titan II? Cant get the cable trick to work.
  • anybody got this trick work for tmobile nokia lumia 710? I am about to give up :(
    keep getting - "We couldn't connect to the update service ...."
  • Youre pulling the plug too early, i found that a casual count to 3 worked best
  • I'm having the same problem. Why doesnt Tmobile just release the update? :(
  • Unlocked 800 in Norway, no success with this method.
  • Heya guys, managed to trick Zune into updating my spare white Lumia 900.
    1) Set Lumia to Airplane Mode
    2) Let Zune check for update for about 6-7 seconds and then disconnected Wifi. Got it in about 4 tries. Mainly the timing was off. First three tries, I was disconnected after 4-5 seconds which didn't work.
  • VoodooKing Your voodo Worked first time... Thanks
  • Hey man, thanks for this.  Counted to six, disconnected the WiFi and the first update appeared. 
  • I'm updating my Samsung Omnia 7 on TMobile USA as I type. I let the check complete the first time while counting the seconds it took then tried again (without disconnecting the phone) and disconnected my internet 1-2 seconds before the check was complete. Thanks for suggesting 6-7 seconds, I never would have gotten it with the originally suggested 1-2 second disconnect time!
  • I'm quite pleasantly surprised 7.0 devices are getting the update. I never expected HD7 and the like would be updated. Huge props to MS.
  • Has anybody had any luck on HTC Titan for AT&T-US? I have be trying the disconnect trick for a while and no luck, i'm about to the point to give up.
  • I've been trying too for a while now. Maybe I'm just doing it wrong, but can't get it either.
  • I'm giving up. I've been trying for over an hour, i'm guessing they just don't have it on the server yet.
  • I agree! My Lumia 900 picked it up on my second try but my wife's HTC Titan won't update. I tried for about a half an hour and gave up.
  • that is because no one on ATT but the L900 got the update today.  We still have to wait for the US carriers to push out the update.  It is exactly what MS said.  It all depends on whether your carrier will support the update or not. 
  • Over an hour and you are giving up? My zune keeps telling me numerous errors of connectivity and I tried for about 8 hours continuously. Still working on!!! Zune can't check for updates if phone's wifi is off. Much odd thing. And I've a wireless USB modem. Figuring it out :/
  • no love on my ATT Titan
  • I could not get it to force update this way. I did get mine to update using the cab sender method.
  • After many tries, it worked!!! I have an unlocked Lumia 900 with TMo. I removed the SIM card and it worked for me then. The timing to disconnect is also a factor. I clicked "update", right-clicked my network sharing icon and then disconnected the NIC cable. (Win7) That's what worked for me. (I only right-clicked on the network sharing icon to try and disconnect the internet that way but realized it would take too long so I unplugged) However long that is, that is what is needed to trick it. Hope this helps somebody. :)
  • My Freind tried this and only got a Firmware update (shown in the first screenshot) the 7.8 update hasnt come through
  • NY ATT Lumia 900 . Im going to keep trying , got my data and wifi on phone off .
  • I gave up. Forgot I had data enabled! Trying again now!
  • Lumia 800 Mexico not working yet, not even with cable trick :(
  • Estuve como 1 hora con un lumia 710 y por fin pude actualizar al primer update despues de 1 hora no te desanimes hombre que si se puede
    Tengo telcel como operador
    Saludos :)
  • con el truco ?
  • asi es ahorita apenas voy por el segundo update estoy desactivando mi internet wifi ya que estoy conectado mediante el despues de dar click a actualizar pasa un segundo y lo desactivo mediante la tecla de funcion y la tecla especial para apagar el wifi suerte :)
  • tuve que quitarle hasta el SIM para jalara jajajaja Gracias !!!
  • de que compañia es tu equipo?, alguien ha logrado actualizar un iusacell 710?
  • listo lumia 710 iusacell
    sin embargo parece que el HTC Radar no se deja
  • In about 20 minutes i succeded,updating right now! Greets from Italy!
  • Got my update on my HTC HD7 in Switzerland...unlocked of course...did not disconnect WiFi tho, but it worked...took me only like 20 minutes :D
  • Unlocked, unbranded or both?
