Forest for Windows Phone aims to free you from your phone addiction

Forest is a new app for Windows Phone that hopes to make you less addicted to your Windows Phone. It's a well-reviewed app on Android and iOS, so we're very happy to see it join the Windows Phone Store. This is an app you need to check out if you're having trouble focusing because of your phone.


Forest helps to be the phone cure to your phone addiction. Use this app the next time you're finishing a project or hanging out with friends.

Here's what you can look forward to with the first release of Forest on Windows Phone


  • A self-motivated and interesting method to help you beat phone addiction.
  • Cultivate your personal pattern of time management: make good use of 30-minutes to fully concentrate on your work and finish it effectively.
  • Share your forest with friends.
  • Track your history in a simple and pleasant way.

New features:

  • Work with phone: The trees won't be killed anymore. Please be honest with yourself ☺
  • Delete history: Reset your forest and clear all those dead trees.

Exclusive features: (Only On Windows Phone Version)

  • Lock Screen Support: You can show the remaining time on the lock screen!

It's an interesting concept to help you put your phone down and focus on a task at hand. Even if only for thirty minutes. The Windows Phone version is nice and works as expected. While we know the app is designed to give you thirty minutes of distraction-free time, we'd love the ability to set custom timers above that time limit.

This little app will set you back $0.99, but that's a small price to pay if you find yourself unable to pull away from your phone.

