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A Forza Horizon 3 demo could be landing on September 12th for Xbox One and Windows 10

Photographs taken at a GAME store in the UK point to September 12th for the launch of the trial, which, if accurate, will give players a chance to try Forza Horizon 3 for themselves before picking it up on September 27th.

The Tweet in question can be found at this link, but here are a couple of screencaps in case GAME take them down. The demo is advertised as a border for one of GAME's demonstration units, which can be seen running Asetto Corsa.

Considering the two separate photographs I'm willing to declare these leaks to be legit, and we'll probably get a formal announcement from Microsoft very soon. Given Forza Horizon 3's status as a Play Anywhere title, I would expect this 'free' demo to be available on both Xbox One and Windows 10.

Forza Horizon 3 takes the arcade racer franchise to the open-world Australian outback, complete with a wide array of new features and full cross-purchasing and cross-multiplayer between Xbox One and Windows 10. Richard Devine went hands-on with Forza Horizon 3 recently, make sure you check out his preview at the link below.

Are you excited for Forza Horizon 3? Let us know in the comments!

Forza Horizon 3 will launch on September 27th, 2016 for Xbox One and Windows 10.

Thanks @AliHashbrown for the tip!

Jez Corden
Jez Corden

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  • Im really looking forward to it.
  • No Volkswagens :(
  • Is that confirmed? There are VWs in Apex.
  • I know. They have some kind if issue. They can't put them in the game. Porsche isn't there either. And for the person that downvoted my comment - Fuc.k you. Feeding on other pain.
  • There.  Evened it up for you.
  • Brought it back to original.
  • Super pumped for this game, loved Horizon 2.
  • So amped, but can't pre-order (no xbox, no xbox store in my region) as there no listing in the windows store yet. Hopefully closer to that time there will be a listing I hope, need that ultimate edition
  • I knew they would. Just like 2014.
  • Definitely excited for this one! Can't wait! :D
  • Excited? Super excited!
  • That tweet is so off-centre frankly it looks like an intentional leak. Just like how GAME were the ones who revealed the final Forza 6 Nascar DLC.
  • That would be nice.
  • Can't wait for this one. My favorite racing series. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The Forza games have all been excellent.
  • Looking forward to this one for sure.... Day one buy... Loved 1 and 2...
  • I hope so! Looking forward to playing this.