Orange France has WP7.5 Mango devices in stock, using for exchanges?

Yesterday we reported on how Orange France was to release the update for Windows Phone 7.5 Mango beginning on September 15th. Obviously, that has not happened, but it might not be because Orange was unready but rather Microsoft has them holding off.

So it should be of no surprise that they have had their stock of Windows Phone re-flashed with Mango. Evidently, that's the case as Lionel L. can attest over at Smartphone France. Reportedly he had something wrong with his LG Optimus 7 and brought it in for an exchange/warranty repair. He ended up leaving with a brand new Optimus 7, but this time it was running "Mango". As evidence, he supplied the pic you see to the right, where the device is running 7720.68.

All we can say is we're close folks, very close.

Daniel Rubino

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  • Why is everyone in France suddenly breaking their phones ? LOL
  • Its obvious many carriers are ready, Mango is ready, this is a missed opportunity. A phased rollout could work just as well as one big push. Release in one country/territory, create hype. Move to the next, more hype. Keep the hype flowing, WP7 in the news, generate some mindshare. Playing super secret agent while Mango seeps out in drips is stupid.
  • The WP fans are impossible to please with this though. Staggered rollouts will anger people just as much so they are probably trying to get everybody ready for a mass rollout (which is what people bitched about wanting after NoDo).
  • If they kept people informed though that should go a long way to dispelling any anger. And that way you at least please some users and create positive anticipation for the rest. Keeping it from everybody when we know some areas are ready is worse. When you know your carrier has approved the update wouldnt you expect it to start being rolled out?
  • Microsoft always maintained that Mango will be released in autumn (fall for all you Americans) even though some had admitted that Mango was finished ahead of schedule. Joe Belfiore highlighted on Twitter the start of 'Fall' being the 23rd of September. The delay I believe, after reading a couple of comments, may be a result of the announcement of Windows 8 and preventing one story to over shadow the other.
  • Shouldn't the real Mango be 200 instad of 68? Isn't 68 just the RTM? Or am I mixing things up?
  • You clearly have no idea what RTM is.Hint: RTM is the final version.
  • and you clearly don't know that the RTM version is just the version the carriers get to tweak. The general version without any adjustments to devices and network.
  • Incorrect!RTM is the "release to manufacturing" version - it is THE final build. The "tweaks" that OEMs and carriers can do - add necessary drivers and pre-install some apps, that's all. The build number remains the same (this is identical situation to desktop Windows).
  • Is there really ANY good reason that MS has not released Mango for unbranded phones yet other than them sticking to "fall"?It's almost like MS doesn't want the extra praise for releasing early.
  • Fake.
  • Ok, this may be a stupid question, but... Why do the updates need to go through the carrier first? Do people with iPhones have to get their updates though the carrier?
  • Its because with WP carriers add their own apps and stuff. I guess they also test it with their networks.
  • I bet part of it not coming out yet is that all phones (carriers too) aren't all done testing it. I just got a new focus from art warranty and it had nodo on it. This was on the 15th. So at&t isn't done testing. In fact while I was there I was talking to the supervisor and he said he hasn't seen that they e even started testing mango yet. He said he doubts it would be this month. I also asked when the focus s might be coming because I am due for an upgrade.... He had no idea on that either. Seems like a lot of people are left in the dark.
  • If some phones are still holding things up then I guess it's fine that we're still waiting.I went to the WP7 ecosystem to find the happy medium between ultra control walled garden of iOS and the complete free for all in Androids universe. The idea that we'll all get the update at the same time and still have the choice of multiple handsets is what makes WP7 so good.What I am frustrated with is waiting for carriers to get their act together and for them to add their bloatware. My guess is that MS is just as frustrated and unforunately for them they don't have the market power to strong arm the carriers. They desperately need their support in this early stage.
  • thes plane tickets are starting to get expensive for an update...MS is probly holding off : 1. cause not all carriers are ready and they probly want atelase 80% of them to be ready...( witch will be after the 23rd iish ) 2. they probly want to make sure no Problems come up like NODO
  • As an ExPat and Orange-User in France, I'm about this close to drop-kicking my phone into the nearest wall... You'll cry when I tell you how much contracts are here for the little you get compared to the UK (don't know about the US). After how wealthy I've made them myself alone, I think I deserve this update pronto!