  • I can confirm that both the mozart 7 and nokia 710 on orange uk CAN be tricked. Ps. The nokia's timing needs to be a casual 3 seconds "ish" persist and it will work :-)
  • Wouh, that was strange. As I Opened this article in the WP central App the popup with the notification for the update come in. I first thought that the article forced my update :) I didn't expect it so early on my HTC trophy with Vodafone German branding.
  • Hey it works =) , for all the people that have  a telcel i just updated my 710 to 7.8 =P so the cable trick works perfectly .
  • not working for me :( well I haven an unlucked one but I am with telcel.
  • Worked perfectly on my Optimus 7 on Telus.   This was my old phone with no SIM in it though.   Had to go through 2 older updates but it finally did 7.8.   Runs well.   Moving around tiles isn't as smooth as my 8x but that is to be expected.  Otherwise it runs great for what I tried. 
  • Just updated my HTC Radar which I bought outright. I didn't have to do this trick to get the update. After connecting my handset to Zune, it went straight to the update page. =)
  • what ?? no way! using mac connector?
  • OMG it worked for me!!!! updating as I type! i counted to 15 seconds before turning wifi off though 0.o
  • any news to hd7 t-mobile ??
  • Ok cable trick its working in mexico for telcel :)
  • Thanks for the tip. Worked like a charm. My "old" 900 is updated.  It was a trusty backup since I bricked my 920 and had to get a warranty exchange and now it is restoring which is taking a LONG time.  I'm having 2nd thoughts about selling my 900 now.  It's a great backup and it works well with Zune and ALL my music and playlists. 
  • Yes my Focus unlock (917R) now updating Canada
    did some body know what is the 7.10.8779.8 update is? I did not have the new tile, no accent...
  • You should see 3 updates as part of the 7.8 update with your Focus.
    The last update brings the new start screen tiles and features. Be patient and try again if you haven't already.
  • Updated Lumia 900 UK  earlier, have just down loaded Nokia Bluetooth app, which now works.  Got the QR code from WP Central previous articles.  All good.  Ring tone Maker still not working.
  • Got it to work after half a dozen attempts on a HTC 7 Pro in the UK. Thanks for the tip :)
  • Your instuctions worked the first time hurrah! Had to be done twice to get the right firmware just like you said. I'm in CA 
    Lumia 900 ATT unlocked,Will sell it for $300, just pop in your simcard with any gsm provider,cyan phone in new condition.
  • Worked for my wife's LG Optimus 7 on TELUS and my old Samsung Focus on Rogers.
  • Which Focus version did you update? That's encouraging if the Focus got the update as well.
  • I've tried with my Focus on Rogers, didn't work! :(
  • I give up.  Doesn't help that my update time can be anything from 5 seconds to 1:16.  I wish MS/Telco's would realise the stupid lengths we are all going to to simply update our phones in a reasonable time frame!!!
  • Dude, this is like day 1 of a multi device, multi week roll out. Be patient and your device will tell you when it's ready. Or, if you are not the patient type, jump through the hoops.
  • HTC radar if you can here me please update
  • Was anyone able to get a Verizon HTC Trophy to update? I had no luck.
  • I've had no luck with mine.  I hope the Trophy (on Verizon) gets the update soon.
  • Ok I'm officially announcing Trophy doesn't have an update avaliable. Since I've heard EU versions of the phone went through I swapped out my sim for a European one, changed the region settings on my phone as well as PC, disabled locations on my phone and hoped for the best. It seems like the update is designed for the European version of Trophy aka"Spark."  My guess is that were gonna be last to get the update since Verizon is one of the few i know that has phones run under CDMA, and that will require a tweak or two.
  • I must be dense. The instructions are conflicting. I'm trying to update my HTC Titan on AT&T.
    The first set of instructions say to unplug your computer from the Internet and wait for Zune to give you an error that it can't connect. Then reconnect to the Internet and it should tell you there is an update. But Zune needs an instruction to tell it to look again, no? I get nothing when I plug back into the Internet.