QR: Forest

Sam Sabri
  • Do a post on candy crush as well. The game is live on the store!
  • You're joking, right? If you read the site you'll see that Candy Crush was covered hours ago.
  • It was? My bad then. I might've missed it. Sorry.
  • Ya know...this site is generally pretty good at its job ;-)
  • Amen!
  • +630
  • Giving benefit of the doubt, not everyone is needs the app featured in this story, and hence have yet to work their way down the list to the earlier story.
  • Talk about Epic Fail! lol
  • Do you mean like this one ?
  • Yeah, that one exactly.
  • Now, you are... P0wned! Hahaha
  • Queue the "99cents??? It should be free!" comments.....
  • I don't mind paying, but where's the trial? I should be able to know something works as expected before buying it.
  • My thoughts exactly. I'd like to try it out before I part with my money. If it proves useful I'm happy to pay
  • Ditto. If there is no trial, then there is no purchase from this consumer. I don't buy unless I try first. Too many apps don't live up to promises, and I have no personal experience with it on other phones, since Windows Phone is my first and only smart phone.  I don't trust someone else's review. I want to see it for myself before I lay down the money.  $.99 is cheap, no issue there, it's the lack of trial that makes me say no to it. I've paid for quite a few apps and am quite happy with them. But.... I got to try them out first.
  • Weird.
  • Give it a try~ Forest is designed to help people stay focused during work, studying and with friends. :)
  • Try? Where's the "try"?
  • Okay, Mr. Developer of this app. You have replied to several people to "Give it a try", yet you provide NO TRIAL.  Don't treat us all as stupid sheep. If we were, we'd have an iPhone. WP users are more intelligent than that. Either offer a free trial, or shut up. My 2 cents. As a retired computer programmer with 30+ years experience, I despise developers who refuse to offer a way for people to try out the product before making the purchase. It's not that hard to do. You want purchases? Offer a limited trial. Please don't let me keep seeing you telling people to "give it a try" when you offer no avenue to legitimately do that. I find that very distasteful, and because of it, have decided I won't give your app a "try" even if you decide to start offering the trial. In my eyes, you simply aren't trustworthy enough to put one of your apps on my phone. I'll check your listing and make sure I don't have any apps made by you on your phone, and if you do, I'm uninstalling. I'm not going to be insulted by a developer who wants my money.
  • We're very sorry for our mistakes. This is our first Windows Phone app and we didn't know the special trail mechanism of WP platform. We really should survey this information in advance. Also, our developer's reply was inappropriate and didn't respect the consumers. Sorry for his immature behavior and our inexperience. We had modified the codes and provided a 24-hour trail in Forest, which will be released in a few days. We hope this can let more users try Forest and help us make it better. Thanks for your advice.
  • "Forest is a new app for Windows Phone that hopes to make you less addicted to your Windows Phone."   And here I was thinking Microsoft was doing a great job at achieving that by themselves...=P   Provocation aside, seems like a cool app. Though, when I'm with friends, we abide by the rule that whomever picks up their phone for non-urgent reasons, pays the current round of drinks or dinner or whatever we're doing.
  • You nailed it perfectly
    Microsoft does a better job at making WP less attractive
  • Do you speak for yourself or everyone else?
  • 99cents for microsoft...
  • +520 lol
  • Lol..
  • I never would think you need help in becoming distraction-less. I guess phone addiction really is a problem. Looks like a well polished app tho.
  • I hope this App doesn't consume too much battery。
  • I hope this app doesn't show too much "resuming" screen....
  • Forest will compute the remain time when you're back from the lock screen. (This usually takes 1s under amortized analysis. XD )
  • I hope this app doesn't show beta on its name..
  • Forest  for Windows Phone is v1.1 release currently. :) (Instagram is the one who always under the BETA version.)
  • I hope this app stop all the complaining (for everything) posts... A must app if true xDDD
  • Forest can run under the lock screen. The background task will only take little computation power. So feel free to plant a tree.  :)
  • Great idea for a app. Going to help alot while studying. Downloading now.
  • Thank you! :) Hope you have a nice time with Forest. ^^
  • I read the article and still don't have any idea what Forest is...
  • So click on the "download app" link and read the description. Problem solved :)
  • Give it a try! Forest is designed to help you stay focused! :)
  • Turn off phone, cost nothing
  • Just what I needed. I hope it works xD 
  • We hope that Forest could help you stay focused! :)
  • Thanks to this app I'm not addicted to my phone anymore.
    This app is really addicting.... Oh wait...
  • lol. exactly! maybe he meant "less addicted to phone" is stuff like scrolling the menu, swipe to app list, open settings, have fun with Cortana. :p
  • Nope~!  Once you leave the app, the tree will die. (Except for lock screen) (Next time when you want to have fun with Cortana, be ware of your tree!)
  • We're glad that Forest can help users to stay focus~!  :)
  • 99 cents? I guess I'll have to go work for a bit so I can buy the app. The problem is that I can't quite focus enough to work right now. If only there were an app to help me do that so that I could buy this app...
  • 頑張れ!
  • ありがとう。頑張ります。このアプリを本当に買いたいから。しかし、最近仕事は普通よりけっこう大変になって、あまり働きたくなくなってきた。
  • Forest is a new app for Windows Phone that hopes to make you less addicted to your Windows Phone I don´t need an app, Microsoft did that job by itself. And god, they tried hard.
  • I certainly don't need an app for that function, it's funny actually people think the lack of need to always be on a nokia phone is supposed to be an insult yet ironically it's the opposite. It's not insulting it just emphisizes that it's users aren't zombies. Like this for example I'm not even sure if this is supposed to be an insult or a thumbs up to be perfectly honest lol
  • It's definitely a thumbs up
  • That actually seems very neat!! Im getting that for my current device (822) and I do my developing with my (1020), I think ill do this for when I develop and do my school work.
  • Thank you. :) Keep developing great apps for Windows Phone.
  • Thank you! :) I appreciate it my friend, thank you for the support
  • Ms is good at making us less addicted! Read this ms! Everyone's saying!.... In 2015, show us that, You can Make us addicted to 10!
  • Then we will have Forest launched on Windows 10 ^^
  • Hi, I am the developer of Forest. Thanks for the detailed review. Forest is originally released on AppStore and GooglePlay. A few months ago, we received many requests for porting Forest to Windows Phone. After considering the possibility, I asked a classmate to help us develop this WP version. We are still working on other features that is currently only available in the iOS version, such like adjustable timer, forest synchronization, note for each tree, etc. We hope you like it and find it useful. Please feel free to contact us if you have any question or suggestion :) Email:
  • Hi, I'm the developer of Forest Windows Phone Verson. Hope you guys will like this app. :)
  • No... I'm the developer of forest windows.... And I am called Brian..... And so is my wife ;-p
  • You guys are awesome for not ignoring us WP users.  It is a grownig community, and we could use all the support from devs lke you guys.
  • Actually, I'm a big fan of Microsoft. When Marcus asked me if I could cover the porting to Windows Phone, I did not hesitate to jump into coding!
  • It's amazing! Thanks for WP version.
  • It you want more uptake you should provide a Trial option - it is very easy to implement trial behavior. Since its quite a niche app, and not obvious that it will be useful, many users will be put off paying up front, myself included sorry.
  • Am I the only one who sees the irony in this app? You have to use your phone with this app to..... Err...... Not use the phone... Or app lol
  • An app to help fight phone addiction...complete with social media integration. There's an irony in there somewhere. Nah I kid. Looks good. And yes. Phone addiction is a thing.
  • wait so, whats the purpose? we plant a digital tree for 30 min, and if we dont touch our phone it will grow?
  • Very good app, thanks!
  • Thank you. :)
  • How about - if i leave ny phone for 30 mins ill get 1$ transferred to my account? ^_^ that'll surely cure my phone addiction :)
  • And after 79.6 billion minutes, not only Forest will cure your phone addiction, but you'll become as rich as Bill Gates. XD  (Just kidding~...)
  • Amazing!
  • Thank you. :)
  • Really??
  • Oh look. It's not available for my Lumia 928 because Verizon is a huge hairy ballsack and won't release the 8.1 update.
  • Just get the developer preview buddy, that's what I did. Verizon is a heartless bitch.
  • What is the success rate of detoxing in other platforms by this applications?