'Fragments' for HoloLens is an incredible game that turns your home into a crime scene

HoloLens is still an impressive bit of kit even two years after it was announced, and there are many apps and games that push HoloLens to its limit. Today, we're taking a look at a game called Fragments (opens in new tab), that showed up in the Microsoft Store a while ago, turns your living space into a crime scene and puts you in the shoes of a detective from the future. This might be the most immersive HoloLens experience yet.

This is the first HoloLens game that genuinely made me think "wow, I can't wait for holographic gaming to become mainstream."

This is the first HoloLens game that genuinely made me think "wow, I can't wait for holographic gaming to become mainstream."

Everything from the characters to items you must inspect are world-aware, meaning they know where to stand or position themselves around the furniture in your room. Some of the characters are even able to sit down on surfaces where it would make sense to do so, which is incredible.

The game is also able to place evidence in specific locations in your room, without said evidence clipping objects in real life. There's also an element of surprise, as the game knows where you're standing at all times, characters can sneak up behind you without your knowledge, which is always a welcoming experience. The graphics are also pretty good for a game running on HoloLens, with characters materializing in and out, and crime scenes building with particle effects as you venture around your living space.

The best way to showcase this game is via video, which we have above. Make sure you check it out and let us know what you think in the comments.

Download Fragments at the Microsoft Store (opens in new tab)

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

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  • My home already is a crime scene
  • Mine is usually a Disaster Area, but never to the Crime Scene level.
  • Couldn't quite see, but did it use your computer screen to show information? And did you ever find that phone number? :-)
  • "a game called Fragments, that showed up in the Microsoft Store only a few months ago"  Come on Zac! I know you are late to the party but fragments is there on the Microsoft store ever since Hololens was released in March, 2016 ;")
  • Great, I only need 3000€ now... Or I'll wait 'til they decide to release a headset with video passthrough.
  • Fragments is awesome because it shows off just about everything that is possible with the HoloLens.....room awareness, furniture or surfaces aware and people aware which is the coolest or creepiest part.  You can play the game on different levels, the easiest I think is just guided mode.  The normal level took me a few hours to complete.  If you login to the device via a browser you can see what the HoloLens sees for the room then you can export it and load it into paint 3d.  Then save as an fbx file and load it back into the HoloLens.
  • It is fantasic... It was launched with the HoloLens.   It has been arround for like a year and a 1/2.