From the Forums: Lumia 920 goes to the bathroom, turns into Hulk

It's that time for another From the Forums, which serve to help keep you up-to-date with the latest threads on our Windows Phone forum that begin to drive some traffic. The Windows Phone Central community forum can be a busy place at times, and it can prove difficult to keep up with everything that's being published. We'll highlight a few threads that you may have missed on your travels.

First up is the Lumia 920 (which is the featured Windows Phone in today's FTF). Windows Phone Central member boo516's brother reportedly managed to drop a Lumia 920 down the toilet. But that's not exciting on its own, right? Correct! Which is why the story continues on with the Lumia 920 being 'cleaned' and then functioning as normal. Now that is durability.

In the same thread, Mars2003 published a related image:

Nokia Funny Toilet

Unfortunately no photos of the device in question have been published, so we can't be sure of any damage the device has sustained, but it's an interesting story to say the least. We'd not recommend anyone attempting to reproduce using their own Lumia Windows Phone - for the sake of replacing a damaged toilet.

We've previously looked at stories detailing drops, accidental damage and intense tests to determine just how much of a beating the Lumia 920 can withstand, but have you encountered any situation where you felt as though it wouldn't survive and was pleasantly surprised? Add your thoughts and more in the "Lumia vs toilet" thread.

The Lumia 920 can turn green

It's common knowledge the Lumia 920 can survive a nuclear blast, as can all hardware Nokia produces. But it can also turn green, with the help of available skins. Forum member madhukrishna did just that and applied a skin to his Lumia 920, which turned the sturdy Windows Phone into a simplistic Hulk calling device.

Lumia 920 Hulk

Are you into applying skins to devices? While the look of the Lumia 920 is favoured among owners, should you not be able to get the desired colour it's an effective way to mask the Windows Phone in a unique coat.

Check out more shots of the Lumia 920 Hulk Windows Phone in the "Hulk Skin for the Lumia 920" thread.

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