Forza Motorsport 7 will weigh in at nearly 100GB on Xbox One — and that's without 4K assets

Microsoft and Turn 10 really aren't kidding when they call Forza Motorsport 7 the biggest game in the franchise yet. In a recent blog post, the Forza team revealed that the game will weigh in at a whopping 95GB at launch. The kicker? That's before you even add 4K assets for the Xbox One X into the mix.

According to the post, the on-disc portion of the game will only come in at 45GB. An additional day-one patch to be released on September 29 will balloon the game's size up to the 95GB mark. That said, you'll still be able to jump into Forza 7 if you only have the disc to play with. From Turn 10:

Naturally, the game can be played from the disc alone. However, if you want to experience the true depth and breadth of content in Forza Motorsport 7, you'll want to take the additional update. A great example is the Forza Driver's Cup single-player campaign. While all players can complete the first play-through of the Forza Driver's Cup on disc, beating the series unlocks a wealth of new Forza Driver's Cup content, including new competitive and Showcase events, as well as new trophies and Driver Gear rewards. In order to access those new events and rewards, you'll need to have the additional update installed.

No matter how you slice it, a footprint of nearly 100GB is massive for a single game — particularly when there's more DLC to come. And since that's before 4K assets are added, this also gives us a small window into the space issues many are sure to run into when the Xbox One X arrives in November and 4K games hit the scene. On that point specifically, Turn 10 only notes that the Xbox One X update will be "large" and will land alongside the Xbox One X on November 7.

Fortunately, as we've recently learned, Microsoft does have some tricks up its sleeve to shrink game sizes as much as possible. Still, 4K games are going to only keep ballooning in size as developers start taking full advantage of the horsepower of the Xbox One X. At the very least, you'll probably want to start thinking about which external hard drive you'll want to supplement the Xbox One X's built-in 1TB drive.

Forza Motorsport 7 is set to launch in full on October 3, but Ultimate Edition owners can dive in early on September 29. The game will feature a roster of more than 700 cars, and a number of famous tracks from around the world. You can preorder the game now starting at $59.99. Microsoft will also release a Forza Motorsport Demo on September 19.

