List of all TVs that support Dolby Vision on Xbox One

The Xbox One S and Xbox One X support HDR10 out of the box, allowing you to enjoy glorious colors and lighting on hundreds of television sets. However, not all TVs support the HDR10 standard.

Unfortunately for early adopters of Dolby Vision HDR sets, Xbox One had no support for the standard. Thanks to the October 2018 Xbox Update, that's set to change.

Across select TV sets, Xbox One S and X consoles now support Dolby Vision for media playback, and Microsoft is working with Dolby to expand this list of supported devices and, perhaps even functionality, in the near future.

Here's the full list of TV sets that support Dolby Vision on Xbox right now. We'll expand this list over time as we receive updates.

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ManufacturerModel NumberSizes (inches)Markets
LGW7 (2017)77, 65Worldwide
LGG7 (2017)77, 65Worldwide
LGE7 (2017)65, 55Worldwide
LGC7 (2017)65, 55Worldwide
LGB7 (2017)65, 55Worldwide
LGSJ95 (2017)86, 75, 65, 55Worldwide
LGSJ8570/857A (2017)75U.S.
LGSJ85 (2017)65, 60, 55Worldwide
LGSJ80 (2017)65, 60, 55, 49Worldwide
LGUJ75 (2017)65, 60, 55, 49, 43Worldwide
LGW8 (2018)75, 65Worldwide
LGG8 (2018)65Worldwide
LGE8 (2018)65, 55Worldwide
LGC8 (2018)77, 65, 55Worldwide
LGB8 (2018)65, 55Worldwide
LGSK9500 (2018)65, 55Worldwide
LGSK9000 (2018)65, 55U.S., Canada
LGSK8500 (2018)65, 55, 49Worldwide (except U.S., Canada)
LGSK8100 (2018)75, 65, 55, 49EU
LGSK8070 (2018)75US, Canada
LGSK8000 (2018)75, 65, 55, 49Worldwide (75" except U.S., Canada)
SonyZ9D, ZD9 (2017)65, 75, 100Worldwide
SonyA1E, A1 (2017)55, 65, 77Worldwide
SonyX9500E (2017)55, 65Worldwide
SonyX940E, X945E, X947E, X9400E, XE9405, X940E (2017)75Worldwide
SonyX930E, X9300E, XE9305 (2017)55, 65Worldwide
SonyX900F, X905F, X907F, X9000F, XF9005 (2018)49, 55, 65, 75, 85Worldwide
SonyA8F, AF8 (2018)55, 65Worldwide
SonyZ9F, ZF9 (2018)65, 75Worldwide
SonyA9F, AF9 (2018)55, 65Worldwide
FunaiU4110 (2018)49, 55, 65Japan
FunaiU7010 (2018)55, 65Japan
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