    In the second set of instructions, #4, it says that Zune will tell you an update is available, not that it will give you an error message as was indicated in the first set of instructions.
    So I'm confused. I have data and wi-fi off on the phone. I connect the phone to Zune, it starts looking for an update, I unplug from the Internet, I get an error that Zune can't connect right now try later. I reconnect to the Internet and Zune just sits there.
    Any tips?
  • Pretty sure this ATT update is Lumia 900 only-unless someone can show me where it says its for all 7.5 devices..
  • No you are correct. Only the L900 on ATT got the update today...people who try the zune trick are only wasting their time and causing frustration for themselves. ...if only people read other comments on these posts, everyone would understand this!
  • False - I guess you didn't read the other comments
  • ^^^The instructions are conflicting. I'm trying to update my HTC Radar on T-Mobile.
    The first set of instructions say to unplug your computer from the Internet and wait for Zune to give you an error that it can't connect. Then reconnect to the Internet and it should tell you there is an update. But Zune needs an instruction to tell it to look again, no? I get nothing when I plug back into the Internet.
    In the second set of instructions, #4, it says that Zune will tell you an update is available, not that it will give you an error message as was indicated in the first set of instructions.
    So I'm confused. I have data and wi-fi off on the phone. I connect the phone to Zune, it starts looking for an update, I unplug from the Internet, I get an error that Zune can't connect right now try later. I reconnect to the Internet and Zune just sits there.
    Any tips???
  • You are unplugging your internet too soon. Unlike the article stated, I had to give a good 5-7 seconds before unplugging.
  • I do that nd still the same thing except I have a Nokia Lumia 710.
  • Worked on my L900 AT&T. I noticed that Zune always did the "no update" message so even with no internet it would display that. If that happens, it will never work until you fix that. Putting the phone into airplane mode fixed it for some reason. Maybe zune checks if the phone sees an update when windows can't connect. Anyway, you are on the right track if you get the "can't check for update" when you cut the internet too soon, and you get the "you have the latest" message when you are too slow. You have to catch it in between.
  • The problem seems to be that I have maybe a second before I get the "up to date" message.
    Let me make sure I understand:
    1) Turn off cellular/data, wi-fi, and maybe need to try airplane mode
    2) Fire up Zune and then plug in the phone, let the first update check go through
    3) Click out of Update in Zune and then click Update again while possibly simultaneously disconnecting the computer from the Interwebs
    4) Hopefully Zune doesn't give you "can't connect" or "up to date" but instead the glorious "update is available"
  • Si.
  • im trying to do it, but it keeps telling me that it up todate (7720) doing something wrong?
    i have a lg quantum att...
  • My lumia 900 att will say on the phone its self when i try to force update it. it will say on the phone update isavailable but on my computer it will say cant check for update or whatever what do i do? cause when i close out of the update is available thing on my phone it says up to date on the phone its self as well help
  • Any word on the quantum?
  • ATT LG Quantum successfully updated to 8779 from 8773. I had to unbrand it first and then do the Zune trick. I haven't proceeded to 8858 because Zune made a backup so I will wait a few days to make sure the phone is stable first.
  • im trying to do it, but it keeps telling me that it up todate (7720)  doing something wrong?
  • Nothing, I'm a veteran of the Mango Force-Update so i know what i'm doing.
    My Old HTC Mozart refuses to sneak the update.... >< 
  • hmpf, nothing here for my old trophy
  • Anyone get this to work for the LG Quantum C900?
  • ATT LG Quantum successfully updated to 8779 from 8773. I had to unbrand it first and then do the Zune trick. I haven't proceeded to 8858 because Zune made a backup so I will wait a few days to make sure the phone is stable first.