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  • They really need to stop releasing these games so early w/o the day one patches so that the discs can have a purpose to exist. You're really getting an inferior experience at all times by buying the discs. Also, if the 4k assets aren't on the disc, how will offline play work for anyone on the Xbox One X?
  • It will work fine, once you have downloaded the 4K textures, but you'll have to be online to get that initial download.  The Dual Layer Blu Ray only has a 50GB capacity, there isn't room for more so you'd have to go back to the days of multi-disc games and I don't think anyone wants that.  The Xbox One/S doesn't support the BR-XL formats which have 100/128GB capacity options.  
  • Damn, that really sucks. I think they should probably start shipping dual Blu-Rays in the package for install. One with standard assets and another with 4K assets for when this situation arises. As I understand FM7 isn't exactly a native 4k launch title but games going forward need to address this.
  • Honestly I think they should offer it as two discs. Once you've installed it, you don't need both discs, so it isn't inconvenient for long.  And it wouldn't cost Microsoft that much more to burn another disc and shove in the same packaging. There's enough people with Internet that is too slow or capped - or maybe even some who don't want to go online at all. If they're buying a disc instead of digital, it is quite possibly because of something like that (I know there are other reasons), and they will still have to deal with half of it. Related note: I wish Xbox had a setting to limit updates to certain hours. We're unlimited any time of day now, but previously we got unlimited overnight and a cap during the day. It would have been great to say "just download updates between these hours" so we didn't have to worry about data caps.
  • If you do some quick math, FM7 would require at least 3 discs.  If the current game with day 1 patch comes in at 95GB then there isn't any room on the second disc for the 4K assets.  Nobody knows how large the 4K assets are going to be yet and you still have to insert the disc to play the game.  This is the main reason I went to all digital game purchases.  I was tired of swapping discs every time I wanted to play a different game. What would have been golden is if the Xbox One X was designed with the ability to upgrade the hard drive without voiding the warranty via an end user serviceable slot, similar to what we had on the 360.   It sounds like I'll be adding to the 4TB external drive I have now.  If I install all 200 or so titles I have in my library I'm under 1TB remaining on the drive as is.
  • It's simply not practical anymore. For reference, the GTA 5 boxed copy for PC I bought came on 7 dual-layer DVDs for a total of around 55-60GB of data - add the multiple patches/dlc since and that has probably added/rewritten 20GB or so since purchase, which being multiple patches have to be done in order - and asking rockstar for them all on another disc isn't viable. One top of that, those discs were used just to install the game - the always-on sign-in means I don't need then ever again (if I reinstall on a new pc, I can download the installer from rockstar and sign-in to start a clean download). Going back much further, I've still got the copy of Monkey Island 2 for Amiga - 11 floppy disks that required hot swapping (sa my 500 had no HDD) - physical copies, even with a 2nd floppy drive were even more anoying then  than they are now. Simply put, game development has changed, digital distribution is, in most cases, far better, and if you travel between 2 seperate locations regularly you can easily rebuild your libery without carting aroudn a huge box of game discs.
  • Whiskey Tango Foxtrot??????
  • The fox was trying to tango but it looked more like a stumbling trot due to the amount whiskey it consumed. Sierra Mike Hotel at the fox.
  • Halo 5 and Gears 4 already exceed 100GB each, this should surprise no-one.
  • Good grief. How awful is this. Some people have data caps of 500GB a month. So this one game will uses ~1/5 of that.
  • I feel sorry for these people, but you can't stop progress just because of them. Nobody should get home internet with data caps, especially not gamers! Some may have to learn that the hard way.
  • Ok, so it's only 50GB that you'll have to download. That's a hell of a day one patch.
  • I preordered the ultimate edition partially so I could play early. They really, really need to preload the day one patch because on my measly 3 Mbps DSL that rarely gets even that it will take the better part of three days to download a 50GB patch.
  • Damn, that sucks man. Hopefully they will preload it. Good luck!
  • 3 mbps is a joke, how can you live with that as a tech enthusiast and gamer?
  • day one patch is typically downloaded the day or two before the digital release anyways.  Unfortunately, for physical discs buyers they have to download the day of because the disc will most likely not be released or delivered until the release date.
  • Should only take about 15 mins if their servers give me full bandwidth to download.
  • It will be you and millions of other people at the same time. I can see the 1st week being slow to get the patch.
  • Time to start putting assets to install on a 2nd disc?
  • I miss the days when you purchased a game (cartridge) and everything was in the box to include game booklet with instructions.  Long Live my Sega Nomad.  :)
  • So, essentially the contents of the disk you purchase are completely replaced by a download that includes patched files.  What is the point of the buggy disk?  If I buy the game on-line or use a key code does it only take up 50GB of space rather than the disk 50GB plus the 45GB of patches?  Sounds like Windows Update where the hard drive fills up with patch history and prior restore point files.
  • No, you missunderstand, most of the games content is on the disk, you can install from the disk and run the game with no problems and without installing the patch, the patch is essentially a massive DLC that adds more features to the game. the game will take up 95Gb, not 50Gb which will be overwritten by the patch.
  • ok lol this is outrageous 1) The xbox one x should be 2TB minimum 2) You need a second hard drive to accomodate this game alone.
  • While I don't care about how big game file sizes are (even though I do lve in a country with woefully slow Internet speeds), it does really irritate me that the XBox One X is only going to be 1TB, also the 2TB Xbox One S consoles are flat out non existant in stores here, this really sucks and it basically forces people to buy an external drive. Master Chief Collection, Gears 4 and Forza 7 will take up half the stoarge on the Xbox One X, that is insane. Just chuck at least a 2TB in there, it's not like they are giving us SSD's in these consoles, they are basic drives, they don't cost a fortune wholesale.
  • I've always preferred discs over digital. I just like to have my games in my hand, not to mention I had ISP data caps for the longest time. I've also always had the concern that if everything is digital and we never really physically own anything, they can just come along and take it off the service and there's not a damn thing anyone can do about it. If games continue to get larger and larger like this, the death of discs is coming. We'll all be forced to go digital, which some people just can't do because they don't have reliable internet or they have data caps like I did, or Microsoft will have to find a way to give consumers a physical copy like on a thumbdrive or a MicroSD card.
  • woul'd be nice to see a tesla in the game...