Free Nokia 360 Wireless Speaker for first 500 Lumia 920 orders at Phones4u

To provide further incentive for consumers to choose the Lumia 920, UK retailer Phones4u is offering a free Nokia 360 Wireless Speaker with each Lumia 920 order. This is on top of the already established inclusion of a free wireless charger with every Lumia sold.

The offer is limited to the first 500 orders, however. Should you be within the first 500, you'll receive the speaker and charger at no extra cost. If you happen to miss the opportunity due to demand, you'll still receive the charger with the Lumia 920, depending on stocks. But hey, this is for the Nokia flagship Windows Phone, which is the main prize after all, right?

Both the black and white versions of the 4G Windows Phone are available on EE - for delivery on November 19th. But with the uproar about EE's pricing for plans that contain low data allowances, we'll not sing praises for this offer.

Source: Phones4u; thanks, Mark, for the heads up!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • But the 920 is so huge and only a super strong woman like the World Class weight lifter Jessica Alba can carry it!
  • LMAO! I didn't even think of that!  The Verge reviewers are horrible!  They must be weak if they think the phone is to heavy.  It is the same weight as the HTC Arrive I own yet the 920 has a bigger screenand includes the hardware for the OIS containing camera.
  • The truth is her real name is Jelena Albanov, the olympic russian weightlifter who disappeared years ago while on a trip to disneyland! Its the only rational explanation, no normal woman would be able to carry such a beast otherwise!
  • Like like like
  • In fairness, she was carrying one together with her ipad... and to plug her business.  Not exactly the greatest advertisment for pocket portability.
  • What girl puts her phone in a pocket anyways?
  • is every one giving them????
  • Ok so now that there is clear point of sale what is the delay in annoucing the tariffs or mentioning when we can actually buy one?
  • AT&T to Lumia 900 owners:  "Sorry for the wait.  Upgrade to a shiny new Lumia 920 and we'll throw in a free wireless charging pad, a free wireless speaker, AND free wireless headphones!"  
    At least that's what I just wished for as I threw my two cents in the wishing well!  
  • Microsoft to WP8 users: I hope you like all this wireless coolness, but we thought we'd remove the wireless sync feature just to keep it real.
  • I would love to order it - but they don't have any in stock or know the tariffs (in the shops)  
  • I know me too ive called up so many phones4u stores and no one has stock and some dont even know when they will get it!
  • I've been in to 2 Phones4U shops, yesterday and today, and both times they said they were waiting for stock.... and if you go on their website, they don't have the red or yellow phone listed, nor do they show any 12 month contracts!! grrrrrr
  • I know its annoying with what is going on with the L920 no real solid information!!!! I dont mind signing up to EE's plans coz 12month is decent pricing if you compare to sim free but what annoys me about EE is that they're only offering black and white at the moment, dont get me wrong L920 looks nice in every colour but i really really want the yellow one... the device is already somewhat hard to get due to its exclusivity to EE why do they have to make the yellow and red only exclusive to phones4u (unless im reading the advertisments wrong Im pretty sure red and yellow will only be available at phones4u for the time being)
  • Called Phones4U today, they didn't even know if they'd offer it sim free. Talk about confusing.
  • haha i called up one store and he seemed sure they will get a "sim-free" L920 which is "unlocked" whilst other sources are saying the opposite it is very confusing just like the surface fiasco
  • I would also like to get one - release date today - Called Derby Nottingham and Birmingham p4u and ee stores and still no stock!!!
  • I'd order one, but they don't appear to be selling it outright, only with a contract. I already have a contract phone and I don't want another one: I want this for development.  I can't go elsewhere either as Phones4u appear to have exclusivity on it, which stinks.
  • I tell you what would be a better incentive to purchase... Selling the phone unlocked!
  • If it was SIM-free... I live in Canada and was looking at an international unlocked anyways... (don't want the black one)
  • I didn't see this offer when pre-ordering mine online. Also, one of the in-store reps said they'll have the 920s in stock this Monday. . .
  • Looking at the terms and conditions it looks like people who ordered yesterday will get the speaker but not the charger. I would cancel my preorder and order again but I'll have to wait until the 19th rather than the 6th.
  • If they had it yellow or cyan I would go NOW straight from work!! This is amazing deal even with EE plans!!
  • Seriously, why no cyan in the UK? It sucks. None of the other colours will go well with my cyan Surface keyboard! Grrr.
  • I'm looking to import one from USA. But looks like its AT&T only exclusive? And from my experience of Titans, unlocking them is a bitch!
  • Cyan should be mandatory in UK. TARDIS anyone? :D
  • The 8X dark blue is closer to the TARDIS colour :P
  • I'd prefer it if they just took the price of the speaker and charger away from these damn expensive contracts.
  • Where as I quite like they're offering this, considering they're gonna cost £50+ and can get the 920 on Orange for £50 unit price and on a £36/month contract for 24 months
  • urgh, i am so envoius at this news. i so want that 360 badly... anyone in exchange for in ear monster? ^_^
  • I notice the small print on the green sales tag in the pic appears to confirm a sim free price of £459.95, or £10 less with PAYG airtime...
  • It is a shame they are not offering grey. Was the colour I wanted, gutted. I would order it but you can only do it by signing up to an ee contract,due. and their plans do not float my boat. I have rang around all the phones 4 u shops in my area and nobody knew when they were due. Ee stores are saying 26th, the consensus at p4u seems to be around 7th. In fact, one guy told me they were not allowed to sell it until after 7th. The HTC ones look nice, and the people in the shop offered me one. Someone even offered me a 900 and an 800
  • Meanwhile you can go and buy the 8X pretty much anywhere today, well done Nokia.
  • Just went into P4U to have a play with the 920.  Was quite overwhelmed with the size.  The Medium tiles looked huge!
    Also showed off the camera and kids corner to the sales person there, which really impressed.  Surprised she didn't know about it already as Nokia had apparently briefed them on the phone already! 
    General feeling in the store though was that the WP8 OS was the best phone OS available right now.