  • Hi there, everyone! :) I'm in a bit of a doozy that from what I've seen from the comments, no one has experienced this issue yet. I have an AT&T Nokia Lumia 900 and because the normal update process doesn't show Windows Phone 7.8 as available yet, I resorted to forcing the update. Starting off, everything went smooth; I disconnected the internet at the right times, got the updates to pop up, and proceeded to install the update with the internet turned back on. NOW for the problem. When the update process gets to the very end (restarting your phone and completing the updates, it's a 2-step process), it resets my phone normally. However, when it gets to step 2 of 2 and says "completing updates", I immediately get an "Update Error" message that says update failed. The error code is 80070003. I tried again with Airplane Mode on, tried a third time with just Wi-Fi and Data off and my sim card removed, and my latest try was Airplane Mode on with sim card removed (my first 2 tries were with sim card inserted). Is there anyone that has experienced this issue and if so, can anyone help me get passed it? I really would love to have WP7.8. :(
  • @TranLePhu....
    Make some available space on the phone and the computer. Your computer must have 16GB of free space.
  • Still nothing for Samsung Focus (ATT). Anyone else had any luck with the first gen Focus?
  • I got it to work! Though I changed the registry a long time ago from ATT-US to ROG-CA when I got tired of at&t holding out on the disappearing keyboard fix. It was actually quite simple to change the registry. Took a couple of hours though as I recall.
  • Cool so the ROG-CA trick is still working for the Focus. I'll have to give that a try tonight.
    yup, worked for both of our Focii. 1 updated without being forced, the other needed each update forced. Well worth the effort.
  • I gave up after 30 minutes. Try again another time
  • No luck updating my HTC HD 7. I was able to force the Mango update during the 1st try but I'm not feeling good about this given the latest news that HTC won't support us. I'm bummed and may say good-bye to HTC.
  • Have you read peoples post and the article? Plenty of people have got this on their HD7. Just not Tmobile. Hopefully soon. Not all carriers have it yet.
  • Lumia 900 on AT&T and I'm stuck at 0% download for 10 minutes...anyone else having this problem?
  • I have found that timing is crucial if you want to make to make it work with the cable trick. Here it says 3 seconds max. For me it had to be up to 8 seconds to make it work, so keep trying with 3,4,5,6,7,8 .....
  • WOOOO HOOOOO!!!!!!! Working with my Lumia 800 in Canada!!!!  Took a few tries disconnecting interent, connecting/diconnecting phone but getting it right now!!!!!  Looking forward to it finishing.  After mine completes, time totry my daugter Lumia 610!!!
  • Your Lumia 800 is the international version or the Telus one?
  • Telus version!!
  • Tried like fifteen times, doesn't work on my unlocked Rogers Lumia 900 :( Sometimes I get an error code
  • BOOM!! installing now on my at&t l900. Hopefully it all goes smooth. Took me about 25 tries, but after reading the comments I let it check for updates for about 4.5 seconds then pulled the plug and it worked! If you are getting the message "cant check for updates no internet connection, blah blah blah", you pulled to early. That was my problem. But it's going now! Gonna try my old focus next
  • T-Mo in the USA had no comments.
  • This trick works with "Airplane mode off", on Lumia 900 ATT.
  • No love with my quantum after about 10 tries from step 1-10 (although, your text description and actual steps description differ, at least how I read them).
    Any other Quantum users have luck?  I did it with Mango no problem...
  • ATT LG Quantum successfully updated to 8779 from 8773. I had to unbrand it first and then do the Zune trick. I haven't proceeded to 8858 because Zune made a backup so I will wait a few days to make sure the phone is stable first.
  • Any one get AT&A Titan II to force update yet?
  • A few tips for people.
    After much frustration it finally worked. I found that if you disconnect in time it waits for a while and then says "can't check for updates right now" before it says that, keep toggling the WiFi connection on and off. This worked for me. Hope it helps.
  • I fully disabled my wifi, turned off wifi and data on phone and use wired connection on my laptop.  much easier and quicker to disconnect reconnect etc.  Also it seemed to work better unplugging my phone and reconnecting for each try
  • what phone?
  • HTC titan UK unlocked
  • running 7.8 after three updates
    Slovakia - Samsung Omnia W unlocked
  • I can't get Zune to install on my Windows 8 PC. I didn't bother after I switched to the 920, but I want I update my 900 backup phone!
  • Zune should install. Prerelease Win 8 had issues, but the zune installer and/or win8 fixed that since then.
  • Worked fine for my unbranded Omnia W (SGH-i677 here in Brazil).
