Forza Horizon 3: Our first play with video footage!

One of Microsoft's big titles for the fall season on both Xbox One and Windows 10 is Forza Horizon 3. The launch isn't too far out now, but visitors to Cologne's Gamescom, like us, are able to get their hot little hands on a quick gameplay demo right now.

And that's exactly what we did!

This isn't an extensive playtest, but Microsoft has the "Forzathon" set up to show off a snapshot of some of the best we can expect from the new title. Sandy beaches, forest tracks, a Jeep hanging from a helicopter and the incredible Lamborghini Centenario that graces the cover. The footage below is captured directly from the event and is limited to 30FPS due to the capture hardware provided by Microsoft.

We'll have a full preview in the coming days, but check out our first run through below!

Update: To clarify on the mixed messages being put out at the show, all Gamescom footage recorded with Microsoft's hardware was limited to 30FPS, with both Xbox One and Windows 10 captures available. Xbox One is set to 1080p 30FPS, but the Windows 10 version will be up to 4K resolution and has an unlocked frame rate.

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Richard Devine
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