French carrier SFR ready to roll out Mango

Another carrier is jumping on the "I'M READY!" wagon, this time it's France-based SFR. The above screenshot shows a detailed page about Mango (basically how to update handsets via Zune), however the "continue" link is pointing at Microsoft's Windows Phone website.

We recently covered a leaked Orange FR memo that detailed the 15th (now gone) as the roll-out day for Mango and how they are even possibly exchanging broken devices with preloaded Mango ones. While we've had a limited release of the update, it seems as though some carriers are still playing catch up for now. Let's not forget that "this fall" begins soon.

Source: MonWindowsPhone (opens in new tab)

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • I wonder why Joe Belfiore would call September 15th a rumour and point out the "official" day of fall (September 23rd, 2011) when it seems Orange FR was under the impression that Setptember 15th was the correct day for Mango rollout? So what is the point of calling it a rumour when, if the Orange FR memo was indeed legit? I dont get it. I also find it odd that Joe Belfiore doesn't call Orange FR's memo posting fake if the September 15th was just a rumour. Interesting.
  • I think the standing observation is that Joe was able to come out and call the 15th a "rumor", when in reality the 15th WAS the day, but something happened at the last minute & MS had to push it back. The memo leak happened afterwards.
  • A rumor doesn't make MS look so bad. That would have been the second "delay" for mango. If its a rumor the publics at fault for believing it instead of MS messing up again.
  • Until something is officially announced to the public any date really is just a rumor, even if it may be an actual target date. If Mango actually comes out before October then I'd say MS is way ahead of schedule on what was promised or expected by most.
  • I'm about 50/50 on this. Half of me can see the argument for branding it as a rumor, as we can all imagine that the press at large would rip Microsoft a new one if they were late. "Oh, that's more of the same from Microsoft.The other half of me has been placated the past few months with the increased amount of communication from the Windows Phone team (which they desperately needed to do), but I fear that any goodwill they built up from that is rapidly fading; rumor and speculation is okay if it eventually gets confirmed somewhere, but that hasn't happened yet.
  • at least not behind in a truly bad way except to some of our more impatient brethren. It certainly appearsthat certain fruit is/are ripe and about ready to fall (pun intended)!