Gamble the night away with Slots Club for Windows Phone 8

Slots Club is a Windows Phone 8 game that has you tackling six different slots with over forty paying lines. The machines are nicely animated, aren't impossible to win at and each themed slot machine has a bonus game to keep game play from growing stale.

The Slots Club title has enjoyed decent success as an online game over on Facebook and in play the Windows Phone version, it should have similar success as a mobile gaming option.

Gaming Layout

When you first launch Slots Club you will have the option to sign into the game with your Facebook account or play the game as a guest. The Facebook integration is a nice touch to let your gaming online transfer to your Windows Phone game. The downside to things is that this feature isn't active yet so all you can do is play as a guest.

Once you resign yourself to play as a guest, Slots Club will send you to the game's main menu where you can name your poison.

Slots Club currently has six slot machines that progressively unlock as you advance in experience. As you play Slots Club, you will earn experience with every pull of the lever and as you move up in experience levels additional paying lines and betting limits become available.

The six slot themes include:

  • Grimm's Forest: Full of characters from the Brothers Grimm fairy tales
  • Golden Guns: A wild west themed slots
  • Lucky Farm: A farm theme that would make Old McDonald proud
  • Medieval Crown: A royal theme full of knights, queens and kings
  • Arabian Nights: Aladdin, magic lamps and flying carpets fill this slot theme
  • Pirate's Jackpot: Adventure on the high sea in search for a jackpot treasure chest that is continually growing

Along with your slot's options along the top of the main menu you will find your coin count and experience levels. You begin the game with $500 and if you come across bad times, you can buy coins through in-app purchase.

A menu button sits in the upper right corner where you can mute the sound effects and music as well as view the about screen, rate the game, log out of your Facebook account and view the game's support page.

One last feature on Slots Club's main page is a bonus safe where you can collect bonus cash. Once the Facebook integration is in place, you can add friends to the bonus safe and as they win at Slots Club, funds are generated in your bonus safe that you can collect.

Until the Facebook integration comes into play, you have a fictional friend who will help generate bonus cash.

Game Play

Game play isn't much different from your typical game of slots. You will still have your cash and experience levels displayed across the top of the screen and your bonus safe sitting at the left of the screen.

Across the bottom of the screen is where you will set your bets, the number of lines you will be betting on, a button to view the pay table, a button to bet the maximum number of lines and a spin button.

Along with the character tiles you are trying to line up, Slots Club also has wild card tiles, bonus tiles and free spin tiles. Collect three of the bonus tiles and you will be to play the bonus game for that slot machine. These bonus games gives Slots Club a bit of variety and gives you an opportunity to earn some bonus cash along the way.

The games include a frog tapping game where you have to avoid tapping the frog that is actually a Prince in disguise to a wild west shoot out.

Overall Impression

Slots Club isn't your run of the mill Windows Phone game of slots. There is enough variety in the various slot themes to give the game appeal, the graphics are nicely drawn up and the bonus games keeps things from growing old too quickly. Should Facebook integration ever come to light the game will have a slightly universal feel to it with gaming experience carrying over from the online and mobile versions.

The game is free with in-app purchase opportunities to buy more cash to gamble with. If you aren't a fan of the IAP and run out of cash, you can always give the game a rest and let the bonus safe replenish your bank account.

While Slots Club may not be your run of the mill Windows Phone slots game, it is an entertaining game to pass the time and well worth a try.

George Ponder

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.