Fresh firmware update now rolling out to the Surface Studio [Update]

Update: Microsoft has since posted release notes for this batch of firmware updates. You can check them out here.

A fresh firmware update has just started rolling out to the Surface Studio. Available to download via Windows Update, the update comes in at version number 117.1394.768.0, but it's unclear what's new.

Surface Studio Update

At the moment, there's nothing on the Surface Studio update tracker (opens in new tab) to indicate what's new in this update. However, the update appears to have only just started rolling out, so it's likely the changelog will show up there in a short while.

In the meantime, if you're lucky enough to have a Surface Studio of your own, you should be able to grab the update now. We'll update this post with more once the changelog is available.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Downloaded the update a couple hours ago and I have to admit I was confused by the fact that it was listed with a date of 11/18/2016.
  • To hell with the firmware update. What they need to do is remove the pathetic 5400RPM hard drive and replace it with a 1 or 2 TB SSD drive. Why they put a 5400RPM drive in a $3000-4000 PC targeted at professionals boggles the mind. They also need to get rid of the 8GB option in the base model and put in 16GB of RAM. A $3000 PC shouldn't even come with 8GB of RAM. That's pathetic as well. Then replace last year's 9 series nVidia graphics with this year's 10 series graphics which are not only significantly faster, but also run cooler. This is a beautiful product hampered by Microsoft's stupidity, by ripping off customers with slower, lower quality parts.    
  • Mechanical hard drives should only be used for extra storage. Having it in there is embarrassing and it must boot slow.
  • While I've been critical fo the HDD it's important to note that it's technically a rapid hybrid drive, which means partial SSD and the rest is HDD. The OS treats it as a single drive, like a RAID. The result is the OS and most of your "core" apps live in the fast SSD, while things that are not used as often get pushed to the slower HDD. The result is mostly a fast system, but occasionally you do hit the slow HDD.
  • I used a hybrid drive a couple years ago and it was still slower than molasses compared to SSD. Maybe they've gotten better as I haven't used one since.
  • I guess the whole purpose of the nybrid drive is still to compare it to HDD.
  • Thanks for explaining that Daniel
  • You again, with this?
  • Just don't get it. Build your own instead if you don't like what they offer. You can get 32gb of DDR4 Ram for 129.99
  • 8 GB in 2017? 😅
  • Hey dan please note about your surface studio review that the device's internals are able of being upgraded through adding modules to the base , at least this is what the patent for the Studio suggests , I hope you you cover this point in a future surface studio article.
    Here is a link to the patent:
  • Just wondering, what version OS installed in the Surface Studio? Is it AU or RS 2? Thanks ☺
  • AU isn't available in the Production ring yet. All Windows 10 PC running a Production ring are on the same build.
  • You mean RS 2 isn't there yet.
  • I would assume AU as that was the shipping version (and still is) of windows when Studio started shipping. RS2 is Fast/Slow ring builds. Though this being a creators device, the creators edition should have shipped with it. But whatever I guess. haha.
  • Some people are pathetic whingebags ... If u don't like the device go grab ursef a Mac. No one is forcing u to stick with MS. Nonce
  • 😠
  • New firmware just now on Surface Pro 4, too. Not sure just what-all. [Wait, nevermind. They were old firmware updates that hadn't installed for me until today.]
  • Same here on my SP4, seems to have brought a lot of needed stability as I was seriously thinking of rolling back or leaving insider preview for a while, but then I wouldn'be livin`on the edge!
  • There were a bunch of system updates and two firmware updates for my SP4 when I checked just now. All appear to be from October, November and December. I wonder why they are just now being pushed out. Then, after installing the firmware update on my Surface Studio yesterday, I just checked for updates again and found a few more Intel driver updates. Hoping for a slight boost in performance in Lightroom from at least something in these updates... Now, if only I could get an update for my Lumia 950 to prevent the "No Internet" on WiFi from occurring...
  • I would like to download the wallpaper used in this article. Does Anyone of you have it?