  • Actually no, I forced the cabs.
  • Updating to version 7.10.8783.12 on my unlocked Lumia 800 in Venezuela. I received the update as soon as I connected it on Zune, there was no need of using the trick above. I'll have to wait until this one ends and see if i can get the last version (7.10.8858.136) automaticaly. Patience! :) 
  • ATT LG Quantum updating to 8779 right now from 8773.  I had to unbrand it first and then do the trick described in this article.  There's a typo in the update.  It says "his update will:" instead of "This update will:"
    Update was successful.  I will have to stay here for a week or two to make sure it's stable since a backup of 8773 was just taken.
  • My L900 isn't pickup the update on the phone and att is no help, I thought we were first on the list how long do I have to wait
  • EDIT: Now i'm getting the last version (YEEEEES). Unlocked Lumia 800 in Venezuela.  
  • Update currently in progress here. Step 8 out of 10 on the Lumia 900 on ATT. I followed the step by step instructions as it is in the article with the addtion of turning on airplane mode first. it wouldn't work with airplane mode on for me. It also wouldn't work with Zune being open already. I had to close Zune and let the phone wake it back up when I plugged in. It would hang when I tried without closing Zune first. I will report if I have issues after completion. 
  • got trying for the next
  • Followed the cable pull trick and got my update. L900 ATT Oklahoma.
  • I tried on my Lumia 900 at&t and i cant download the just hangs at downloading at long did it take for your update to download?
  • Did you turn on /plug in your internet connection when before it started trying to download the update?
    I know it was a silly question but something easioy overlooked.
    Your phone may allow the update over your wireless network after starting it so you may just want to try to get it to update indipendantly of your computer.
  • Tried multiple times on my HTC 7 Mozart, with no success. :( This trick worked when i updated to Mango, so i'm pretty sure i got the timing right too...
  • DItto, you arnt alone mate!
  • Branded...
  • It did an update but it shows as 8783 after the that the ccorrect version. It's Lumi 900 on AT&T
  • You have to do the process one more time after updating it to 8783. Then it should show that the next update (8858)
  • Yep now I was able to force it again & it's installing 8858.
  • It should be build 8858. It took me multiple tries but I finally got it to update. You just have to keep trying the trick till it works. Make sure your phone is in airplane mode as you do it.
  • Edit: It took me many many tries and I was frustrated but I finally got it. I'm updated to build 8858. It turns out that I had switched off airplane mode after 8783. Once I realized and put it on airplane mode, the next time I tried I was able to force the update.
  • 8783 installing now!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Wow just went through and it said it was updated - nope!
  • Some older/minor update after 7.5 before i got the 7.8 update
  • Thanks... Must have been the 'minor' update. 7.8 here I come...
  • so have u succeded in 7.8 bcoz i got 8779 but now no luck (lumia 710)
  • Oh man, I finally got it! Gotta be patient and try a couple times, took me about 12x. Currently installing on my unlocked Rogers Lumia 900 (CANADA)
  • Updating now on LG Optimus 7 on Telus in Canada - looks like that whole "LG phones won't get 7.8 update" thing was just a rumor.
    EDIT: Didn't find additional updates after the first update - had to re-do this trick to get it to get the 7.8 update. Updating now.
  • Forced 7.8 update to my unlocked HTC Trophy (branded by Vodafone Germany). It took me 5 updates (all forced) to get to the last one - 7.10.8858.136.
  • Got it on Samsung Focus. Have to get some older updates twice before getting 7.8. (I have 7.5 before btw)
    EDIT: Lock on Rogers Canada Sorry can't remember the first 2 updates.
  • Unlocked?
  • Which network? Also did you get a firmware too? What are the numbers for both the OS and firmware?
  • What carrier?
  • Network ? my focus stock to 7.10.8779
  • I'm using an unlocked Lumia 800, T-mobile UK. I managed to install the Nokia update using the disconnect internet method, but on repeating to get the other updates, I get a message on the phone saying update is available but Zune says there isn't. Any ideas how do solve this discrepancy?
