The GAEMS Universal Backpack Pro is the best way to protect your Xbox One on the go

Gamers have a lot of options for keeping their Xbox One consoles safe while traveling. Accessory manufacturer GAEMS specializes in exactly that. The new GAEMS Universal Backpack Pro is a rugged bag that fits any Xbox One, accessories, and more. Think of it as an elite backpack for your Xbox.

The GAEMS Backpack Pro is a large black backpack measuring approximately 13.25 inches wide, 7 inches deep, and 18.5 inches tall. It contains two primary compartments, two side pockets, and three front pockets, with the GAEMS logo in gray on the front of the bag. Although the logo could potentially broadcast that you're carrying gaming equipment in the bag, the overall design is subtle enough that random passersby probably won't notice.

Primary compartment

GAEMS Universal Backpack Pro

The rearmost compartment of the Backpack Pro zips all the way down and is big enough to fit an Xbox One comfortably, while smaller consoles like the Xbox One S should fit even more easily. The entire compartment is wrapped in a modest layer of padding.

The other side of the main compartment has two large pockets big enough to fit a slim laptop or the GAEMS M155 Portable Monitor. It gets pretty tight with an original Xbox One, though, so I wouldn't pack anything other than a thin cable or game case in the other pocket.

Secondary compartment

GAEMS Universal Backpack Pro

The secondary compartment has space to store your Xbox accessories, with a large open space to store a power brick and multiple controllers. There's also a pair of internal pockets handy for storying cables, game discs, external drives, or maybe even a headset. These pockets are rather low in the compartment, so anything bulking plus the original Xbox One's power brick might make it difficult to zip up.

Front and side pockets

GAEMS Universal Backpack Pro

There are three pockets on the front of the GAEMS Universal Backpack Pro. The top one will hold smaller accessories like a phone, cables, or a remote control, and has a headphone-passthrough hole. The middle and bottom pockets are smaller and slimmer, mostly good for storing more cables or small objects.

GAEMS says the two zippered side pockets are controller pockets, but good luck getting a controller in there. They're just too small for normal-sized current-generation controllers. You could fit a Wiimote or NES-style USB controller in there, though.

Straps and padding

GAEMS Universal Backpack Pro

Consoles, especially options like the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, are pretty hefty boxes, so any bag needs to be both sturdy and comfortable, and the GAEMS Backpack Pro succeeds on both of these fronts.

The two padding shoulder straps are quite comfortable and offer a clipped sternum strap for additional support and stability (though I'm personally not a fan of such straps). The should straps are securely riveted to the bag itself, which hopefully should keep them from fraying like some other bags will after time. There's also a single large, padded carry handle on top of the backpack, also secured with rivets.

The backside of the backpack is covered in mesh-covered foam, both for padding against your back and to aid in airflow to keep you cool.

Overall Impression

GAEMS Universal Backpack Pro

The GAEMS Universal Backpack Pro is a great option for anyone who regularly moves their Xbox One between locations. It's not large enough for a decent-sized portable monitor such as the 24-inch GAEMS M240, which we'll review soon, but the M240 has its own carrying case. The GAEMS Vanguard (a portable monitor and case combo) is also an option, though the BackPack Pro beats it both in comfort and stylishness.

Although I originally recommended the Slappa M.A.S.K. Backpack as the best backpack for transporting your Xbox One, the GAEMS Backpack Pro is actually better as a dedicated console backpack. With enough room to hold any Xbox One system without straining, plenty of pockets, great padding, and even a carrying handle, this backpack does everything you could want. That quality doesn't come cheap – this backpack retails for $99. But it's worth some money to protect your console on the go.

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