  • Keep using the disconnect method
  • I've tried multiple times. And on multiple occasions I get the notification on my phone, but nothing on Zune. And it takes a good number of attempts to even make that happen!
    But thank you. I'll give it a few more goes every now and then, if it doesn't work, I'll wait for the official notification. Really looking forward to this! :D.
  • If you are forcing this update make sure to do it again after the first update. The new start screen is the second update. There might be a third I don't know for sure yet. But u have to repeat the disconnect process for the second update. Check the article he says the final build os number to be sure your phone is at that
  • I now own an HTC Titan on Orange (EE) UK running 7.8 !!
  • Samsung Omnia 7, VIPnet, Croatia
    Took a lot of patience. Received 8779, 8783 and finally 8858.
    Good luck everyone!
  • How long did you wait after pressing Update?
    Cable or WiFi internet connection?
  • You wouldnt believe what just happened to me, I stumbled upon this article about an hour ago and couldnt believe that  I could get the new 7.8 on my HD7s after all, because last few days there were numerous articles on the web that the new update wont even happen for most htc-s with 7.5 OS, what made me really angry and disapointed on HTC .  And then out of the blue comes this, I got so happy, get out of my bed, turn on my computer to update it, AND YOU WOULDNT BELIEVE IT, while my pc was turning on, notification pops on on my phone that new update is available ( and I checked it via wifi minutes ago, and there wasnt any), and voila, I updated my HD7 wirellesly to new 7.8 OS without even connecting it to pc or tricking zune! :))) Its fantastic, new interface looks great, new colors, wooohoooo! hope all of you also get the new 7.8
    VIP Croatia
  • HTC were getting a lot of criticism but you could argue that they brought that on themselves by allowing incorrect information to get out via Twitter etc.
  • So you're saying a first gen WP device updated over WiFi without connecting through Zune? I find this really hard to believe... 
  • I couldnt believe it either, Im telling you it happened exactly like that, I connected it on zune a week ago and there was no update, and when I saw this i turned on my wifi (usually turned off, mobile network faster) just to check for update, there was none, and in 3-4 minutes till I got to my pc and pressed the ON button notification on the phone poped out, I pressed update and it did the rest on its own!;) I did set up wifi update ages ago, and last few updates were via wifi also. I have apsolutely no reason to lie to you;)
  • Tried the Disconnect trick.... it gave an update is available for HTC Radar (Factory Unlocked) from Pakistan
    Hope so it perfectly updates :)
  • My update has been stuck on Step 6 of 9: Restarting Your Phone for the last hour or so. Should I take any steps to cancel or just wait it out?
  • wait, that is probably because its instaling more then one update! let it go through
  • as the article says. Thanks!
  • 2 hrs and counting now :(
  • 8858 finally installing...takes a few tries and some patience but it gets there :)
  • I've tried this at least 30 times, varying the time between hitting 'update' and the wifi switch, anywhere from hitting the switch a couple of seconds before hitting 'update' to a couple of seconds after hitting 'update'.  I'm always getting the same message, my version is up to date.  BTW, I have an ATT Lumia 900, should be capable of getting the update.  Any other suggestions?
  • Make sure your phone is on airplane mode when you do it. (not conencted to wifi or cellular). That was the problem on my end when I failed. I'm an AT&T L900 too.
  • Anyone get the update for the HTC Trophy on Verizon?
  • I have not been able to get the update on my Verizon HTC Trophy.  I tried the cable trick 4 times with no luck.
  • Tried it, but didn't work. Oddly enough, I think it simply redid the 7.5 update. Well, at worst, I got another, more recent, backup point :p
  • Am I the only Lumia 900 owner who is content to wait until he receives the official update? Or is that too primitive for the WP Central community...  :-)
  • It's only you. LOL!
  • This is the official update. I think you mean content to wait for notification... Eh?
  • Nope... I waited too. It's all good
  • I tried quite a few times with my HTC Radar anyone have any luck with that phone?
  • Mine is on 2nd update right now
  • For TMobile USA??
  • I can walk you through a manual update if you want. Just did it on mine. Just reply here if you want to.
  • Please, I can't figure out how to manually push mine past 8107.